The Word (The Holy Name)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was ... (John 1:1-5).

The Holy Name (The Word) is the True Name of the Lord and the Creative Force in the universe! It is the Sound Vibration that Maitreya was using to initiate people for the last 25 years. It was supposed to be given to the Elects only, and those who would receive it would be the most dedicated to the Mission and ready to serve the Mission 100%.

When a person receives The Word, they will hear (feel) it within, and what they hear will stay with them as the Sound (Vibration) of Life (God), and so they are with God all the time. It should accelerate their spiritual progress and they should realize this Revelation and be supportive and or Workers (Soldiers) for the Mission.

Initiating people was a slow process and not all those who received The Holy Name manifested what was expected from them. It was then Revealed that: Release The Word (The Holy Name) to the public (world, earth), and the Elects will use it, will hear The Word, and will come and dedicate their lives to the Mission. Indeed it is the Fulfillment of the Promise that: I will send a "Sword" among you. It is the Sword of Sundering!

Therefore, knowing The Word (and the Process of Meditation) does not guarantee that one is an Elect but Hearing it, Becoming It, and Manifesting Great Devotion and dedication to the Mission does show that One is an Elect (you Know them by their Fruit, not by the level of their initiation).

The Process of Meditation on The Word (The Holy Name) and The Word will be revealed to everyone in this essay. With this release, the Mission no longer will have initiations. Everyone can meditate on The Word and only those who Hear it, Become It, and Manifest Great Fruit, will be accepted as Chosen! Those who cannot Hear It, or cannot become It (and might know they are not an Elect) would be satisfied by meditating on our Universal Mantra (HOSH mantra): Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. It means: The Goal of Life Is to Be(Come) Divine, That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

Indeed we discourage everyone from using The Word as it is like a Sharp Double-Edged Sword, with which one might cut oneself and others.

Those who would not strive to follow the Eternal Divine Path (EDP), Covenant with the Mission and Maitreya, and are not, eventually, 100% dedicated, supporters, and One with the Mission, might go insane, or Thrown to the outer Darkness (Gnashing of teeth, Weeping, etc.) !

However, the same Sword in the hand of a skilled swordsman (an Elect) is a tool to Heal and Manifest Great Works of God.

Therefore realize by releasing it to public it does not mean that you will have the benefits it should bring to the practitioner. Only the Elects will benefit by using it; others might even harm themselves greatly if they misuse it! That is why it was not released to the public before, and it is done now with some hesitation, Greatest and Strongest Warning, because of this truth.

To start off: Meditate on the Universal Mantra (HOSH mantra) for two weeks or more. This Mantra by itself is the most powerful Mantra on earth. It is from the Most High and so receive It as such!

Here is the procedure to meditate on this Mantra:

Meditation Process for The Universal Mantra

Sit comfortably, with your back and neck straight, and your body in a relaxed position.

Close your eyes and again relax your body, releasing any tension or tense feelings. Be completely relaxed.

Now imagine that your consciousness (Self) is expanding outward. It fills the whole room. Remember where each object is located in the room. Then expand yourself to fill the whole house (hotel, etc). Remember where each room is, and whatever you can remember about the place.

Now expand yourself to fill the whole city. Remember where each road is (as much as you can). Then fill the state (province, county, etc.), the whole country, continent, all continents, and the whole earth. In each step try to visualize the shape of the vision, the relevance of the part you are expanding from to other parts, etc.

Now that you have filled the whole earth, gently leave your body and visualize that you are sitting on the most top part of the earth. The earth is below you. Visualize "Peace on earth and Good Will to men." Send good thoughts and visualize they penetrate each individual and the earth. You are a channel for Gods Will. Say in your mind, "His Kingdom Come, His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."

Imagine that now you are leaving the earth; you are going toward outer space. You pass the moon, the planets in our solar system, the stars, and you go beyond our solar system. You pass our galaxy, then the other galaxies.

You are going toward the center of the universe. You pass the stars faster and faster until you reach the center of the universe. You slow down and most humbly enter into the center of the universe, a brilliant misty blue Light, the most relaxing and Loving (Healing) Energy ever encountered.

Most humbly enter this brilliant blue Light and sit in it, and let it enter your body through your toes. As it enters your toes, your toes become so relaxed that you feel you have no toes. It enters your feet, the same, they become most relaxed, then your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs.

This Light continues to fill you, and it enters your first, second, third, fourth, and fifth chakras. As it enters each of these chakras, it purifies and opens them.

