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Ground Zero "Visions are the production of a scene to give a message to a person or to make him truly believe in the revelation which has come to him. " Golden Keys II Maitreya

Ground Zero has been used to describe the point on the earth's surface where an explosion occurs. It has often been associated with nuclear explosions and other large bombs,but is also used in relation to earthquakes, epidemics and other disasters to mark the point of the most severe damage or destruction. Frequently, I reflect on my life experiences, and think about their lessons through the eyes of THOTH and Maitreya's teachings.

In 1998, my wife and I bought a condominium in San Jose while she was pregnant with our first child. The real estate prices in the Bay Area were explosive, and had we waited another month we would not have been able to afford to buy a home. We both had high paying professional jobs as a Production Manager and an Office Manager. My wife used to joke that when they took all the cash we had, they picked us up by our feet and shook us upside down to shake the change out of our pockets to get more money for the down payment. We were barely able to afford to buy a 30 year old 850 square foot condominium. We thanked God for our blessings. My wife stayed home with our first child. Afterwards, prices doubled in two years. My wife and I visited her father. We watched the joy on our toddler son's face as he ran around the backyard with the sunlight on his face. We wanted a backyard so our son could run, but a house in San Jose was not affordable. Anyone with common sense knew that houses in the Bay Area could not maintain their value because the professional people I knew could not afford to buy homes. My wife and I decided to sell our condominium, and move to Sacramento. Many people from the Bay Area did the same thing, and drove up the housing prices in the Central Valley area. On the first morning we moved into our new 2100 square foot home, we looked out our bedroom window and saw a barn, a field and beautiful fog. Life was good. The next few years were great in our new home, and many times we humbly thanked God for our blessings.

Over the next 5 years, the prices doubled for homes in the Central Valley of California when people from the Bay Area started to commute farther to find affordable homes. Most of the people around me were excited about the rising values of their homes, and took out loans to buy new cars, boats, home improvements, vacations, everything their hearts desired. Businesses in the area were flourishing, and many stores and strip malls were built to support the spending of money. Although home values were increasing, wages were going up more slowly. I started to notice that the new families moving into the neighborhood had three or four adults working to afford the mortgage payments for these homes.

I had discovered Maitreya's teachings several months earlier, and had started to believe I had found the messenger of God the world has been waiting for. On a sunny afternoon in March of 2004, I sat at my computer desk in the middle of the day. I stood up from my computer desk, and walked into my bedroom. My wife was sitting near a bathroom window with my son, who looked older, and there was a beautiful young girl whom I did not recognize right away. I smiled at my wife, and looked at this young girl with curiosity. The blinds to my bathroom window were open, and I looked out the window. There was the field and barn behind us that my wife and I loved, and suddenly I saw the flash of bright light of a nuclear bomb blast followed by a rising cloud of smoke that went up. A wave of destruction came towards us and I heard the sound of silence. I looked at my wife, and her lips were moving, but I could not hear anything coming out of her mouth. I could never forget the peculiar smell. I smiled at my wife, and then everything went up. The smells, the view, the sounds; I thought it was real until I came out of the trance sitting at my computer desk. I had no idea what I had just experienced, and at that moment I was not sure what was real. My daughter was 18 months old at the time, and I recognized that the girl in my vision was my daughter at an older age. Afterwards, I searched the internet trying to find an explanation for my experience, and found out something I did not know: Nuclear blasts wipe out sound waves. I also found through my internet searches that there were people who had similar visions, and some also had visions of seeking a mountain. The vision shook me to the core, and was the start of a transformation within myself. I spoke to no one about my experience for over a month. Ground Zero.

It took me over a month to tell my wife about the vision, and she did not take it seriously. One night I was talking with my neighbor about the vision, and he shared his experience. He was swimming at Folsom Lake (20 minutes away). As he jumped into the air, and right before he hit the water, he saw the blast of a nuclear bomb in the direction of our homes. When he came out of his trance, he grabbed his wife and said We have to leave now. When he came to his senses, he realized it was not real. He started to tell his friends about this experience, but they laughed at him. He stopped talking about his experience.

For several years I thought about the vision. I finally convinced my wife to sell our house, and we put our house on the market. We dropped the price 20 % from the housing prices of the prior year, but it was too late. While housing prices had only dropped 1% around the country, the prices in our neighborhood fell much more sharply. Houses were not selling. We drove down streets, and noticed there were many more For Sale signs in front of houses than usual. The real estate market was flooded with too many homes from people who could no longer afford the rising adjustable mortgage rates. Gas prices also affected costs for those commuting to the Bay Area. Prices of houses started to plummet, and we could not sell our home.

