How You Can Help the Mission

1. Find the many talents God has given you. Know and use these talents to benefit the Mission. When you benefit the Mission, you benefit humanity/yourself.

2. Read, study, contemplate, and meditate on the writings of the Mission, especially THOTH.

3. Become a contact person. Download Lets Unify Humanity (in .PDF format! It is easier to see this file by downloading it - right click -> Save Target As... otherwise it takes a long time to load!), the Announcement (in .PDF format!) or the Feast Of Tabernacles, etc., from our web site and distribute them. Let all know about our web site.

4. Arrange to show one of the videos of Maitreya or the Mission to seekers, individually or in small groups, in your home or others homes. Also arrange to show Mission videos to larger groups in the community.

5. Make one of the rooms in your house a meditation room, where The Greatest Sign can be properly framed and hung. Or, make an altar in one corner of a room.

6. Invite seekers into your home for a weekly THOTH reading together (we do it every morning over the Internet), and/or to meditate.

7. Connect to the Mission, and our cyber-community, via our Conference Room link, sothat seekers can join in our activities, such as: Reading THOTH, doing The Reminder, doing the Order of Service, etc., and joining us for the Feast of Tabernacles.

8. Create web sites on things that one has a good knowledge of, and provide a link to the Mission's web from it.

9. Place ads about the Mission in magazines/newspapers, etc. and/or hand out flyers announcing Maitreya is here! Take advantage of all free classified advertising available. Also, share with people by word of mouth. [Advertise separately for the Mission activities (such as conference room activities, etc.) and your Mission activities.]

10. Write articles about the teachings and submit them to newspapers, magazines, etc.

11. Write letters to friends and enclose some printed material from the Mission. There are lots of resources in the Internet and social networks, use them to spread the word about the Mission!

12. Donate THOTH (available through print on demand) to local libraries, both public and private.

13. Follow the Sabbath and God's Holy Days. Tell people why.

14. Teaching a class (PowerPoint Presentation file - you need PowerPoint viewer!) the Universal Mantra Meditation (do it in campuses, prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.).

15. Start organized teaching programs to teach people of other Faiths about the Mission.

16. Joining college religious groups and philosophical groups to be able to teach when the opportunity is right.

17. Help in the Creation of the Communities of Light (this could apply differently to each person according to their capacity, situation, community, etc.). Here are some materials on the Communities Of Light: 1, 2, 3.

18. Help in community project and mention that you are doing it as a member of the Mission Of Maitreya (spread the Word!).

19. Follow the Eternal Divine Path. Keep the Fifteen Commandments. Contemplate and follow the 33 Virtues. Say the Rosary. Participate in Mission activities, including those through the Internet in our Conference Room.

20. When possible, connect through real-life visits and activities.

21. Make business cards for the Mission and pass them on to people. Encourage them to study our teachings in our website.

22. Learn/teach a class! You can easily learn our meditation process and Universal Mantra. The you might want to start a meditation class and use it as an outreach to your community.

23. Mission Shield Of Approval: If you have a creative work, or would like to make something creative for the Mission (such as a website, music, poem, etc.), you can dedicate it to the Mission and receive a Mission Seal Of Approval for it! The Shield is a wonderful way to preserve the teachings of the Mission and also let everyone know that your work is in compliance with Mission teachings and they can trust it as such.

24. Start a page in as many Social Networking sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.) as you can. Connect your page to the Mission pages in these Networks. Let the postings on the Mission pages appear on your pages and use these pages to promote the Mission to your Social Networking friends and beyond.

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