I am more and more attracted to the mission yet I have a number ofdoubts.

Healthy skepticism is good (God).

As a former Bahai, i left over the covenant. Shoghi died, Mason Remey said he was the new guardian and there is evidence that he may have been correct, and his alleged successor, joel marengella is in your state.

We have invited Bahais (the main branch) and Mr. Marengella (it could have been the Remey himself!) to come to see this new Revelation and see that God has a greater Plan than Bahai Faith, etc. They have not responded!

The arguments of them are reasonable,

It might be reasonable, but it sure is not based on the Words of God!

and also Bahaullah said his system was great and unstopable with his local houses of justice and universal house of justice, and yet it seems to fail. He promised divine guidance and that the world would be unified by the end of the 20th century. His temples are nine sided. In short there are so many reasons to suspect that the Bahai Faith would last a long time, yet it seems to be failing. Where is the guidance promised it? The Hands of theCause who saidGoddecided BADA about the guardianship I feel were in grave error.The prayers, the laws, and more all seem top perfect. Yet some disunity is there. The Universal House of Justice seems to be in error and even oppressive at times as are some of their subordinate institutions. Yet some Bahais feel that maybe Bahaullah knew he would fail or didhe simply make errors? A new prophet was or is expected by some Bahais to arise from the New Mexico/Arizona area. Maitreya seems to fill that. Abdul Baha did also say that the Bab had failed. How do we know when or even if a prophetis infallible and yet can make errors as the BAB did about religious warfare and killing unbelievers.

As you become more familiar with Missions teachings you will see that Bahai Faith is the only revelation and religion that God says it is not perfect. It is similar to human progress in spiritual world. When they reach the Fifth level (Ethereal level) it is so beautiful that they think they have found the ultimate Truth, but they have not. There are two more states to progress to reach the Seventh State or Perfection. So it is no wonder that Bahais and their leaders are realizing that Bahais will fail and are expecting the new Major Manifestation at this time. Indeed this is closer to Gods Revelations and Prophesies than what the main Bahai Faith believes!

Maitreya not only Fulfills this expectation from the Bahais but also from all religions. He indeed is the Caliph the Muslims are waiting for, the Christ that Christians are awaiting, the Messiah for Jews, etc. This all humanity has to understand, see, accept and come together around it as One!

However, I am unable to understand the predicted reincarnation ofMaitreya a number of times and no more prophets.

Not any more prophets, but no Major Manifestation for 1000 years. There might be some minor prophets who might come and help the understanding of Maitreyas teachings in a greater degree, clarify some part which people might have a problem with and/or bring the human focus to part(s) which are necessary for a specific time, etc. In 1000 years there will be a minor fall of man. Maitreya shall return again at that time.

This is based on the Scripture and the Words of God. God Predicted that Maitreya shall come as the thief of the night. Then He also has Revealed that He will come as the King of the Kings and the Conqueror, etc. These predictions seem contradictory. How can the King come as a thief of the night? It can be easily explained if he comes in different incarnations where each incarnation fulfills one of these predictions. We also know that Hindus believe that the Kalki Avatar will come in three incarnations to fulfill His Mission. So put two and two together and you will see that it makes sense that Maitreya will come as a thief in one incarnation (this one, which is very quite). He shall come again in the next life which will be implementation. And He shall come one more time, which is the time of execution!

In this life time He is gathering the Elects, quietly!

Abdul-Baha said that for the next five hundred thousand years prophets would come under the shadow of Bah'u'llh in that they would reveal truths of ever more unity. Does Maitreya say that HE will return a number of times or that several different persons with the same prophetic spirit will return? After the 1000 year culmination and the next and last fall wont there be occasional prophets as long as mankind exists? I have a hard time thinking that there will be no prophets at all any longer. The Bahais do say that some prophets will not come for a long time perhaps more than a few thousand years,but human evolution will not end.

