Reports from Contacts

New York

September/October 2010


This month was mostly spent letting new PalTalk guests know about the live sessions with Maitreya during the Feast of Tabernacles (over 200 IMs were sent), inviting them to check out our Newsbrief, giving links to our website when questions were asked, and the e-mail address of the Mission for questions.

A walker with the Rio Rancho Senior Center asked some questions about the Mission, and made note of our website address to check it out.

Also wanted to join some new social networks, so Googled "social networks". Found a rather new network called Diaspora that was created by four NY University students [Note From Mission: Sounds like a good new social network to start creating a Mission presence in!]. Joined and clicked to follow them on Twitter. Maybe you would like to take a look at the page that came up via the Google search:

Ananda Ma

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