Corrections in Letter to Humanity

While proofreading Golden Keys 7, we noticed and made a few very small grammatical, capitalization, etc. corrections to the Letter to Humanity (Letter). These changes have been made to the Letter in Golden Keys 7, as well as here (the main version on the website) and here (the simpler, email-able version on the website). Also, at these last two links above, many broken links at the bottom of the Letter have been fixed. If you know of any other places on the website where it is, please let us know so we can update them as well. Also, if you have been sending it out to people from your own computer, you should re-copy it from the website so that you have the most correct version.

If you had previously translated the Letter to another language and would like to update your translation (if necessary), please send us an email at and we may be able to send you a list of the corrections made. ATTG.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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