Again, remember that we have to rely on the Words of God not others, especially those whom God clearly has said their religion is not perfect and most probably will make many mistakes. God surely is saying that His Mystery will finish after the Seventh Angel (Maitreya) and there will be three incarnations (He might still come back, with other incarnations, to help, but He will not come back as a Major Manifestation). There will be 1000 years after this Revelation, and then there will be the final fall and Salvation of many.

Now what will happen to humanity after that: Only God Knows!

I was never able to accept the type of successor search as exists with the Dalai Lama.

Ours is not quite the same as Buddhists. We have been instructed to look for Maitreya as possibly a son from His son. However, we are also instructed not to limit our search and look for any possibilities. God surely will Guide those who will be trusted with this Job.

Muhammad, Baha'u'llah, and Abdul Baha said there was intelligent life on other planets and mankind would meet them when god willed and the time was ripe. He also said that every star had planets and every planet had some type of life. We have to be careful then to make sure we dont harm or get harmed by alien life as we find it in our exploration and search for resources. Genetic science and atomic manipulation would seem to let us be able to use our planets resources more easily so that we might not need to get many resources from other planets and systems.

God desired to scatter man all over the earth. There are un-inhabited worlds in the space that can be used for extracting resources and also populating them. This, however, should be done with great care and non-violently (peacefully and respectfully, etc.). There also might be more technologically advanced beings out there, but not necessarily in consciousness, that might desire to harm us. So caution and diligence is necessary.

I noticed however that Maitreya declared in 1982 exactly one vahid (nineteen years)after the formation of what I felt was an improperly constituted Universal House of Justice. I assume he accepts that the beauty of Bahai prayers and meditations can be used in the Communities of light. How do former Bahai now in the mission think the Tablet of The Holy Mariner relates to perhaps Maitreya?

That is interesting that a vahid passed after what is considered an improperly constituted Universal House of Justice (which we agree that it is not what Bahaullah envisioned). God indeed has left no doubt who Maitreya is for those who seek the Ultimate Truth.

All beautiful and correct (Truths) can be supplemental to Mission practices.

In the communities of light there is no mention of any sexuality in the renunciates. Certainly men, for instance, cannot remain without sexual needs which for health alone need to be addressed either personally or with some one.The prophet of Islam said that self relief, toput it gently, had no harm. Of course a spiritualized person will have much control over his needs, but never 100 percent at least without some medical intervention. Also people may have occasional failures between single men and women and, I would think, even in enlightened times this would happen once in awhile.

In general Maitreya says there are topics that should not become an issue at all. He says your bedroom is your bedroom, I do not talk about my bedroom and I do not want to know about yours!

In general, the accepted and Godly setup is a relationship between one man and one woman (couples) in the Communities of Light (COL). As you said, as we become more spiritual, the more control we should have over our physical body and our desires. Those who do not live in the COLs might have more choices but that is their decision and they should not make an issue of it. Indeed as the Communities accept this approach more, the other kind of life styles will not be a problem and will decrease so the Godly style will prevail, to a greater degree. People will realize being with God and experiencing Him/Her/It is much greater than any body gratification and/or pleasure.

The idea of social responsibility is important also. For example what of people who become handicapped, or so poor or ill as not to be able to function or be independent?

The compassion of the COLs will take care of the weak, handicapped, etc. They (weak and handicapped, etc.) also should be responsible and would not have unreasonable demands on Community resources that might weaken the Community. Educating people to sacrifice for the greater good of the Community is the focus for all in the Kingdom, not what each individual can have without regard to others. All these minor decisions are left to each Community and the benevolent leaders that will emerge from the COLs will consider the Will of God in each situation and will do FINE.

How does one discipline children without hurting them or on the other hand making them unable to accept any responsibility?

In the COLs children will be most nurtured and Guided to become productive members of the Community/society. They will be taught to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and God. They will be encouraged to realize who they are, what talents they have and encouraged to become who they have been created to be, etc. Again the details are up to each community. The general idea and Guidelines are given by Maitreya for them to follow.

