Temporary Categories Until the Mission is Manifested in Full

Membership in the Mission is a complex concept. It can have many levels and interpretations. For example, in one sense everyone in the universe is a member, as the Mission simply reveals the Truth of creation. In another sense, members could be seen as only those who follow Maitreya's teaching. However, there are many different levels of following the teaching, from simply reading THOTH and doing a few spiritual practices all the way to complete dedication; are all of these members, even though the teaching clearly states that the only way to truly follow the Mission is to be with it 100%? In a third sense, only God knows who is truly a member (with the Mission in their Hearts) and who is not, and it is not up to us!

Therefore, in an attempt to balance the practical need for levels of membership in an organization with the flexibility of the truth, the Round Table has developed the following names and explanations for the different levels of membership in the Mission. The Mission will not be tracking who is at what level (with the exception of those who apply to be official Contacts - Light Bridges) but rather these categories can be used by the Mission to evaluate individuals (and by individuals to evaluate themselves) to see how dedicated they are, what they still must do to become full Mission Members, whether they are ready to take on greater responsibilities, etc.

This system will be temporary and only used until full manifestation of the final Hierarchy, at which point the System revealed by Maitreya will be used (see The Plan). The categories are listed briefly below, with more detailed explanations following:

  1. Lights in Darkness - The whole of humanity

  2. Light Seekers - Basic Members

  3. Light Bridges - Contacts

  4. Light Bearers - Full Members (have completely immersed themselves into the Mission)

  5. Light Workers - Those who come close to the Mission Center and become part of its executive body and/or staff

  6. Light Guides - Leaders and Teachers

  7. Lights in Light - Elders

Lights in Darkness

There is Light (the Essence of God) in every human. However, those who do not accept the Mission and Maitreya are lost in darkness (Maya, ego, the illusion of separation from Him). They are the Lights in Darkness. This was previously known as unofficial Member, as everyone (every unit consciousness) in the universe is a member of the Mission, whether they realize it or not. Symbolically, this category is related to the first chakra (sleeping Serpent or Kundalini). Although the Light is in man, he cannot see it (The Light Shines in Darkness and Darkness comprehends it not).

Light Seekers

Once a person sees the Vision, they join the Mission and begin their struggle back towards God (Light). They are a Light Seeker, or basic Member. Their journey has begun, but they are not yet fully dedicated to the Mission, have not made the Covenant, etc. and so do not yet possess the attributes of a full member. The people in this category have awakened their Spiritual Forces (Kundalini) or the Light in the Darkness (first chakra) and are seeking the Greater Light.

Light Seekers exhibit the following attributes and actions:

  • Study, learn, and live by the teachings (follow the Eternal Divine Path)

  • Spread the teachings to the best of their ability

  • Meditate, perform The Reminder, and do other spiritual practices recommended by Maitreya

  • Pay tithes (for instructions on how to pay your tithes and/or automatic recurring payments for tithes, go to the donations page or send an email to tithes@maitreya.org)

  • Aid the Mission in its endeavors and projects as much as possible (for example, we encourage everyone to join us in social networking and on Paltalk to increase the number of participants to help us further our outreach)

  • Other recommendations can be found at the Join Us page

Light Bridges

As explained above, anyone can spread the teachings and connect people to the Mission (our website). However, those who would like to become official Contacts can apply to become Light Bridges. Light Bridges are those who officially connect others to the Mission and God (Light). They reach out to the Lights in Darkness, communicate with newcomers in their areas, and direct them to the website and the Source. They are Bridges to the Light. This category is related to the third chakra. Although such people have awakened their Spiritual Forces and recognized the Mission as Light, they choose simply to connect others to what they have found and Know is the Light (Mission).

A Light Seeker (basic Member) can apply to become a Light Bridge (official Contact) after enough time has passed to demonstrate their sincerity and understanding (usually about six months). They will be given a questionnaire, and their previous activities will be looked at. If they have shown themselves to be dedicated, performed Mission practices to the best of their ability, paid their tithes regularly, and done effective work for the Mission (bore Fruit), they will likely be accepted.

As Light Bridges are official Mission contacts, it is important to be able to distinguish them from others if necessary. If someone is claiming to be an official Contact and you would like to confirm their claim, please contact us.

Light Bearers

An individual who has reached a point of great dedication and service to the Mission can be considered a Light Bearer. Their attributes are as follows:

  • Consistently and continually perform the practices and Commandments of the Mission such as following the Eternal Divine Path, performing spiritual practice, and paying tithes (it has become their lifestyle)

  • Have made the covenant with Maitreya (Mission)

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of Maitreya's teachings and struggle with pure intentions to submit completely to God's Will

  • Actively work to spread and manifest the Mission in their areas and according to their abilities (have given much Fruit)

Only at this level can an individual be considered a true, full Member of the Mission. They have thrown themselves into the teachings and are approaching complete dedication. They are in their fourth chakra. They have experienced Light and so can impart it to others. They have almost overcome their lower nature (the first three chakras)!