The Light continues purifying and enters your sixth chakra. Now gaze at the sixth chakra between your eyebrows. Now the blue Light is the most brilliant white. Keep your back and neck straight. Breathe in deeply and listen (repeat) the first part of your Mantra [Haree Om Shrii Hung The Goal of life is To Be(come) Divine], realizing the stillness, the moment between breathing in and breathing out (rhythm of your mantra!). Breathe out the second part of your Mantra (Om Nam Kevalam That Divinity or God is everything), recognizing the stillness between breathing out and breathing in (rhythm of your mantra!)

Continue this process until there is no thought left but the rhythm of your Mantra, and your mind is still. "Be still and know that I am God."

If anything internal is disturbing your meditation, any thought, desire, etc., gently bring your mind back to the rhythm of your meditation, your Mantra, the breath, the stillness between breathing, and let go of disturbances. Many things will try to prevent you to gain control over your mind. Be sincere and diligent in your meditation, but relaxed.

When done meditating, reverse the process. Close your chakras by letting the Purifying Light stay with you, within your Purified chakras. Keep the Light and Love that entered you. God will remain with you. Now gently exit out of the blue Light, with utmost respect and humility (facing the Light). Return from the center of the universe, pass the stars, the galaxies, our galaxy, and return to our solar system. Pass the planets, the moon, and come and sit on the top of the earth. Remember, Peace on earth and good will to men.

Now, pledge that you are an instrument for His Will. You are a channel to do His Will to bring "His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven." See that your peace that you received from the brilliant Light is on earth. It penetrates every individual and the earth. Fill the earth and slowly re-enter your body and withdraw from filling the earth, all the continents, the continent you are in, the country you are in, the state, province, city, house and room you are in, and come back to your body.

In this process we have expanded our consciousness to cover the universe, but we return to our body. Although we have a universal approach, we live and act where we are, in the present. We become a channel for God who is the universe, but we act locally (think universally but act locally).

Now gently open your eyes, return to the external world, and know that those who meditate on God are in the world but not of it. You have met the energy of the Lord and are filled with it now. Let it flow through you to others. Be a channel for His Will. Do not let them take you to Maya (illusion of separation from God); you take them to God (Oneness with God/Spirit/Atman)!


Before starting the Initiation and meditating on The Word, you have to make a Covenant with God, Maitreya, and the Mission!

(At this point if you proceed with the rest of the text below, it is assumed that you have read the Covenant with God, Maitreya, and the Mission, accepted the declaration, and will abide with the Conditions and Commands put forth in the Covenant)

There are six parts in The Word (The Holy Name) Meditation/Initiation:

2-First part (Love).
3-Second part (Powers).
4-Third part (Knowledge).
5-Fourth part (Light).
6-Highest Realization and/or state (Oneness with Light/God).

These six parts plus the Universal Mantra Reveal the Seven Levels of Meditation in the Mission of Maitreya (Seven is the number of God). Meditate on each level at least for two weeks and Master it before proceeding to the next level!

Introductory Initiation: After two weeks (or more) meditation on the HOSH mantra, when you can calm the mind and be still and experience the quiet Oneness in-between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, you might proceed by using The Word for your meditation.

Remember God is always present and He is the One who is Initiating you. Approach the Initiation with respect and humility. You should bring a white handkerchief (also read Initiation and what is required) with beautiful flowers in it. Put the handkerchief (and whatever else you brought) in front of Maitreyas picture and bow down your head, if you would like to [you are bowing down to the Spirit behind the picture, Maitreya and these revelations and teachings, which is God, Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE)].

The procedure of meditating on The Word is the same as explained above for the HOSH mantra meditation, up to when you gaze at your third eye and the blue light becomes a brilliant white light. When ready, start practicing your breathing exercise (breathe as deeply as you can), recognize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out. Breathe out and recognize the stillness between breathing out and breathing in.

Now instead of using the HOSH mantra use the So-Hung (Speaker to hear sound) or Hung-So (Speaker to hear sound) mantra (sound of breath!) Breathe in So (Speaker to hear sound), breathe out Hung (Speaker to hear sound), or breathe in Hung (Speaker to hear sound) and breathe out So (Speaker to hear sound). Use whichever is more comfortable for you. Breathe deeply with each part and recognize the Stillness between breathing in and out, out and in.

Now further as you practice this mantra meditation, recognize the energy released in the stillness between breathing in and breathing out from the pit of your stomach (lower chakras); the same between breathing out and breathing in. Recognize this energy.

Meditate on this Introductory part for two weeks, or more, until you have mastered recognizing this energy which is released in the stillness between breaths!

