Anyone Can Send Reports

As you might have noticed, we have expanded the categories on who can send monthly reports. There are now reports from members (Light Seekers or Seekers), from contacts (Light Bridges or Bridges), and from contacts who are actively engaged doing Mission Work (Light Bearers).

The members (Light Seekers) are not required to be a point of contact, if they do not want to be. However, they are welcome to report any activities they do for the Mission so everyone will know what is being accomplished for the Mission each month. They also can apply to become a contact for the Mission, if they choose to do so. However, that does not qualify one to become a contact. You have to fill out an application and be evaluated to see if you qualify!

The contacts (Light Bridges) are those members of the Mission who have applied to become a contact as well. Contacts are listed in the website. They act as a point of contact to the Mission (The Light) for seekers in their designated area. They are Bridges between those who are seeking the Mission, and the Mission (Light). That is why they are called the Light Bridges (a Bridge to the Light). Bridges also do not have to send monthly reports. However, if they have had activity in their area, such as someone contacting them to know more about the Mission or them doing something for the Mission, they should send a monthly report to help Mission members know what is happening in their area.

The Light Bearers are contacts who are also intensely engaged in spreading the Mission (The Light) and are actively seeking to reach out to those who might be interested in the Mission (Seekers). They are not only a point of contact, they are also doing something every month, so they have something to report. That is why they are expected to send a report of what they have been doing every month.

So with these new categories (read the article in this Newsbrief, "Temporary Categories...") anyone in the Mission can send a report for the Newsbrief. Indeed even this month we have reports from members who are actively engaged in spreading the Mission.

There is no one who cannot send a report of their activities in spreading the Mission to this Newsbrief.

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