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Issue #9 - February 22, 2001

What's New?


We are in the process of changing this in all the writings and materials of Maitreya. We asked Maitreya Himself as to the reason for this change. Here is His answer:

The Great Sign has been changed to The Greatest Sign because that is what it is! There are many Great Signs in the world, but none is Greater than the Revelation of the Seven Seal and the Revelation of God's Plan. There are many who will come and show great signs and wonders to the world, but none will bring The Greatest Sign which has been Prophesied to come in Revelation as the Sign that has Seven Seals and the Book (THOTH) is Sealed with it. So the name The Greatest Sign is more appropriate for this Sign than The Great Sign. I am sure all agree with this change that reflects Its Station in the Greatest Degree.

God Is ... The Greatest Sign



We now have a Chat Room at: (if this address is not working by clicking on it, copy and past into your web browser! Same thing for other URLs below.). There is an open chat about the Mission Teachings every Thursday 8-9 PM MST. All are welcome to this lively and inspiring discussion. Bring your questions about THOTH, Communities of Light, meditation, etc. John Hall is doing a nice job as moderator; he often picks a topic for each week's discussion. At first, the format might seem hard to follow, as the software we are currently using has the lines scrolling up. But with a little bit of practice, you will find it enjoyable and exciting to be able to communicate with others around the globe. Here are a few comments about the Chat Room:

The chat room is another opportunity to share the Mission and Its Truth. We had some interesting questions the first week when we each shared about the seven seals in The Greatest Sign. We were all quite excited about what happened in the Chat Room that first week. The second week we shared about the Communities of Light. The next week was about, "History, His Story," and I have always been interested in that subject. I am thoroughly enjoying the Chat Room! (Ananda Ma)

I recommend that anyone and everyone who loves the teachings of Maitreya come and spend time in the Mission Chat Room on Thursdays. It provides a wonderful opportunity to share your knowledge of the Mission's teaching. You will also acquire new insights and new ways of looking at a topic that you had not previously considered. I believe participation in the Chat Room has the potential to make us all better teachers for the Mission and God. And if we are to be the instruments for bringing His Kingdom to Earth and to help teach others how this can be done... then what are we waiting for? LET'S CHAT! (Keyosha)

The Mission Chat Room is another expansion of sharing with others the teachings of The Eternal Divine Path. Also, it is a training ground for our members to share the knowledge we have learned being on the Path to God and it enriches us as we discuss, in the chat room together, and find we know more than we thought. We have the knowledge to give this message to all! It is very invigorating and joyful spiritually to come together in oneness of Faith and rejoice in the teachings of the EDP!!! (Shakti)


This is another place for a Divine discussion, in a newsgroup format. The URL address is: The only request for use of the Discussion Forum is that the discussion stay on topic (same as for the chat room), related to the Mission of Maitreya.


Have you seen the latest inspirational websites?

According to Ishvara, our hardworking ('God working'J) webmaster, these pages and other sites can be found at this address (by following the links):


The outlines for six courses on meditation are now on-line and available for all to use: (this needs to be verified!) . These courses teach the Mission with ideas on meditation, combined with some yoga practices, etc. Already a few people have gone through these courses and are now meditating using the Universal Mantra; their feedback about the pages was very positive. Thanks God, for a good (God) job doneAnanda Ma!


There is a copy of this year's calendar at the end of this newsletter, for easy printing. It is beautifully done (also thanks God for a good (God) job doneRadah...) and gives a good reference of God's Holy Days for the coming year. You also can find this calendar in our web site.


Now that we have the Mission of Maitreya calendar for this year, we know the dates of the next Feast of Tabernacles. It will be held from September 30th to October 8th, 2001. For more information on the Feast, go to: Let us come together and Feast in the Blessedness of the Lord!


We have now expanded the days of collective Reminder and THOTH readings to every morning of the week! At 05:50 AM MST, through our Internet Conference room: room English.htm. The Reminder is done together and is followed by 30 minutes of reading THOTH. It is a great way to start the day, or for those on the other side of the One Earth, to end the day!J Everyone is welcome!

Here are the words to The Reminder:

1- We pay our salutations to The Divine Father, who has helped all come from ignorance to the Path of Enlightenment. Ignorance is the state of unawareness of the reality behind this universe, and enlightenment is the state of Pure Consciousness.

2- We open our hearts to Your Grace and pray for Your Guidance in overcoming the power of the tama guna over our Souls and detaching ourselves from Maya.

