Announcements (First
Declaration) in 1982-83
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In the same period (1977-1982), while we were receiving and preparing to reveal these Revelations, a movement started in England by a gentleman named Mr. Benjamin Creme. He claimed that he was receiving messages fromthe Masters (also known as the Brotherhood) that the appearance of Maitreya was imminent. Then he and his followers (one of them to be the Tara Center) took ads in all the major newspapers, in most major cities, in countries all over the world, announcing that Maitreya, The Christ, would appear soon (in the spring of 1982). Below is an ad fromthe Tara Center announcing the coming of The Maitreya in 1982:

At this time, our organization was ready to reach out to humanity. We had completed our major writing (The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH),The Last Testament) which had been coming to us since 1977. It was time to release this wondrous Revelation to humanity. It was time for humanity to seeGod's Work and realize they are ONE. So we reached out to humanity by placing ads in many newspapers.

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