The Third and Final Declaration
(It Is Done!)

Today ... , the day I have reached the age of sixty (November 8, 2004 or Mary26,011986 MC),I declare that I have perfected the religion for all of mankind. The Plan of God and His Last Revelation is Revealed to man and is now complete.

It is a complete Revelation of Creation, History, and the Goal of life of man and the universe. It is a Revelation and a call to action to create Gods Kingdom on earth and beyond. This will accelerate the process to return back to God. Those who hear this Call and rise to the Call will be Saved. Those who resist the Call and will not rise to action will have no excuse and cannot blame God for their demise.

God indeed has warned man again and again of his fate. He has shown man the way out. He has sent His Prophets and Messengers to them with clear Revelations and Signs. He has sent His Last Revelation with Clear Signs and Truth at this end time. They still will not listen. Therefore, the responsibility now rests on mans shoulders. Do not blame God for destructions and what is coming to you. Read His Revelation (THOTH) and look deep within to see that man (darkness) indeed is responsible for what is coming to them.

Those who Truly are chosen: Know the Teaching well and preach it correctly (learn it well). Do not add to it, and do not subtract from it. Do not replace it with your ideas and opinions. Do not create doctrines (dogmas) of your own, and do not split the faith according to your understandings. Love one another and learn to work with each other to establish Communities Of Light (which are based on the Eternal Divine Path), reach out to humanity, create helpful organizations (environments) to help humanity in all levels. Charity starts from individuals helping individuals, the immediate environment, community, earth, and universe (All are One)!

Attend the Spiritual Services of the Mission. Create opportunities for others to join you in these Services (at least the Reminder twice a day), and set up meetings to propagate and spread the Teachings further and deeper. Build the Critical Mass in every situation by all the Peaceful Means possible. Use force only as the last resort, when it is Just and unavoidable. Mostly use it to defend yourself and the Communities Of Light. Resist evil and evil doers with all your Might. Justice is Closest to the Heart of God!

The Prime directive, in all situations is: Create an environment that promotes Godliness (egolessness), an environment that brings the focus of man back to Spirit and the Goal of Life [To be(come) Divine, or be Godly, Pure, etc.]! The whole life and society should be built and based on this Prime Directive. All other activities and anything that opposes this Prime Directive must be discouraged and shunned.

All humanity has to learn that they have the right to be treated with decency, respect, and justness. All humanity has to learn their rights and demand them from the government and their leaders (and the world). Observe those in the Communities Of Light and only choose those who Truly are incorruptible, those who respect others rights and do have the wisdom of Spirit (God) with them.

Leaders should be chosen from the Incorruptible Ones, leaders who are connected to God and will implement our Teachings to their Fullest. When such leaders are found, give to them generously in all levels (physically includes financially, at least tithes; mentally; and Spiritually) so they can manifest The Plan. If they are corrupt, however, withdraw your support from them in all levels.

If the leaders are fallen ones, that society indeed has fallen! Never let the government and leaders take away your rights and make you feel that you owe them instead of they owing you the proper environment to grow and become Divines. This giving up of ones rights to the leaders and governments is one of the problems in many nations, at this time. Hopefully this will be cured soon. Indeed almost any system will work if this Truth is understood by people and it is implemented in that system. It will work best, however, in Gods (our) system!

Do not, however, demand that government, society, and/or your leaders provide for you, with no efforts from you. Become a productive member of the society and create more wealth on earth than you take. Choose a respectful work that you have an aptitude for, do it well, honestly, and efficiently (work hard). Be professional in what you do. Treat others justly and honestly. Encourage others also to have these qualities.

Indeed in the Communities Of Light, un-Godly and unethical behaviors should be discouraged. The educational process should help a person in this regard and teach children the values of integrity, honesty, justness, and aversion from un-Godliness and unethical behaviors. Children should be taught and encouraged to uphold the Good (God) ways and have distaste for opposite behaviors of what is Godly, in all levels of society.

Education, based on the Words of God (THOTH) is paramount in establishing the environment and the Kingdom of God. Humans should realize from childhood the reason they have come to this universe. They should be taught the Goal of Life and their rights at an early age. They should all have the Goal of becoming Divine (let the Spirit of God come through them) in whatever work they are inspired to do in life.

Humanity should learn about the Cyclical Movements of society in depth and the progress they bring to humanity at the end of each cycle. By understanding and implementing these teachings, they will come ever closer to the perfection of a balanced and just society. With the implementation of True Leaders (Paravipras) and an understanding of these Cyclical Movements, man can come as close as possible to a perfect society in this external world (the manifested world is a relative state; true Perfection is only possible in God Pure Consciousness!)

Understanding these movements, seeing how the Cyclical Movements explain the cycles in society that have occurred in the past, and realizing how this understanding will guide humanity in the future, will help man to create the Kingdom of God on earth. Those who do not learn the lessons from history (as it is explained in our Teachings) will repeat those mistakes again. Learn the Cyclical Movements and realize how they work. See how by Paravipras Guiding each cycle to the next cycle, before the undesirable part of each cycle is aroused, they will bring greater progress in all levels of humanity's existence.

Humanity has to reach to space. The earth has limited resources. There are infinite resources in the universe (space). By reaching to space, man will be able to use these infinite resources. This will take away one of the causes of war and destruction (limited resources on earth). This will accelerate peace on earth. Since the entire human race has to be engaged in the exploration and conquering of the space, greater cooperation will be created among all people. With this approach and our teaching, men eventually will accelerate peace among themselves and will bring unity to the earth.

Of course, none of these will lead to Gods Kingdom without the Communities Of Light (our Teachings). Therefore ceaselessly work in creation of such Communities. This will accelerate the process of cooperation among humans and will bring Godliness to them. Man has much to learn about how to live together, share, and be Unified. Humans indeed are not equipped with these abilities. The essence of the external world is chaotic and is full of darkness, self-centeredness, and selfishness (remember there was chaos and darkness from the very beginning; Genesis, chapter 1). The qualities needed in the Communities Of Light have to be learned through education and following the Eternal Divine Path.

Indeed with this Last Declaration, the Revelation of The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament and all the lectures and supplemental efforts added to our work, and will be added (as long as life is in my veins), the Work of God and His Last Revelation has been Perfected. God Has Revealed His Ultimate Will to man. If I die tonight, I will die in peace that I have indeed Perfected Gods Message to humanity. Now it is between them and God.

It Is Done!

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