3- We adore and promise to endeavor to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness and eventually Pure Consciousness.

4- In reverence we bow our heads in front of all those Great Souls in the past and those to come who have helped and will help all to understand your Compassion and Mercy in Your Actions and Creation.

5- We surrender ourselves to You, the Words revealed to us through Your Prophets, and Your Greatest Sign which clarifies the confusion between all.

6- We submit only to You which is formless, nameless and invisible. You in this state unify – in any other state, humanity will be divided. Also, this will prevent us from surrendering to false prophets and teachers.

7- However, in reverence we bow our heads in front of all those Great Souls who will teach us how to know You and show us the way to become Pure Consciousness, as is the goal.


We need a special type of clothing for the Teachers of the Mission, something for women and something for men. It should be simple, easy to keep clean, neat looking, universal, durable, and distinctive so when a Divine wears this clothing it is known that he/she is a Teacher for the Mission of Maitreya. Any and all ideas are welcome! Please email with your suggestions.


(from Essays I, THOTH)

Daharma or Dharma means the "innate nature," or the Laws governing each and every thing. In human life and in the universe as a whole, there are Laws (Dharmas) which have been set up by God or have existed in the universe.

Deviation from these Laws is violence, because violence means to deviate from a set of rules which have been ascribed to be followed. Therefore, non-violence is to not violate these Laws.

dahrma-c.gif (2347 bytes)

An Interview With Maitreya About Daharma

1-How does Daharma relate to the Will of God?

Daharma is the Innate Nature of anything in the Universe. The Innate nature of something is the Will of God for that object. So Daharma is the Will of God. If it is followed, it will bring Grace, Progress and Prosperity. If it is not followed, the opposite will be!

2-How does Daharma relate to the chakras?

Each chakra has a Daharma. If that chakra is in control, the lower propensity of those chakras are manifested. If the individual is in control, the Higher propensities (Daharma) will be manifested. Each chakra is just like a wild horse. While it is wild, its Daharma is to resist taming and being useful. When it is tamed, it becomes a great tool for man to use. So the Daharma of each being, in this case chakras, changes according to its situation and progress.

3-How does Daharma relate to the community?

Each individual has a Daharma to perform. If each person performs his Daharma as he was designed (created) to perform it, the community will function smoothly and perfectly. If people resist their Daharma, then their community will not function smoothly and will have many problems. As an individual progresses, however, then he becomes multi-functional (Daharmas). He can be much more flexible and function (perform) different Daharmas. The Higher in consciousness an individual is, the more multi-Daharmic they become. Indeed Paravipras have the characteristics of all classes in the society, while they are beyond all of them. They have indeed reached the Universal personality, a place where they possess all Daharmas while having none!

4-How is your teaching about Daharma different than what the Buddhists teach about Daharma?

It seems the explanation of Daharma and Karma are very rigid in the Far East teachings (Buddhism and Hinduism). That is why we hear of instances that a child has fallen into the water and no one helps her. They believe that it was her Karma (which is the base for Daharma) to drown. This is not true in our teachings. In our teachings, Karma is created for us to learn a lesson. When we learn it, it no longer will be with us. We are free of that Karma and so our Daharma is changeable and expandable, as explained above.

This explanation might have been the same in the beginning for these religions/teachings. In the course of time they have lost this deeper meaning and no longer have the True meaning of them. This True meaning has now returned to humanity. In this explanation, much room has been provided for human progress and improvement. In the explanation given by Hinduism and Buddhism, at this time, such a provision is not provided. This rigidity might be one reason why an attitude of escapism has entered into their teachings and resulted in social poverty, diseases and many other ills related to believing that this world is an illusion!

5-Does our Daharma in the present lifetime and our karma in the present and past effect one another?

As I explained above, Daharma and Karma are not written in stone! So as we learn our lessons, we become more perfect and closer to Pure Consciousness (God). As we reach Higher Consciousness, we have no Karma, but a responsibility to also Guide others to Freedom (God). So we can remember the explanation we have at the end of Essays II in THOTH, called "Predestination Or Choice". As we become closer to God, the less choices we have in life but to Serve His Cause. The further away we are from Him, the more Karma (lessons) we have (to learn). If we have much Karma (lessons to learn) the less able we are, and so our Daharma is limited too. So indeed our Karma (where we are in the Path) and Daharma (our abilities) are inter-connected.

7-Does Daharma change with a person's age?

