Recent Financial Collapse and the Cure According To Our Teachings


The recent financial collapse of the US and the world has surprised many people, including the experts. It was no surprise to us. According to our teachings, there are cyclical movements in human history and economical progression. We are not talking about the regular cycles of recession and prosperity. Although these are also true, they, however, are temporary and short-lived. However, what we have witnessed in the last few months is different, and even experts admit they have not seen anything like this before.

As it is explained in THOTH (The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth - KOHOE), each cycle in human history has a period of progress and prosperity until it reaches its full potential. It will stay steady, then at the end it will eventually decline. If at the end of each cycle Paravipras take the right actions, the transition to the next phase will be smooth and progressive. If the leaders do not act correctly, as they are doing now, the transition to the next step will be rough and create much suffering (fall of the Babylon the Great and tribulation, etc.)!

Probably around ten years ago, or so, Paravipras would have seen the decline of customer service and care in the financial and business world. Dale Carnegie wrote that the customer is always right, that business should treat the customers this way, and if they do they will prosper. In fact the business world did listen to him and they prospered, until recent years. In recent years, the growth of the businesses were dependant on financial maneuvering and acquisition of the competitors, etc., not customer satisfaction! They expanded and grew no matter what the cost at the end.

The nature of business demands growth and unlimited desire to expand. If they do not, they will be eaten up (acquired) by a bigger company! That is why when the expansion was no longer possible in the normal ways, the restriction on the financial market was relaxed to promote growth. It was then that the risky loans were given to those who could not afford them, and eventually this behavior spread all through the financial market and the result is where we are now.

There is a limit of how far the business world can grow. At this time they have reached their limit. When the business world reaches its limit, it is time for Paravipras to ease the distribution of wealth to spread wide/wider all through the society, and gently, but firmly, break the giants so creativity would flourish again. If it is necessary, they should use force (Ksattriyas) to accomplish this and let the era of creativity of the intellectuals to dawn and businesses start to promote these new ways of progress and creative products. The customer becomes king again, and the world will start to go to the next phase.

What are the experts doing? They cannot let go of the only system they know. They are feeding the dinosaurs which are already destined to be extinct! They might keep them alive for a short period of time, but not for long. The next time the disaster comes, they no longer can revive them!

We can see the public reacted to this situation negatively. Many people are angry as to why bail out the giant and put even more burden on them? A typical situation that, as the business world prospers and is bailed out, the poorer the average person will become. It will reach a point that the average man will no longer support the excesses of the business world, and that is when the conflict between them reaches the boiling point.

So we can see that God indeed has given the answers for man to avoid the situation where suffering will come because of man's lack of knowing God's Ways. They are accepting this situation because they do not know better. It is the time that humanity should realize our teachings and bring about the Paravipras to create a system that they would not go through the periods of suffering, wars, destruction, and chaos.

It is time for the Kingdom Of God On Earth (Read KINGDOM in THOTH, our Scripture)!

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