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Mission Of Maitreya's Newsbrief,January 2009, issue 04

RT meeting graphicFormation of The Round Table!

Message From Maitreya
Such a group has been in the process of formation for sometime. We have a few of the most dedicated and intelligent members already in this group. We are working toward more people joining us...



Mission Seal of Approval!

... the Mission has decided to develop a method in which all outreach mechanisms will be taken through an approval process so that the integrity of the teachings remains. Read...

New Center in Turkey:

The center in Turkey has moved to a new location. Read...

Send Any Page of the Mission Website to a Friend:

Now it is much easier for the people who visit our website to send any page to any email address they want! Read...

The Russian and Spanish Websites:

The navigation linksfor the Russian and Spanish websites have not been working for a while. Now theRussian website is fixed, and you can use it as easily as you can use the main (English) website! The Spanish website is also improved and working but not as smoothly as the Russian website (maybe in the future we will work on this site as well)!

A New Essay for THOTH:

We thought we were done with thematerialswe have been adding to the Supplements in THOTH. We were surprised that God still has topics for us to cover! Read...

Seond Life

Second Life News:

Second Life is the virtual world where the Mission is creating a Cyber Community of Light. We have the Temple, housing, meditation area, etc. Go to SL to visit, and read news about it!Read...


Reports From Contacts:

This section is for the contacts to send their monthly reports to the Mission (contacts with * in front of them have sent a new report for this month): Canada (British Columbia, *Quebec), *Turkey, US (Florida: South, North).

Why some contacts are
not sending any reports!


MOM Members Meeting:
Friday,January 16th at 7pm Mountain Standard Time.
Hosanna/Mandala will be the moderator/co-moderator this month. Read...

Satsangs Recently Corrected and Added To The Website:

01/10/2004: Listen- Read - Topics Covered

01/24/2004: Listen - Read - Topics Covered

02/07/2003: Listen - Read - Topics Covered

In This Issue

Formation of The Round Table, Message From Maitreya


Second Life News

Contacts Reports

MOM Members Meeting

Recently Added Satsangs


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