That is a good question. Yes, the Daharma of a child is to learn, grow and progress physically, mentally and Spiritually. The Daharma of a young person is to decide if he or she wants to be(come) a family person or a Sannyasin. The Daharma of a middle-aged person, if s/he is a married person, is to help to create the base for the COLs (Communities Of Light), and help the children to grow physically, mentally and Spiritually. If a person is a Sannyasin, they have to work toward helping more COLs to be created and the Kingdom to be established on earth. When a person is old, they can greatly help the COLs, including the children in these communities. Whatever experience they have gathered during their life, they can pass to the next generation, etc.

Of course each individual has their place in the communities and none of these explanations should become rigid as each individual is Unique!

8- Is Daharma related only to spiritual my job to make money in the world to support my that a Daharma, or just a responsibility? Can I have multiple Daharmas? Or is it that my Daharma is to become Divine, and that is really all there is?

Maybe the first part of your question is answered above. Now to Be(come) Divine is the Goal of the Life. As we overcome and learn the lessons we are supposed to learn (burn our Karma), the closer we are to Be(coming) Divine. As I said, if you are already close to God, then you have less Karma and more responsibilities. Then you have to find out where you fall in this endeavor. If you are called to work and help your family to grow and that is all you can do, then you accept that and will become best in what you do. If you can do that and more, so much the better. Remember, the less Karma, the more Daharma and so the more able!

Of course as a person becomes older, the less efficient the body will be and the less ability they might manifest. That is why one of theDaharmas for the COLs is to take care of the elderly members.

9-By what age should I realize my Daharma?

There is no set rule for this. In the COLs, however, people should learn this very early in their lives. Indeed those who are close to God, even at this time when there are no real COLs existing, some people have received the premonition of what their Daharma is (to Serve God and this Mission). Again, the closer you are to God, the easier it will be for you to know why you are here!

In general, as it is explained in THOTH, there are ages that some decisions should be made. From age one to seven, you are a child. From seven to fourteen, you are an adolescent. From fourteen to twenty-one, you are a teenager. It is between this last period that you have to decide if you want to be a Sannyasin or a married person. It is, however, not written in stone. You may decide this early in this period or later, or even older than twenty-one.

So there are some guidelines which are given for different periods of life. These, however, are guidelines, and each individual has to realize what they are going to do with these by themselves. Of course, the elders and society can Guide the youth and children to make up their minds. They, however, should not impose their will on them and/or make a wrong decision for them!

10- Do animals have Daharma?

Yes, cats are created to be pets. Dogs are created to protect properties, etc.

11-What happens at the end of life if you have fulfilled your daharma, or if you haven't?

If you have, you die peacefully and satisfied. If you have not ...!


The Greatest Sign

The Greatest Human Who
Meditates On The Greatest Sign

(Not only do we meditate On The Greatest Sign,
but also we are The Greatest Sign!)

Satsang (Discourse) 02/03/01 With Maitreya

Question: Maitreya, I was just wondering, can the false ego influence our meditation and if so, what can we do to prevent that from happening?

Maitreya: Yes, the false ego affects everything in our lives, also our meditation.

When we meditate, our ego actually fights back very, very hard. As we have explained many times, we are used to many bad habits, many problems in our lives, many ways of doing things, and many attractions, desires and wants that we have in our lives. These things used to run our lives. So we followed our desires, we followed our wants, and we followed the attractions that came to us. Without thinking, we accepted their plan.

They told us, "You have to do this" and we did it. We did not stop and ask, "OK, let me see, is it OK with God's Word what I am doing? Am I destroying my body? Am I opposing the creation of the Communities of Light? Is this a good thing to do? Is it according to the Fifteen Commandments, or the Ten Commandments? Is it really necessary, good, and wholesome?" So we are the slaves of all these forces in us. And they have been running our lives.

Now we sit down, and we start meditating and using our mantra. The ego says, "What are you doing [laughter]? Why are you sitting here? You are supposed to be with your friends. You are supposed to be playing this game or going in that area, or being here or there.";

So your mind starts telling you to do a different thing that it wants you to do. So you see, the first step is really sitting there and wanting to meditate. It is not going to let you do it.

That is why in meditation we say, "Gently bring your mind back." Your mind is going to go. It is going to ask you, "What did I eat last night?" "Oh, I ate that, that, that." "What did that person say?" And your mind will wander away from your mantra and meditation.

