Prophecies Fulfilled by Maitreya

(Prepared by Maitreya's disciples)


In this website you will find the Gospel of God. This is His Message, His Direct Revelation, explained, expounded, and made straight. This is the Message of the Seven Seals; it explains God's Plan for humanity throughout history and how, up to this point, God has directed and guided humanity. This is His Message, and these prophecy pages help to explain a part of His Plan, which is about the coming of His Prophet who would open the Seven Seals.

The Mission of Maitreya is a representation of this Prophet who is called Maitreya. He is a representation of the Message brought through Him. His Teaching or Message is represented in a visual aid (Sign, Yantra, Mandala) called The Greatest Sign. He teaches that the Message is the most important part of this Mission (or the Mission of any Prophet before Him). So we hope you will read His Message in depth which is Revealed in a Scripture (Book) called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.

This section of the website (Prophecies) has been created to show that:

  1. God has prophesied that, at this end time, His Messiah (Prophet) would come, and

  2. The Maitreya whom we represent fulfills those prophecies by opening the Seven Seals, and other Prophecies including His Genealogy.

In all cultures and religions of the world we can find the belief that one person will bring the unification of religions and fulfill the prophecies. This One is known to the Buddhists as the Compassionate (Maitreya) Buddha or Bodhisattva, to Hindus as the Kalki Avatar, to the Jews and Christians as the Messiah, to the Moslems as Mahdi (Mohammed), to the Baha'is as the One Whom God Shall Make Manifest, etc.

"The prophecies state that Maitreya will synthesize the religions of the world under one teaching and unify the West and East together to create perfected beings." (Golden Keys I)

The central figure of all these prophecies is Maitreya, and the backbone of these prophecies is from the book The Revelation in the Bible. This is because the Bible is the revelation sent from God to humanity which reveals the coming of all other Scriptures that have come before it or will come after it. It contains both God's plan for creation (Genesis) and the plan for history (His Story), which are based on the seven-fold revelation brought by the seven or so great religions (Prophets) of the world, which is best explained in the book Revelation of The Revelation (Seven Seals, etc.).

"The book Genesis (the first book in the Bible) can be referred to as the introduction to the Bible, The Revelation (the last book in the Bible) as the conclusion or ending, and the rest of the Bible as the main part ... Therefore, by understanding the introduction (Genesis) of the book (Bible) and its conclusion (The Revelation), it can be understood in depth." (Revelation Of The Revelation, Introduction, THOTH).

Here are the Prophecies fulfilled by Maitreya, categorized under:

Revealed Revelations
Religions (Prophesied)
Benjamin Creme (Share International)

And the conclusion which includes:

Last Days and,
The Conclusion

Note: There are many other prophecies besides these which Maitreya has also fulfilled. Some can be found on our website, but have not yet been compiled on this page (such as the lecture by a disciple, Prophecies: How Do We Know Maitreya Has Fulfilled Them?). Others we are not yet aware of (more and more keep appearing or being brought to us every year). So if even the many prophecies explained here do not convince you (although we cannot see how they could not), you might continue to search on this website and elsewhere, as there are many more. God has surely left no doubt this time of His True Prophet!

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