Reports from Light Bearers

US, Florida, South, Fort Lauderdale

Sal-Om all,

Thanks God for this past month and the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. I have just returned from an incredible week at the Mission Center in Albuquerque and want to stress the importance of keeping our focus on God through our meditation and service.

I will be available to help and/or discuss the Mission Meditation Process for those who may be interested in giving a meditation class where they are, either online or at a central location in their community. Maitreya is especially interested in starting such classes (which could also include yoga, Pilates, etc.) at universities!

Also, if those living in So. Fla. are interested in a meditation class, please contact me for details. Furthermore, I will be working with more social networking groups and will be available for discussion and learning more about each one so that we can all benefit from being a part of these groups and using them as an outreach for the Mission. You may email me at

This week I sent in an article to the Natural Awakenings magazine (an interview with Maitreya on Daharma from a 2001 Newsletter) requesting publication.

A wonderful opportunity also arose while traveling to the Mission. I was able to communicate with a few other travelers and shared the Mission teachings and website address for further study.

While at the Mission it was a wonderful privilege to have a day of service to the community. We picked up trash and pulled weeds in an area near the center. These days of service can be done randomly, or can be agreed upon and accepted by a group or individual as to the day and time of the service. The idea is to give without expectation. If we can donate at least 2 hours a week to some community service in our area and know that God is indeed the Doer, then we have released any expectation of praise. To give is to receive.

If each of us can share the truth of these teachings and work to be(come) an example for others, we can all progress faster. Continuous study and practice of the ways of the Eternal Divine Path will help in this achievement. Let us set aside ego for the Love of God, knowing that God is ALL.


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All Thanks To God (ATTG).