On A Positive Note (Phoenix Rising)

With all the tribulations and upheavals, including natural and/or manmade disasters, it is hard to see the Light at the end of the tunnel. We teach that we have to concentrate on this Light; however, we have been reporting all kinds of tribulations and disasters in our Newsbriefs. In this article I will try to look at the positive side (the Light which is coming). It surely has also been predicted that after all these tribulations and upheavals, there will be the Kingdom of God on earth. That is why, in one sense, we welcome all these events as they are the signs of the Coming of the Kingdom. The Light has already come and that is what we all have to concentrate on. The Light is our Teachings and the Mission. Only by Concentrating on this Light will we have a chance to succeed and be victorious in the end. Those who are one-pointed will listen to what God has sent to them and will follow His Will. He surely has Revealed enough Truth that any person, even those with just a little Light, will see the legitimacy of these Teachings and should respond to the Call to them. If they answer the Call and follow the Teachings, they have nothing to fear. Even the tribulation becomes a Blessing! The next step is to find out what is coming to the earth. What is coming is what we have been telling everyone about for the last 30+ years. What is coming will be unprecedented and destructive. The predicted 1/3 and/or 2/3 of the population on earth being eliminated means the tribulation and destruction will be huge and unheard of. All the disasters we listed for the anniversary of the Letter to Humanity are just a prelude to much greater ones. They seem to be a small tap on the wrist compared to disasters that will destroy 2 to 4 billion people! Will these disasters be the same as what has happened during the last year: More earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, melting of glaciers, etc.? Or will it be something like the meteor that might have been one of the causes for the Flood of Noah? Or will it be a drastic change in the weather that will bringeven greater disasters that are beyond our imagination! Could it be a shift in the poles, or a combination of all of these and many other possibilities that are not listed here? We surely have already seen an increase in earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, etc. Will they further increase in number and intensity? Or will it be something that we have not thought of, or cannot think of, as it will be beyond our imagination! No matter what it is, God has already shown us how we can survive It, and maybe later on, in the Kingdom, even thrive. We have to become Children Of God. We have to Follow the Eternal Divine Path. We have to realize the Ways of God and accept them and follow them. We have to create the Culture of God and stand firm for It, as we will be the Victorious Ones in the End. This does not mean that we will be(come) radical and oppose the present systems, religions, etc. No, the time for all of these has reached its end. It is time for a New Heaven (Revelation) and New Earth (System). God has already put the axe to the roots of the old! No, we are not radicals at all. As Christ Knew that the end of those who came before Him was at hand, so do we also Know that this old world is Finished and the Kingdom is coming. The only thing we have to do is say the Truth and wait; our time will come, for sure. When God decides something will happen, no matter how much humans oppose it, It Will Happen. Therefore, concentrate on these Truths and His Promises. We are His Children and the more we become One with Him, the more is our chance to come out of all these tribulations and upheavals Unscathed and Victorious. God also has given the place where His Children will be the safest. It is not Jerusalem that has His Blessings any longer. Indeed He is sick of that city, which has become a center of conflict and destruction. Those who have brought this disunity and destruction have come from the same race and are brothers. This has to become a lesson to humanity that: God will forsake those who bring disunity and war to man. He is the God of Unity and Peace! But, how can we find the New Jerusalem? What Proof do we have that the city I live in is indeed the New Jerusalem! God has sent us enough proof to make it very clear that this indeed is the city and the area. So, not only has God given the way to concentrate on the Light (The Revelation), He has also given us the place where the Best of us (Paravipras) have to gather and establish His New City! There is no doubt that many religions and people are looking for a New City, a place they are told will be the new center for the unity of all humans. When it is found, it will be the beginning of the coming of the Kingdom! In Judeo/Christian teachings, this city is the New Jerusalem. In the teachings of the Native Americans, it is the Hidden City that will be revealed at the end time. According to Native American prophecies, it will be a city that will be used, as in the past, to house the good people of God (Good) who will repopulate the earth. In the beginning of each era a saviour (Great Spirit) appears to facilitate this process. We are in the beginning of the Fifth World, corresponding to the expectations of Hindus and Buddhists for the Kalki Avatar (the Fifth and last Avatar-Buddha). Each time this happens, the Great Spirit destroys the fallen people and keeps the good people in a city. Afterwards, they repopulate the earth. However, after a while their children fail and so the process repeats! Each time in the process, those who have made themselves ready will be Saved (reach Pure Consciousness). The city we live in did not even exist 50 years ago (was Hidden). It was created and populated after the 1960s and now has more than 70,000 residents. Indeed it has been one of the fastest growing cities in the US for some time. After we moved to this city, it became known as: The City Of Vision! The people who called it by this name did not realize the deeper meaning of the name. However, with all the evidence we have received, it is clear to us that: It is the "City Of The Vision" revealed by all Prophets. Recently we have been Blessed to know much about Native American prophecies. One of their beliefs is that the area we live in will be the safest area on earth when the end time comes, and the Hidden City will be located here. As it was mentioned, there was no city here, and it was founded and populated over the last 50 years. The Hidden City is indeed now found and is no longer hidden! Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church, had a vision that Christ would appear in a city on a plateau, with a great river and a mountain close by. The city where the Mission is located is on a plateau, with the Rio Grande (Great River) and the Sandia Mountains close by! I am sure we can find much more evidence that we are in the right place for the coming of the destruction and that this area will be the safest place to be. For example, this city is at the same latitude as Jerusalem! However, as it has been mentioned before, just being in this location does not guarantee you will be safe and Saved. You also have to Listen to God and His Ways. His Will, not yours. Also, those who are Chosen will be saved, no matter where they are! We can see that God Indeed has kept His part of the deal and has opened the Seven Seals, Revealed the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals, etc. He also has shown us where His Children should gather. So, On a Positive Note, God has shown humanity how to reach Salvation, and where to gather to be a part of the Coming Kingdom. Now it is up to all of you to decide if you want to concentrate on the negativity, tribulation, fear, and destruction, or keep your Eyes on the Light and Obey God. You must not only Follow His Teachings, but gather together to strengthen His Mission so it will be accelerated and Fulfilled. Humans always have the choice to choose their own ways. However, the consequences of their choosing are determined by Spirit (God)! Those who do not understand this Clearly, we leave to God. Those who do understand (with a Lucid Mind) have no fear of what is coming. They will rise from the ashes left by the destruction as a phoenix does.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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