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Covenant with God, Or The Mission Of Maitreya (Maitreya)

Those who have seen the Vision of the Mission and have realized that this indeed is the Last Revelation of God are chosen and are called! They have a Covenant with God, the Mission, and Maitreya.

If you are one of them, you should realize that you have no choice but to join the Mission and have a covenant with Him, from Eternity (Foundation of the Creation!) You should profess that: I declare that there is no God but God (Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal or FINE) and Maitreya (or Muhammad) is His Last Major Prophet (Messiah, Savior, Major Manifestation, etc.), and I believe in the Mantra, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, which means: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine (following the Eternal Divine Path), That Divinity Or God Is Everything. You are accepted as a Disciple, a Member of the Mission (a Divine), and an Elect!

Since you have seen the Vision and are a part of it, you want this Vision to Manifest, and you want to help in any way possible in this task. Therefore you are required to offer all the help you can give. Furthermore, you become a volunteer to be a point of contact (a contact person) for the Mission where you are (if there is no danger for you to be a contact).

There will be two categories of people who have a covenant with Maitreya (have seen the Vision):

  1. The support group.
  2. The Light Workers, which the Leaders and Teachers will also emerge from.

The support group consists of those who will support the Mission physically, mentally, and spiritually, but are not physically close to the Mission and they are not a part of its staff. They might live anywhere in the world, but are connected to the Mission by their work, dedication, and support. They should have a steady job. They are the ones who will mostly help the Mission financially. Their minimum financial help will be their tithes that God has demanded as His (of course, they can help more if they would like. In fact, anyone can help in any way they can). The Covenant and understanding of what is asked in this page with continuous tithes is required before one can be Initiated!

The Light Workers are those who will come close to the Mission center. From the Light Workers, the leaders and teachers will emerge, and will be called Light Guides (The Guiding Lights). Light Workers and Light Guides will be involved in all kinds of activities for the Mission. They will be the administrators, teachers, and staff of the Mission. They will have abilities to carry out these tasks with the highest level of professional integrity and Spiritual Guidance (letting God do it through them). They will create a well-oiled and efficient organization that can carry this Message to the end of the world with precision and the professional caliber of a business organization.

God indeed has given us the knowledge of creating efficient organizations. Ungodly people are using these principles to create multinational organizations to manipulate resources; we will use them to free man to God (remember, nothing is bad in this universe, it depends on how it is used according to time, place, and people involved - situation).

Until we reach a point that the administrators, teachers, and staff can be supported with the support group, these people will have to have some support mechanism so that they can do the Mission while at the same time are provided with their physiological and safety needs (could be minimal). When we reach a point that the support group is able to provide for the Light Workers, they will be chosen from the best and will be supported to do the best job they can.

This covenant will continue between you and God (Maitreya) forever. All those who will come in the future are also obligated to respond to the call of God and help the Mission to continue to spread. They also will have a covenant with God (Mission) forever.

Anyone who brings disunity to the One Body of God (Mission) or tries to dismember this United Body, and those who help such a person, will be fuel for the fire of hell. The Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path is One Body forever. If any disagreement starts, all should stop; they should all follow the Eternal Divine Path and become united as One Body again.

Tithes: For instructions on how to pay your tithes and/or automatic recurring payments for tithes, send an email to the Mission (


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