Then you remember, "I forgot to say Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam and think about its meaning." So gently bring your mind back to your mantra and its meaning. Very gently, you do not have to force it. Very gently, wherever your mind is going, bring it back.

Your mind is going to get angry because it is not used to this. You always followed your mind wherever it wanted to go. Now you are saying, "No. I am in charge. You are not in charge any more." And it does not like that. Ego does not like that because it has been in control all of your life. Now you are saying, "No. I am not going to let you be in control any more. I want to get control of my life and my mind."

Now you bring your mind to your mantra and start saying, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. You breathe in, realizing the silence, then breathe out, Om Nam Kevalam, realizing the silence, then breathe in, Haree Om Shrii Hung, etc. A couple of times you do this, it feels good, "Yes, I can feel almost that silence between the two breaths" and your mind says, "By the way, do you remember da da da da. [laughter]?" And you are gone. Your mind is gone, your breathing is gone, and your meditation is gone. For probably five or six minutes you think about other things and suddenly you realize, "Uh-oh, I forgot my mantra." Gently bring your mind back.

See, that is the battle right there between you and your mind. Your mind is powerful. Your mind wants to take you away from meditation. He wants to still keep the control. But you are telling him, "No." Every time you bring your mind back from where it went to your meditation and your mantra and your breathing, you are telling your mind, you are getting a little more control from your mind.

The more you do it, the more control you will have on the mind. After a while, when you do this meditation for some time, the mind will give up, the ego will give up.

So what does it become? Your mind becomes calm just like a calm lake. That is when you see the reflection of God in that calm lake. Can you see the reflection of God in a turbulent mind or a lake? It breaks up into thousands of pieces. It does not look like a moon at all. It just looks like, "What is that? There is some light there but I do not know what it is. I know light exists in this mind, as Scripture says,'The light shineth in the darkness but the darkness knows it not.'"

Why? It is because the darkness is turbulent, the mind, ego, is turbulent and in that turbulent state the light breaks up into so many pieces. Even it can completely break to nothingness. You cannot even realize there is a light left there.

So the process of meditation is to get control over your mind and your ego, and eventually when ego gives up you will realize that you are connected to the Spirit and the reflection of God will reflect on that mind and you will come closer and closer to Him.

Of course, there are a lot of experiences that you might experience. You might hear a cricket sound. You might hear the shutting of the door. You might hear the flute even. They call it the flute of Krishna. It is the most beautiful flute you have ever heard but do not be attached to it. Go on. Go on with it.

Those still are delusion and illusion in your meditation. "Oh, I heard the flute of Krishna so I have arrived in my meditation." No, you have not. That is a delusion.

Or some people start doing astral projection and they go to their astral bodies and they meet these wonderful gurus and masters who give them beautiful sermons. They are not the ultimate. They are still trapped in the ethereal level.

Actually in the ethereal level you can create your own universe and become trapped in it. A lot of people do astral projection and all those things that are very dangerous, and they actually become more egoistic.

We had a lady who came to our house once when we started the Mission in the beginning of 1982. Someone said, "How do you obtain something?" And she said, "DESIRE IT!" It was just like it was such a force there and there was so much ego there that it just felt not very good at all. A true meditative person who comes in contact with God becomes gentle and compassionate. They do not DESIRE things. They actually become desireless.

The more desires you have... What is the very base of the problem with the ego? The ego gets attracted, desires it, fulfills it, and becomes attached. That is the process, isn't it? We see things. Our ego sees things and wants them.

Our senses touch things, or our senses see things, taste things, or hear things. Then what do we become? Then we desire them. We run after them. First of all, we run after them so we waste our time by running after them. Then we obtain them.

What happens when you obtain them? You fulfill your desire. When you fulfill your desire, what happens? You become attached to that fulfilled desire. And when you are attached to it you become greedy. Greed comes in. So these are the five steps against the Eternal Divine Path steps.

The Eternal Divine Path is five steps. The steps of the ego are five steps too: attraction, desire, fulfillment, attachment, and greed. Those five steps go for everything we see, we desire, we obtain, we fulfill, we become attached, and then we want more, we become greedy.

So this is the anti-Eternal Divine Path. Ego is anti-Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path has five steps: awakening your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission to God, and becoming a universalist. The five steps of the ego are: attraction, desire, fulfillment, attachment, and greed.

So as we meditate we have less desires, we do not want. Because many times I have said, what do you do if you have a desire? You sit and meditate on it. “I have a desire to have such a wonderful car. I want a Lamborghini. I want a Hammer.” Now what?

