Seven Week (Session) Course

We now have an outline of a seven session (week) course for the Mission. This course teaches about the Mission and how to meditate. It has already been used to teach some people. Those who have been taught this course have given much positive feedback about it and are still meditating. If you would like to use it to teach others about the Mission and how to meditate, it is now available to everyone online (you will need PowerPoint viewer or a similar program to view these files):

- Introduction
- Class 1
- Class 2
- Class 3
- Class 4
- Class 5
- Class 6
- Class 7

If you would like to download the whole seven courses into your computer, they are available in zipped form (you have to unzip them with an unzip program such as WinZip). If you do not know how to unzip a zip file (or have never heard of this type of file), you can download the self-extracting file and just double click on it. Follow the on-screen instructions. Just remember where (in what file) they are extracted into, so you can find them later to use.

Note: If you download these courses to your hard drive, the links to take you from one class to the next will not work.You will have to launch each of the classes separately to access them.

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