One day, I noticed my daughter had grown to become the beautiful young girl in my vision. Now she had glasses, but she did not have glasses in my vision. I looked out the window of my bathroom. The view had changed. The red barn and fieldin which I saw the nuclear bomb blast had been replaced with houses with very small backyards called Zero Lot homes. Half of these homes are now empty. I had started writing a contact report for this month, and was going to describe what had happened with the housing market in the Central Valley. I had told Maitreya before about my vision. Maitreya sent me an e-mail that his wife, Sarah-Ji, had had a vision of the roof of their house falling three years ago. They thought the tribulation was coming. Due to changing circumstances, they soldtheir beautiful 3500 square foot house that was well suited for the Mission center. Maitreya and Sarah-Ji had just realized that the vision might have been about the real estate price ceiling falling. I never thought that my vision could be related to the housing market, but thought I had seen a future event. I did a Google search, and found a "60 Minutes" segment about the mortgage crisis based in the Central Valley. It was called Ground Zero.;contentBody I also found many articles from various sources calling Stockton "Ground Zero" of the current housing mortgage crisis.

After the collapse of the housing market in the Central Valley, home building stopped before homes were finished. Home builders started going bankrupt, including the one that built our home. Many people in the construction industry and supporting industries started to lose their jobs. I had warned a friend not to go into the real estate market. He did not listen, and lost everything he owned and fled the country. Someone who worked for me did real estate sales, and his wife helped finance the mortgages as a second job. When the market collapsed, they divorced. Real estate values of the homes in this area have plummeted to levels of eight years ago. Homes are being foreclosed. Many people have abandoned homes that were worth less than they owed. As homes sat vacant, the value of the homes next to them plummeted. According to the Sacramento Bee, banks for the area are holding onto 20,000 homes, and have not put them on the market yet. There is similar news around the country.

I used to go to local restaurants and talk with owners about the Mission of Maitreya. Most had signed leases that required them to pay rent for space not rented within their strip mall. As businesses around them started to collapse, their rents went up. In one month I saw four of these chain restaurants close. Over the last four months, For Lease or "Available" signs started to spring up everywhere, and many buildings are now vacant. Recently, I counted 38 "For Lease" or"For Sale" signs for commercial developments on one street that used to have full occupancy. Unemployment has grown to 11.6 %in the state of California. The revenues for companies and the state of California have declined as a result of the collapse of the housing market. This year, the budget deficit is 28% of the total budget (Source: Time 7/27/2009). Legislators only recently came to an agreement on how to balance the budget that was submitted 18 months ago. It consists of accounting tricks, and reliance on an increase in future income. Layoffs lead to fewer taxes being collected from homes because of foreclosures. Voters rejected an increase in taxes, so there will be layoffs of state employees and unpaid days off (furloughs) in the near future. Layoffs, furloughs (15% decrease in pay), more foreclosures, less income to the state, a continuous cycle. Since the start of the housing market collapse in Central Valley three and a half years ago, the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 have collapsed to 50% of the value they were two years ago. Retirement savings are now half of what they were because of 401K retirement plans that were based upon the stock market. Billions in loans in Central Valley have defaulted, and the effects of the housing crisis that started in the Central Valley has rippled throughout the economies of the world. Ground Zero. People have not been seeking God and his messenger, and they did not listen to the three declarations of Maitreya. Humanity is now suffering, and heading towards a Wall. I have continued to spread the good news, and had conversations with seven new people this month about the Mission of Maitreya. My favorite words to hear are Tell me more about your religion. At that moment I thank God and speak about the greatest revelation that God has revealed to man. As people become concerned with the events that have unfolded, they listen a little more. Five years ago, I had a vision that may have represented the current home mortgage crisis. There are many other people who have also had similar visions, and some have had visions of seeking a mountain. Maybe the search for the mountain represents the search for the truth of Maitreya's teachings. Hopefully one day humanity will reflect back on history and see that this time was a new beginning,- a time when men and women turned back towards God, a time when humanity looked in the mirror and finally saw the failure of their ways and believed in a new way of life that was revealed to them, a time when humanity saw their salvation in the new teachings of Maitreya and formed the Communities of Light, a time when the new golden age started, and humanity experienced the peace and unity of the Kingdom of Heaven of Earth. Hopefully a New Man will emerge from the events that started at Ground Zero.

All Thanks to God,


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