First part of the Word (Love): When ready, you can start meditating on The Word. Again humbly go to the altar you have with Maitreyas picture on it, and sit comfortably. Remember it is again God that is Initiating you.

You start with the First Part of The Word. Follow the process for meditation on the Introductory Part and the HOSH mantra Meditation until you reach your sixth chakra. You no longer need to stay in this chakra. Approach your seventh chakra (at the top of the head) and you see Maitreya (as shown in the pictures below) sitting in that chakra (your seventh chakra):

Coronation-Gold Or Budah-LOrCoronation-L

Enter Maitreyas Fourth Chakra (Heart Chakra, middle of the chest). It is the Center of the Love of God. Sit there in the Meditation Pose. Feel the radiant Love of God and bask in it. You are sitting in Maitreyas fourth chakra and breathing deeply, realizing the stillness between breathings and recognizing the energy released. Now let the first part of The Word roll over this energy.

Breathe in deeply the First Part of The Word which is YAH (Speaker to hear sound), (say it within, not out-loud) recognize the Stillness between breathing in and the release of the energy from the lower chakras, and let the second part of The Word merge with this energy, which is released to higher chakras, and roll together while breathing out. The second part is OOH (Speaker to hear sound) (again hear these sounds within as they cannot be uttered externally!) When breathing out and in the stillness between breathing out and breathing in, become the released energy and the rhythm of the released energy from the lower chakras (the one the OOH rolled over and continues to vibrate).

Continue this Meditation until there is nothing left but the realization of the energy released from the lower chakras (vibrating within) and its constant presence, and the feeling of the Oneness with it remains. When this occurs, you no longer need to repeat The Word. Just stay with this vibration. Breathe in, recognize the Stillness, the vibration (energy) and become One with this state even more. Then as you breathe, just be One with this energy and the rhythm it has!

If you become One with this State, then you can meditate constantly by being One with this Stillness and Vibration no matter where you are and what you do (you do not need to concentrate on your breathing but just being One with this vibration which goes on and on within constantly, and Stills the Mind). You will be meditating all the time. Formal meditation can be minimized, or the Oneness in the formal meditation can be achieved easily! Those who do this meditation correctly can be in the world but not of it as they are with God all the Time!

Second part of the Word (Powers): After two weeks, or more, if you felt confident that you have mastered the first part, you can now proceed to the second part. Again humbly go to your altar and remember that God is Initiating you.

This time you go to Maitreyas fourth chakra (Love of God) and then move to His fifth chakra (Center of Powers and Ethereal State). Experience the Godly Powers and Siddhis. In the second part when you breath in (YAH Speaker to hear sound) and realize the Stillness between breathing in and breathing out, let the first (Speaker to hear sound) and the second part roll and merge with the released energy and your breath. The Vibration HOO (Speaker to hear sound) will be added to the first part. So you breathe in deeply YAH Speaker to hear sound. You recognize and realize the Stillness, the Release of the energy and you breathe out OOH Speaker to hear sound which becomes HOO Speaker to hear sound (the energy actually sounds as such, it is not something you say! You hear it within.). The energy will have this sound and should be released to an even higher level in your body (probably all the way from the pit of you stomach to your throat, maybe higher or a little lower!).

Again when you and The Word (Vibration or energy released) become One, stop the Mantra (Word) and be One with the energy Vibration! Again you can be meditating constantly and Be with God.

Third part of the Word (Knowledge): After you are confident that you have Mastered this level, go to the next level (Initiation, Humbly approach God!). In this next level, after you enter the fourth chakra, go up to Maitreyas fifth Chakra and then sit in Maitreyas sixth Chakra (between His eyebrows, Center of Knowledge of God/Universe and beyond). Experience this Godly Center of Knowledge. Now start to go through the meditation process but in this time add the vibration SHOO (Speaker to hear sound) to the Mantra. So meditate on So-Hung, Or Hung-So (whichever is easier for you) and when your breathing becomes deep and comfortable, then breathe in YAH. Recognize the Stillness/Vibration and then breathe out OOH-HOO-SHOO (again it is heard within, not uttered without!). The Energy (Word) now should reach even higher to your face and head. Again stay with The Word and meditate constantly on it.

You can always start your meditation with the Hung-So or So-Hung mantra to achieve the deepest breathing possible. Breathe from your diaphragm and when you breathe deeply, at the end of your breathing, your chest will fill up with air and your shoulders should be raised up a little.

