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Daharma (Darma): the very word "Daharma" (or "Darma") means "innate nature." Any subject in this world has a nature, even this universe itself has a nature. Also as the subjects become more complicated, they will become multi-natured (they will have more than one Daharma or Darma).

These Daharmas should be viewed as Laws set up for each subject to follow. If a subject follows his or her nature, it will be in harmony with the Universal Laws. If he or she does not follow his or her nature, disharmony will be created which will result in confusion and unhappiness.

These natures or Darmas can be understood by deep observation, meditation, and concentration. Also most of them are revealed by God through His Prophets (if you understand them).

When all things follow their Darmas, then the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without can be established.


Darkness: ignorance, being under the influence of the tama guna.


Darma : same as Daharma.


Devil: crudifying power of the tama guna over the Soul; ignorance.

When the Soul is under the influence of the tama guna, the mind becomes crude and will be attracted toward the desires and impulses of the lower nature. This causes desires to arise in the mind ("sea") and will result in being attracted to the external world (Maya, "the dragon"). The result of fulfillment of desire is attachment and greed. Greed will result in more attraction, desires, attachment, and greed. This wheel goes on and on, so the person will be drawn more and more into the ocean of Maya, and more and more held by the grip of the crudifying power of the tama guna.

The by-product of all these things is uncontrollable lust, anger, vanity, fear, and all the vices of human life. This process is what is called the wheel of Maya.


Divine: God-like, supremely good. That is the goal of life: to be(come) Divine (Pure Consciousness).


Divine Actions: those actions which make a person Divine. All the actions taken to help the universe to reach higher consciousness are regarded as Divine actions (actions done for the establishment of the Kingdom within and without).


Divine Father: See Father.


Divine Logic: See Father.


Divine Mother: same as Divine Grace.


Dogma:what seems right! Dogma is a set of beliefs that can be the truth, or not. It is a set of concepts that are accepted by the followers of a religion or a sect, which they believe to be the truth. However, usually when it is used in our teachings it refers to the negative meaning as a set of beliefs that are not from God but are man-made!


Dragon, The Red: (The Revelation, chapter 12): Maya; excess, unnecessary attraction toward the external world (any attraction which is contrary to our spiritual progress).



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