Is incentive purely egotistical or can it be a source or human achievement as in exploration and so on?

If the Spirit of God comes through, it surely will be an inspiration and will bring great pride and fulfillment to individual.

The discoveries of science are even more rapid than in the 20th century. Dark matter is now not thought of as the cause of expansion of the universe, rather now it is thought that gravitational leakage and ripples on the space time fabric cause it. Does that mean that the universe will die or is it going to be reformed or cyclical?

Maitreya said it a long time ago that dark matter is not dark at all. It is ether that all things reside in and it holds the universe together.

Again as you will become more familiar with the Mission teachings you will realize that this creation is not the natural state of being. It constantly breaks down and strives to go to its Essence (God). So decay is built into the universe and so it will eventually overtake it. However, until then, the black holes are the recycling mechanism to recycle and rejuvenate matter in the universe. Eventually everything will go to sleep until the next creation!

Also we now know that one atom stimulated in a laboratory can stimulate another one at some distance thus showing a very deep connection within the entire universe. Ideas on the speed of gravity may replace the speed of light as a marker of some type are being formed. Wave theory shows a blur between probability and solid matter. Solid matter seems now to be pure illusion. Even time travel seems possible.

Scientists indeed are closer to God and in realizing Him than most religions on earth. They, however, cannot go beyond their scientific discipline to call the eventually unified state God. So they will know much but the ultimate truth will come to them if they meditate and realize the Spirit.

Eckankar and the sound and light religions state that deep meditation by all the ancient masters show that at its deepest they can only say that god is only probability. There is some question whether Eckankar was in some way not true but yet its ideas are valid even if borrowed. They say that HU is the name/sound of God and is the sustaining sound of the universe. Is it ego to want to know everything there is to know while realizing that there is no end or no beginning to knowing?

Actually it is Hung, which is a part of our Universal Mantra (Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam). Greater than that is the vibration of the soundless, The Holy Name! It is the only Name of God (vibration in the universe) that is Revealed to the disciples, by Maitreya, in Mission Initiations.

Perhaps in the future abortions will not be thought of as needed even for genetic disease. Does the mission support genetic manipulation in agriculture and human genetic disease? Does it leave abortion at present up to the persons concerned or is there another position without it being dogma?

Abortion should not be taken lightly. Couples should discuss the possibility of it if they ever came to the conclusion that they want to consider such an act. It should be avoided and alternatives should be explored before this step is taken.

also have trouble with virgin births and the actual resurrection of Jesus or Esa. These events have nothing to do with the truth of the mission of Esa, and I think have made Esa seem less human and caused his worship and thus helped corrupt Christianity

That is what the position of the Mission is. What He taught and His Mission over rides all other dogmas and ego gratifying dogmas.

Almost everything else seems so reasonable in the mission. IT really DOES make sense. I have left the room on over night and have felt something unusual within me, but I would be dishonest to not ask whatever was on my mind. I have made too many errors in religion and life not to be as sure as I can be if possible. I always regretted not being alive at the time of a prophet. Now that it seems that this regret may have been premature, I am anxious and also fearful to ask such questions. It almost seems presumptuous. Yet they would be in my mind even if unasked. I ask compassion for the asking of these questions and ask for privacy of this email address and name.

As far as you seek the Truth and the Words of God in each situation and answer to your questions, questions are welcomed. Mission surely does not encourage blind followers and it is not a cult. However, it does expect those who eventually see the Vision to Follow. So take your time and make sure you are satisfied with the answers and the Revelation. Realize that it is indeed from God, and then come and Follow.

If I can resolve these questions I will humbly ask for initiation.

We encourage you to read the essay: Covenant with Maitreya. This is essential before anyone can be Initiated. Try to participate more in Mission activities too. Also be more forthcoming about your true identity (name, and tell us more about yourself etc.).

His reply!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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