In the future when the Mission becomes further manifested, it is people in this level that could consider becoming Mission "missionaries," those who dedicate their lives for a period of time (a suggestion might be two years) entirely to working for the Mission, spreading the teachings, etc., during which they would live simple lives and be sent two at a time to different areas of the world. If they enjoyed and were shown to have a talent for this work, they might then be invited to continue and eventually become Light Guides (spiritual teachers). Maitreya has recommended that eventually all young people could do this for a period (similar to the Mormon idea of "completing a mission") after which they could decide if they want to become married or sannyasin (if they have not done so already), etc.

These first three categories, Seeker, Bridge, and Bearer, fall under the 'support group' described in the essay "Covenant with God, or the Mission of Maitreya (Maitreya)" (Supplements, THOTH).

Light Workers

From the Light Bearers (full Members), the executive body and staff (workers) for the Mission will emerge. They are the Light Workers. They can be compared to the fifth chakra. They have overcome their lower nature and are now dedicated 100% to God. They have been touched by God!

If an individual wishes to devote himself completely to Mission work, he might be Called to become a Light Worker. If he accepts the Call, he sheds his worldly attachments and obligations. The Mission becomes his job and the focus of his life. Light Workers will be flexible as the Mission progresses towards its full Manifestation. For example, at this time, the Mission cannot support any full-time employees (unless their expectations are very low and their lifestyle is extremely simple). In the future we hope the Mission will have enough resources to fully employ as many Light Workers as is needed. However, for the time being, Light Workers must support themselves and be independent, while still helping the Mission as much as they can.

Light Guides

From the Light Workers, those with leadership, teaching, or other exceptional and important abilities will emerge. Using these skills, they will guide the Mission administration and activities, as well as guide others according to God's Will. They collectively will guide humanity towards a greater understanding of Maitreya's teachings and God's Plan for the universe. They are the Light Guides (The Guiding Lights). They are comparable to the sixth chakra as they are Manifesting the Light (God) to humanity. They are close to being One with God!

The Light Guides will clearly emerge from the Light Workers. They will become the approved Mission teachers (if it is felt that teachers are needed) and leaders.

These two categories, Worker and Guide, are the "Light Workers" described in the essay "Covenant with God, or the Mission of Maitreya (Maitreya)" (same essay as the one linked above).

Lights in Light

From the Light Guides will emerge the Elders (The Round Table). The Elders will oversee, advise, and correct the entire system. Their wisdom and understanding flows directly from God. They are surrendered and submitted to His Will, and channel His Light. They began as Lights in Darkness, struggled for many lifetimes to return to the Lord, and are now Lights in Light. They are comparable to the Seventh Chakra. They are One with God. A thin thread keeps them on earth. They have no worldly desire but to Serve God and Manifest His Will.

Lights in Light will be the head of the Facilitating Body.

Not only do these names have great symbolic meanings, and reaffirm that humanity is One (all the names have Light in them, connecting everyone to each other and to God), but they are also easy to remember and distinguish. Since each of the main categories has "Light" as the first word, they can be referred to by the second word only, if so desired, with "Light" becoming implied. So, the categories are: Seeker, Bridge, Bearer, Worker, Guide. Both unofficial Members and Elders (Lights in Darkness and Lights in Light) are outside of the Hierarchy itself, so their names are different. This makes the system logical, intuitive, and easy to remember.

These seven categories will allow us to form the Facilitating Body to manifest the ultimate Hierarchy. However, none of these activities will be complete without realizing that we have two other categories necessary for the Kingdom of God to be fully realized. These two categories are: The Greatest Light, and The Ultimate Light. The Greatest Light is the First Begotten Son, which is the focus on earth (manifested world), and The Ultimate Light is God or Pure Consciousness, which is the focus in heaven. In order to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, the focus is the First Begotten Son. In order to reach Pure Consciousness, the focus is God. Together, these are the Source from which all Light shines. With these two added, the system is as follows:

  1. Lights in Darkness

  2. (Light) Seekers

  3. (Light) Bridges

  4. (Light) Bearers

  5. (Light) Workers

  6. (Light) Guides

  7. Lights in Light

  8. The Greatest Light

  9. The Ultimate Light

Remember that, like anything else, these titles and categories should never become a source of separation or ego trips. On the path to Pure Consciousness, no spirit is more or less than any other; we are all Divines (Lights), and One with the Creator and each other.

However, for us to be effective, it is important to distinguish some different levels in the Mission and understand everyone's responsibilities, progress, and Dharma. All of these names are beautiful, and should be a source of joy and harmony, not discord. In the Final stage we are the Essence of God, and shall return to Him, but we have separate parts to play!

If you have any questions about this system, please contact us. All thanks to the Father.

Note: Remember that it is not required or even expected of everyone to become Light Bridges, Light Bearers, or any other position. There are some who would prefer to serve as Light Seekers (basic Members) and do not have the skills or desire to go any further. It is not a race to the top! You should have been born for the position you will emerge into! As long as you are truly following the Eternal Divine Path and doing what God Wills for you, nothing more is needed.

On the other hand, at this time in the Misson's development we would like to have Contacts in as many places as possible, to spread the teachings far and wide. Therefore, we would encourage everyone to at least try and become a Light Bridge.

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