Reports From Light Seekers (Members)

1. From Maverick in Texas, USA:

Sal-Om everyone,

Hope all is well with everyone, and all had a spirit-filled Feast (thanks God). The start of the Autumn season always brings relief from the summertime heat, and brings the many different colors of the fall foliage; what a spectacular event to see and behold (thanks God).

I am now sending the Letter to Humanity to towns and cities outside of Austin, Texas:

  1. St. Vincent Catholic
  2. United Christian
  3. Immanuel Lutheran
  4. Christ Episcopal
  5. Brentwood Oaks COC
  6. St. Stephens
  7. Friendly Mill Baptist
  8. Rejoice Church
  9. Discovery Methodist
  10. Central Baptist
  1. 1st United Methodist
  2. Milwood Baptist
  3. Horizon Christian
  4. St. John's Episcopal
  5. Gateway Church
  6. Hope Presbyterian
  7. First His Kingdom
  8. Parmer Lane Baptist
  9. Pock Pointe
  10. Brushy Creek

Throughout the month posted quotes from Satsangs from Maitreya on Facebook.
My friends list on Facebook now has people all over the world. I continually get friend requests
and am requesting as well (thanks God).

Posted the following Satsangs from "Conversations With Maitreya" on Facebook:

  1. 7/24/10
  2. 8/07/10
  3. 8/21/10
  4. 9/11/04
  5. 9/18/10
  6. 10/09/10 (posted twice)
  1. 7/31/10
  2. 8/14/10
  3. 9/04/10
  4. 10/09/10
  5. 9/25/10
  6. 10/16/10

Starting this month I will expand getting out the message of the Mission. I will, a few days a week, start handing out flyers and the Letter to Humanity to 10 houses each trip in my subdivision until most of the homes are covered in this area of the subdivision.

It is He (God) who does the work. Surrender and submit the results to God (ATTG).

One World One Humanity One Savior One God


Maverick J. Viator
Disciple of Maitreya-The Messiah

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).