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Phoenix risingMessage From Maitreya
Who is M!
(Click the picturefor artist credit)
On a positive note (phoenix rising)!
We shall rise from the ashes, as the phoenix does...! Read...

3StrikSpecial Feature
Letter to Humanity, third anniversary!
What has happened in the past year? Is humanity doing well, or are they..!Read...

Meteor strikeArticles
Possible explanation for the Flood of Noah, our Teachingsre-confirmed!
By: Noor
Recent scientific evidence is suggesting that the extinction of large land mammals such as wooly mammoths may have been due to a meteor impact. This would have occurred about 12,000 years ago! Read...

The Feast ofPassover and Unleavened Bread!
God commanded humans tokeep Seven Feasts and Holy Days throughout the year. Passover is the first of these!Read...
New footnotes links on website!
We now have a new footnotes sectionon almost all pagesof the website. It is at the bottom of the pages, and looks transparent with grey/white text. Hover over the text...! Read...
New question added to Golden Keys 7!
A new question and Golden Keys 7, near the end of the Marriage and Sexuality section! Read...
Books back up on Google!
The Mission literature is back up on Google Books, and the linksto them are no longer broken! Read...
We are a Constant Contact 2009 All Star!
The provider we use for our Newsbrief and mailing list, Constant Contact, has named the Mission a 2009 All Star! This means...! Read...
Listing social network pages on website!
There is now a page on the website listing the presence the Mission has on various social network sites! If we missed one, send us...! Read...
New Section:
Of Interest
In this section, we will place news or articles that we find to be interesting or worth mentioning. Read...
Meetings1MOM Members Meeting
Wednesday, March 17 at 7:30 PM Mountain Standard Time. Unus/Noor will be the moderator/co-moderator this month.
To listen to the audios ofprevious MOMmeetings, go to our FTP site where the audios for these meetings are. Choose the year and then the month of whenthe audiowas recorded! Read...
This section is for the monthly reports that have been senttotheMission.We have three categories for these reports:
Members(Light Seekers), Contacts (Light Bridges) and Contacts who are also actively engaged in spreading the Mission (Light Bearers)! Read...
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Message From Maitreya
Special Feature
Of Interest
MOM Members Meeting
Feast Of Tabernacles
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