Fourth part of The Word (Light): When ready, again go to God humbly (Initiation) and prepare yourself for the next Level of Initiation. In the sixth Level of Meditating on The Word, you sit in the Seventh Chakra of Maitreya (which radiates the Light of God). And when you breathe in the first part of the Word YAH and in breathing out the final form will be OOH-HOO-SHOO-Wah (Speaker to hear sound). So you add the Wah (Speaker to hear sound) to The Word, the very word as the Name of the Father (YWeh) and the Son (Ywehshwah) merged together as One.

Some people use the name Yahweh and His Son Yahweh-shwa (or Yweh and Yshwa) as the names of the Lord and His Son. However, as we can see that neither His Name nor the Name of the Son can be uttered in the external world (they are within you.) What they think are the Name of the Father and the Son are the corrupt uttering of The Word.

Gods True Name (The Holy Name) cannot be uttered externally. Even with the Revelation of The Word to the public (as it is done here) some people might never hear It within. It is a Vibration within you and if you Hear it, You would Know!

God Realization is a direct Relationship with God. It is not a corrupt name and/or a bunch of dogmas! It cannot be an empty claim that one can hear The Word. You Know them by their Fruit! They will Follow the Eternal Divine Path, will accept Maitreya as their only Spiritual Teacher and the Major Prophet of God (The Messiah, the Seventh Angel, The Lion Of The Tribe of Judah, etc.). If they are not manifesting all these and do not Know the Teachings, then they are kidding themselves and are in an ego trip!

In this level of Meditation on The Word, the Energy/Vibration (Word) should go all the way to the top of your head. It will be released from the pit of your stomach to through your body to your head (Higher Chakras). Again stay with the rhythm of the Vibration (Word) and Meditate all the Time (Be with God). Let the Light of God fill you and become One with It. The more you bask in the Light of God, the more Light you will become!

After a while the Stillness and Calmness experienced between breaths and the Word become more and more prominent in your life. Indeed you will eventually learn that when you come from that Center and/or act from it, whatever comes from it (God) is Perfect. You might forget being in this Center (because of the influences of the world and environment, etc.) but whenever you sit back and meditate in any situation It will be there and you can again make decisions which are Perfect and are from God (Godly). However, no matter how good an action might feel, and feel right, if it is not based on the Words of God (Scriptures) it is not from God and it is not coming from that Calm Center of Oneness!

You can use this state of Oneness for deep thinking and realizing the answers to the questions you might have about our teachings, etc. And also you can use the energy released from the pit of your stomach for Healing self (but not others, you, however, may pray for them to learn The Word and heal themselves); It is the state of Oneness with The Word (God, "In the Beginning was the Word...!")

If you follow His Will, it becomes stronger. If you fall from His Will, it will become weaker and eventually you no longer will feel the Presence of God! In the final state (Seventh Level) you go beyond Maitreyas Seventh Chakra and Enter to the Spirit of the Universe (God) where there is Peace, Silence, and Oneness, and it is beyond mind and creation. Then you know the Infinity, Eternity, God, and you have no doubts! The state of the Unexplainable! In this state you still will come back and live a regular life but now you Know God indeed. However, you will become His Champion and a Great Soldier for God.

Highest Realization and/or state (Oneness with Light/God): In the Final State you no longer return to your body and you will become One with God forever (you reach Salvation)! That is the Goal, Return Home! The only time you might come back to this manifested world is if you are needed to come back for a task to be done through you! You are then a Son Of God!

By going through Maitreyas Chakras, to Reach God, beside other meanings as following His Words, another saying of Christ is Fulfilled: "No One Goes to the Father but through Me!"

God is Manifested (as Christ) and Un-manifested as the Spirit. Both are necessary for man to progress and go to God. Some people say that we only need God in the Manifested form (like Krishna followers, Jews (following the Prophets), Christian, Muslims, etc.). Others say, No, God is Transcendental and we do not need God in the Manifested form (Mystical paths). Indeed both are needed. God in the Manifested form (The Messiah is the Bridge) and in FINE form (Transcendental) is the Goal. You go to the Transcendental through the Manifested (Messiah)!

Let us emphasize again that: Having The Word does not guarantee that you are an Elect and/or reach God. You should be able to use it, Hear The Word, and be dedicated to what God has sent to humanity (Mission and Maitreya). Those who try to misuse The Word (Explanation above) are doing it to their own demise. Indeed it is like a double sharp edge sword. If you do not know how to use It, you will harm yourself and others. So do not misuse The Word as it is a dangerous path to thread! The correct way of using it is to Know the Teachings and follow it to the Max!

Amen !

Released on: Eve 21 or Adam30, 011989 MC (April 18, 2006)

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