The Book which has been Sealed is NOW Opened!


In his teachings, Maitreya explains the seven truths, which also are revealed in The Greatest Sign, have been Prophesied, based on SCRIPTURE, to come as different religions of the world. In this regard the book Revelation Of The Revelation (a revelation of the meaning of the last book of the Bible--The Revelation) is most helpful.

In this book, the symbols of the seven churches, seven seals, and seven angels are repeated again and again. In addition TO OTHER MEANINGS, these are shown to symbolize THE SEVEN RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD and cover all the truths needed to reach the highest spiritual progress. They are the seven steps in the Eternal Divine Path and The Greatest Sign.

These mysteries which are revealed by Maitreya, however, would be SEALED and not revealed until the time of THE Seventh Angel:

"But in the days of the voice of the Seventh Angel...
the mystery of God should be finished..." (Rev. 10:7

As it is said, there are seven steps and truths (religions) which are covered in Maitreya's teachings and The Greatest Sign. The Prophet of each of them is called AN ANGEL. The teaching of Maitreya is the SEVENTH ONE and until this Seventh Angel comes, God and His work (Plan) will remain A MYSTERY (at least for the human)!

The revelation or opening of the SEVEN SEALS is another prophecy (THOTH, The Book Which is Sealed With The Seven Seals) as a sign for knowing the EXPECTED ONE.

The Book which has been Sealed is NOW Opened!

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