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We have recently been in contact with a man who has expressed his love for the Mission teachings, and has begun the process to join us as a Light Seeker. He is a musician, and uses Myspace to spread and advertise his music. Now that he is with us, he has changed his Myspace page to proclaim Maitreya and the Mission as well! It now has The Greatest Sign, our website, and information about the Mission on it. Also, the third song on his page is now the Introduction to the Mission given by Maitreya (the one that is found on the free CD we offer). He has written, "It's the 3rd mp3 on my page and will be the 3rd mp3 on my page for the end of time." What a beautiful promise J! His page can be found here:

After this, he suggested that creating a Myspace page specifically for the Mission would be a great way to spread and promote the teachings. We agreed, and he has created one for us! You can find it here: So, there is now another place where people can find the Mission and be Called to join us. Our appreciation goes out to our new member, Dan, and we are glad to see him becoming One with us in our struggle back to the Father. All thanks to God.


Note: We received the below email from Tahirah late in the Newsbrief preparation. It says that she has successfully set up a group for the Mission on a website similar to Myspace, Facebook, etc., called Alliance for a New Humanity. This website was created using a service called Ning, which is the same service that Unus used to create a Mission networking site several months ago. Hopefully we can continue expanding into these types of websites until the Mission is represented on every single one! Here is Tahirah's email:

Sal-OM All,

I was able to open a group for "The Mission of Maitreya" on Alliance for a New Humanity (Ning). This is different from the one I already created under "Tahirah" (ATTG!).

If you have time please check it out and let me know if there are any problems. We can encourage others to join to increase the group size, thereby increasing the chances of other group members to join us. There are many, many groups with members who may be interested in the teachings, since the platform draws many people who are wanting change in the world and taking an active part in helping.

The above URL should work to get to the page for the Mission.

Here is the url for the page that shows the Logo for the group:

If it works for everyone, please feel free to invite your friends to come join with us :-).

In GOD we trust,

Haree Om Shrii Hung Om Nam Kevalam

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