First of all I have to work hard to get $60,000 to buy one. Then I have to take care of it. It might get into an accident. It needs a lot of attention. I cannot drive it everywhere. That is not a car you can drive on the streets. It is useless.

And then, have you progressed any in your life? Go through it, any desire, in your meditation. See what is going to happen. Most of our desires are not well thought-out desires. We want them but we do not know where they are going to lead us. So sit down and meditate on the desire.

Say, "OK I have this desire. Let us meditate on it. Where is it going to take me? I want all these things but what are they going to do? They are going t..."

Anything you obtain you will lose something. This is the Law of the Universe. Anything you obtain, you will lose something for it. The more you earn material things, the more spiritual things you will lose. The more spiritual you become, you might not have as many material things.

So that is why again the Mission comes to the rescue: Share. We are not saying do not have material things, do not enjoy life, or do not live in a good place that you can be comfortable. But if people share with each other, each of you do not need to struggle that hard to have that amenity.

Also if you share it brings Grace out of it. But if you have only one wonderful house by yourself, you actually lose a lot of people, a lot of connections. People do not want to have anything to do with you. They call you snobby.

So the very reason you bought the house, to attract people to come and like you, makes people not to like you, that the people do not like it because they desire to have the same thing as you.

But if you share it with them, what happens? What happens, do they like you? They might even help you to maintain it, to be with you, to enjoy it together.

So ego is actually the preventor of you to meditate. It is a preventor for you to realize yourself because it is going to fight you. Of course, I believe most of us here have been meditating for many lifetimes. That is why we are attracted to go back and meditate and all of that. But if you have never meditated before, the ego is not going to let you. That is the great fight you have within yourself.

It is because those, I call them creatures within us, have been in control all of our lives. Now we suddenly tell them, "No. We are going to be in control." Do you think they are going to say, "Yes sir, here it is? These are the reins, you can have them." They are not going to let you have them. They are going to fight you back. They are going to say, "No. We still want to keep the reins. We were fine."

They can only live in darkness. That is the only weakness they have. If you meditate and shed the light on them, and keep the light on them, suddenly they die. It is just like Raid. Have you seen their [laughing] commercial? When the Raid comes, those little bugs cannot live any more. They just explode and die.

That is the same thing. Meditation is the Raid for your creatures. Keeping the creatures in this light and meditation makes you aware. Meditation actually is sleep in which you are aware. That is why we sleep.

When we sleep we really get connected to the Universal Computer, or the Universal Mind. Then your mind starts going through your day and it clears itself up. If you do not sleep, mind cannot keep up. We actually die of deprivation, separation.

The more you meditate, the less sleep you need because you are doing the job of sleep you were supposed to have. But while you are meditating, you are also aware of what is happening. So meditation is a process of sleep with awareness of what is happening.

But because you are not aware of what is happening, when you are sleeping you do not become self-realized, you do not realize what is within you and what those creatures are doing.

That is why sometimes God sends you a dream to make you aware of something. And then, of course, we have talked about the three kinds of dreams. Some of them are from overeating and all those problems, and have no meaning. Our minds go crazy. Some of them are related to our psychological problems and our regular life which if we do self-analysis of those dreams we might find some, you can solve the problems of some of your habits and daily life, and all of that.

And some of them are deep revelation, which come from a much deeper level, which you cannot forget for many days after you receive it, even for a lifetime. They are absolutely powerful. Those dreams usually are given to Prophets, just like Daniel. He received a dream or vision. He could not shake it. He had to sit down and write down what happened, what that vision was. It was not just a regular dream that he could forget by the next day, the afternoon, or the evening. He just could not shake it. He had to come down and write it down.

So we are very complex beings, very amazing beings who are in the image of God. Actually our bodies and the universe have the same elements. Anything you find in the universe you find in the human body. And our consciousness is the only consciousness that can reach Pure Consciousness, that can reach the highest possible. It is not given to animals. A cat cannot reach Pure Consciousness. A cat has to come many lifetimes and eventually becomes human.

So this is the opportunity that has been given to us...

God Is...The Most Compassionate

God Is...Love

God Is...Supreme Truth

God Is...The Most Splendid

God Is...The Most Diligent

God Is...The Most Flexible

God Is...The Greatest Sign

God Is ... The Most Intelligent

God Is ... All There Is


God Is...That Also...

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