Kung Fu Show Compilation

Note: Unfortunately, the apparent copyright owners of the TV show Kung Fu have had this video taken down from YouTube (see below - try playing the video). It was never our intention to infringe on any rights, only to provide an enjoyable and educational collection of clips from a very nice show. Therefore, we are not attempting to re-upload the video. We are sure there are many ways to legitimately view episodes and clips from the show!

The below video is a compilation of wise sayings from the TV show Kung Fu which relate to the First Seal (Mystical Paths, know thyself to know God). Of course, these sayings are not perfect, as they do not include the rest of the Seals in The Greatest Sign; however, they can give much Truth if they are viewed with a discriminative mind and an understanding of their limits and their place in Maitreya's teachings!

We have prepared this compilation for educational purposes only under the Fair Use policy. All rights for the individual clips go to their copyright owners.

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