An Email From a
Long-Term Disciple

The email is about Maitreya's article in the July-August 2011 Newsbrief: Three Incarnations. It was sent to us right after the Newsbrief went out.

Original Email:

From: Unus ...
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 3:33 AM
To: Mission_Of_Maitreya
Subject: Newsbrief Article

Sal-Om Maitreya

Your article in this months article deeply amazed me as usual but this time even a little deeper. ATTG

Before finding the Mission and somehow looking for it, in a period of strict diet, yoga, meditation and surfing I had this feeling (early morning dreams looked almost real, a knowingness feeling etc.) that the next 100 years or so the earth and humanity transform drastically. Feeling very excited about this I even wrote short stories and then combine them in a script for 3 Big Screen Movies.

At that time I did not even read the Koran or the Bible or any other scriptures and did not know about the prophecies. In fact I did not really have any interest in the Scriptures and the prophecies because of the dogmatic teachings they become. After finding the Mission and THOTH and reading the Scriptures under the Light of The Greatest Sign, of course everything made sense and finally I was at ease. ATTG

After the initial excitement of finding the Mission, studying the Teachings, confirming the past and getting even more excited reading The Plan of God, I also started to remember my experiences before finding the Mission. In fact I thought about sending the scripts that I wrote to the Mission (and even asked you about this) but then decided that they are not pure enough and maybe this is a trick of my unrealized ego to get attention from God etc. Therefore I decided it wasn't proper to waste your time with this and it is not of any use anyways. My final decision was that this past experiences were just for me to search for the Mission and understand it when I find it. So God was preparing me. I also deleted all these things I wrote in the past because I did not want my past ideas and experiences somehow ended up getting used for deluding the Mission, Teachings or anything Godly. (they were not hundred percent pure but it seems like everything else there was some truth in them)

So I am writing all these not to take any attention to myself or saying I have this ability or that but just to understand what God has given me(everyone) and how to purify it 100% and how God would wants this to be used. Before reading your article I was expecting the world go through some severe tribulation the next 6-7 years and as a result of this and was hoping that more people (the survivors) will be ready to understand the Mission, accept and join it after experiencing this severe tribulation. So now I realize that somehow I was just waiting for this to happen (thinking there isn't much we can do and I am stuck in Turkey) and use whatever God gives me to help the Mission as much as I can and maybe prepare for these difficult years ahead. However as your last article indicates it might not happen like this but it could continue as a gradual process (which is how I also used to vision). So in the light of this last article and these new Revelations (ATTG) I am questioning my approach as well and thinking that new adjustments can be made.

Also now, I finally start to grasp the idea that how what You experience, realize, think, feel, live etc. affects the world (like the BP oil spill) and how the Elects should be in tune with you and become 144000 Maitreyas. So than the Elects (the body of Christ) can affect this world in all spheres and there isn't much any resistance can do about this. But even before than (before the 144000 Elects join forces:) if only couple of Elects were to realize their interconnectedness with Maitreya, The Mission, The world, humanity (maybe even specific parts of it) and bring balance to themselves, their lives etc. than they can start affecting the world even in greater degrees. To do that they have to purify themselves by following the EDP and cleaning up their consciousnesses and their lives and becoming dynamic individuals, in tune with God and at the same time aware of the world and themselves, their situations. So what they do, think, realize, pay attention to, focus can have a larger affect on the world (or at least a part of it) more than it meets the eye. (I remember reading a story about the Israelites and Moses. While Israelites are fighting on the battle field if Moses keeps his arms up as if praying to God, Israelites win and if he gets tired and lowers his arms, Israelites start to lose. So his brother and others help Moses keep his arms up so that Israelites win.) (this story in symbolic way makes sense too because if the leaders stay connected to God, be just and be an example, the society will stay connected, just and prosper but if the leaders become corrupt, the society will follow.)

My first question is; Is the understanding in the above paragraph right?

I hope I could explain myself as clear as possible. If this email seems not of the Highest, please feel free to just delete it and forgive my ignorance.




Sal-Om Unus,

These are all beautiful realization. In fact there are many people with great realizations and power who are the Elects. They have realized what you have: That no matter how high, powerful, realized, etc. they are they have to Know that they still have to pay Homage and alliance to God and Maitreya. Otherwise they might fall into ego trip and destroy themselves (miss the great opportunity presented to them). There is nothing sadder than if that happens to anyone.

Meditate to see what is God's Will for you, in this vast Mission, and become one with It in God.

If you do not mind I like to share this email with other people.


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Unus Replied:

Sal-Om Maitreya

ATTG. Thanks God for His Guidance and understanding. I will keep on meditating to see more clearly what is God's Will for me.

I do not mind you sharing these emails with others at all. No secrets :)

ATTG. Thanks God once again for the Mission and Maitreya.


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