Tips on Spreading the Mission

By Tahirah (Dottie Rappaport), social networking project manager and one of our contacts in South Florida, USA

Sal-Om all,

I am forwarding to you a few tips and examples of:

  1. How we can continue to spread the Mission teachings using social networking.

  2. How we can create local advertising for the Mission in our own areas.

As we know, there are many, many social networks available now on the Internet, and Maitreya has suggested that if we each become proficient in one, then we can share our knowledge with one another and others.

I am continuing to work more with the Care2 social network, as well as others, but wanted to share how the networking is powerful through these blogs, chats, posts, etc., reaching many people. The Mission has made it so easy now: With just a click on the SHARE button on the right of each page on the website, you can automatically post that page on any of the social networks where you have become a member, i.e., Facebook, Google Groups, Twitter, Care2, etc. ATTG!

Sometimes I even forget where all the posts are that I am doing, and just keep reaching out in different places with a comment or two and giving the Mission website or URLs so that they can investigate on their own time. However, I am reaching the conclusion that keeping notes on the areas where you post is a great help, so that you may, if necessary, reply to others' replies. In this way, you can continue further with those who are interested, and also the information is shown for others who may not be posting, but are still reading.

Now, you might ask, what should you post? I would say, just use your intuitive mind. For example, I sometimes just post the URL for what I read online that morning in THOTH.

So, if we can each create an area that we are comfortable with and share it, we all are contributing to the Daharma of the Mission's work at hand :-).

Speaking of Daharma, as was explained in my report for this Newsbrief, the local branch of the Natural Awakenings magazine has published an article by Maitreya ("An Interview with Maitreya about Daharma", from a 2001 Mission Newsletter) in this month's edition. They have also always been very kind to list our activities in their 'Calendar of Events', which is an ongoing calendar in the back pages of the magazine where they list for free any monthly events you submit. ATTG for sure!

So thanks God for all the ways that each of us can share the teachings, and there are many, i.e. word of mouth, talking to friends and/or strangers, giving classes, making videos, creating websites, utilizing social networks, volunteering locally using Mission teachings, etc. Thanks God for this dedicated Mission of Maitreya.

If anyone has any questions (or helpful comments) I am open to giving and receiving. You can reach me through my email address, Good God Sharing!



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