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Bits of Truth


Do You Know What You're Eating? FDA Should Label GE Foods (video): Nice video making the point of what happens when you do not know what is in your food!

Africa's Magic Fertilizer Tree: Much traditional knowledge has great wisdom in them. Failure to realize and accept the traditional wisdom, and to understand the needs, of each local area, but imposing GMOs on people without knowing what the consequences will be, will lead to great suffering!

Toxic Fracking Waste Could End Up In Niagara Falls: More and more pristine areas on earth are being assaulted with waste, encroachment by businesses, etc. Pretty soon few pristine areas will be left for humans to enjoy. These pollutants will also affect human health and wellbeing.

Research: Web porn stops men from performing: All religions prohibit men from indulging in unnatural sexual stimulation and imagery. Maybe now the secular crowd and those who do not understand God's Ways will realize that what God recommends is good for man!

Hackers release data on ex-Treasury Secretary Rubin: Information about politicians' activities should be available to everyone. Why do we have to hack servers to obtain it?

You Will Probably Live to See 'Dangerous' Levels of Climate Change: Sounds like it will be worse in a few decades. Will humans then be open to the Mission? Maybe it is in the second incarnation that man will be more open to change and will listen to God!

Why Is the Elite Class Protected Under America's Justice System?: If this is true, I feel I am back in Iran under the Shah's rule. There were two different sets of rules: One for those who were the elite (actually there were no rules for them) and one for ordinary people (oppressive rules). This should not happen here, it will be a terrible experience!

Scouts Canada's Pedophiles: Confidential Files, Confidential Settlements: It is the responsibility of the parents to watch and be careful to prevent their children from being exposed to situations where this might happen to them. Protection of children squarely falls on parents. The criminals, however, should be punished by society, severely, so they think hard before acting on their impulses!

Guess Who Makes More Than a Goldman Sachs CEO! (video): Peace is not profitable for many people! However, God has Promised that Peace will come to earth.

Nursing Shortage, USA: Why It's Happening, & How It Can Be Resolved: Here is a profession that people in the Mission can consider. It is needed, secure, and you can have enough to live on and help the Mission at the same time!

The Origins of Halloween: It surely is not one of God's Holy Days!

Texas Sheriff's office receives weaponizable drone, alarms local news station: As we said: If they use it on other people, they will, eventually, use it on their own!

"Deadly Monopolies": Medical Ethicist Harriet Washington on How Firms are Taking Over Life Itself (video): This has to be stopped! It is dangerous and will have great implications! They are using these without knowing what the result, in the long run, will be!

House reaffirms 'In God We Trust' as US motto: I guess they eventually are getting a little scared :)!

Nearby planet-forming disk holds water for thousands of oceans: There is life out there! Where there is water, there is life!

The Earthscraper: A 65-Story Building Buried Under Mexico City: Inverted pyramid!

Raccoon Mama Frantic At Window: Couple Saves Her Boarded-Up Babies: Another story showing animals and humans (also other animals) becoming closer to each other ("The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, ..." Isaiah 11:6)!

Unreal! Holographic objects you can pick up, play with (video): Will we pretty soon have Holodecks as we have seen in the Star Trek television shows?

House Made Of Plastic Bottles (video): This is something Mission members might consider learning as well. It seems to be useful and a great way to recycle plastic bottles!


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