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January/February 2010

Sal-OM to all,

Continuing to do outreach through Yahoo Answers and below are a few examples. It is easy to see the heartbreak, mis-guidance and despair in people nowadays and also how having the Truth of the Mission gives us a secure knowing that God said these things would happen and also His Kingdom will come. On that we can rest assured! (but not on our laurels.)

Why am I scared of God, & hate myself?

Im a 15 yr old girl. Last year cuz of my fear of growin up I felt guilty for growing up n leaving my parents n stuff. So i had no goals n just started comfort eating whenever i felt sad or alone. My parents were pleased (cuz i used2 be skinnh) when i put on loadsa weight but they didnt see the pain i was in, & why i was eating like this.

I was saved a month ago. I asked God for help n i did - i saw his huge world n his promise etc...

But i feel so cloudednover now. I feel so guilty about everyhing. My parentswant me to eat more again n not be skinny but they dont know why i used to comfort eat. I feel like i let everyone down. I hate ppl for liking me n caring for me cuzni dont deserve it. I hate myself for being so selfish. i hate myself for being so stupid n weak. Im scared of God that he wants to punish me cuz im not good enough. I keep trying to ask for forgiveness but I feel like an outsider to Him, like he will always hate me judge me n never forgive me no matter how hard i try. Well thats how i feel right now.

Like i feel whats the point of aski g for forgiveness because i dont think i deserve to be here. I wish he would just killl me so I dont have to suffer or make anyone else suffer. Im scared.
Its the same with my parents. Whats the point of trying to make them happy if imnever going to ne enough? CAnt they accept im a smal eater? and im never good enough and i shouldnt be.

I really hate myself right now n i wish i could just die. I keep trying to ask for forgibeness bt i cant live with the guit. Im shaking with anger at everything.


There is a reason for being here on earth. Every person has a purpose and perhaps you just have not seen it as yet. Do not fret and worry. The same force that guides this Universe, guides you also. That is a quote from the Mission of Maitreya.

Never give up, never suicide. God gives you this life with many opportunities to grow and progress spiritually.

What if there was something much bigger than you ever imagined and it was a plan that God made for the specific purpose of bringing every soul back to God - to return Home? The thinking of 'not good enough' is just the tricks of ego to make you not see the bigger picture. Ego is not the Truth and not real. Don't fall for it.

Part 1:
Part 2: - No one knows the whole truth until the 7th Seal message

Where was God for Haiti?

The 7.0 earthquake has completely destroyed a very poor country, killed over 50000 and left over 3 million homeless.

Why did God let this happen to such poor people? When a similar earthquake hits rich countries like Japan or America the amount dead doesn't go far beyond 100, if that.

  • 3 weeks ago


We haven't seen anything yet. The prophecy is that 1/3 of humanity will be destroyed. Do the math...6+billion means 2+billion will somehow be destroyed.

All because we have left God out of our lives in every way possible. God didn't do this....we did.

We have been warned and more is to come, unfortunately.


Part 1:
Part 2: - No one knows the whole truth until the 7th Seal message Letter to Humanity

  • 3 weeks ago

Is it true that God rewards for the trials we go through?

I have been going through this situation that I know God has been put me in. It all started a year ago. Its pretty much been a downward spiral for me. Ive been through rejections, betrayals, expectations not being met, etc. It has also brought me sadness and depression. I have yet to experience true happiness in this situation. I just cant let go of the past. But thru all this, God has given me strength to continue on. I know He's told me to wait, and not give up yet, but I dont know how much I have left inside to continue. Some things that have happened recently have only made matters worse, but Im still faithful. Will God provide??

  • 4 weeks ago


Trials and spiritual struggle are to show our strength and commitment to want God. Of course He is going to test us to see if we are true to our wants.

Check out the below links for more guidance. You are not alone and there is a way out.

  • 4 weeks ago

We cannot create Communities of Light until the safety and physiological needs are met first.

You Tube Outreach:

More videos of Revelation of The Revelation have been uploaded to You Tube and will be an on-going process. (Note: You can access these videos from Shirin's Youtube page:

Environmental Film Festival in Socorro, NM

While attending this Film Festival a film was presented on the Holiday Neighborhood located in Boulder, Colorado. The film documented the process of going from a defunct old drive-in theater to an incredible neighborhood. The process of the designers, architects, the future owners and all kinds of sustainability experts to stay focused and create a new way of living more in harmony and naturally was inspiring to see.

Holiday Neighborhood:

Another example of safety needs being met has been proposed by the Monolithic Dome Homes out of Italy, Texas as seen in a recent email. (Click here for link)

From Maitreya:

It is a great opportunity for Haiti to rebuild from scratch and plan it so well that it will Be(come) an example for the rest of humanity. The Monolithic Dome structure seems to be one of the alternatives that can help people in earthquake areas to live safer and more secure lives.

Have a Good (God) Month!

Sal-OM Everyone,

Shirin e Khoda

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