Is Israel Joseph?

Joseph, after much suffering, became the most favored in the eyes of Pharaoh. Indeed, he became the second most powerful person in Egypt, after Pharaoh. The Jewish people also went through great suffering. Their suffering lasted for 2,000 years. Then they became the favorite of the most powerful nation on earth, the US (and to some extent Europe), and suddenly received a land in the Middle East, Israel.

After Joseph became the second most powerful man in Egypt, his family (and all the Hebrews) came to live with him. Likewise, after Israel formed, many Jews immigrated to live there. Still, the number of Hebrews in Egypt was few, and the number of Egyptians was many. Although the number of Jews in Israel has increased, the number of their enemies surrounding them is much greater, similar to the Hebrews in Egypt! As long as the Pharaoh was alive and Joseph was powerful, because of Pharaoh, they continued to be safe and prospered. However, after Pharaoh and Joseph, they eventually became slaves of the Egyptians!

Will this also happen to the Jews if they do not listen to our Call? If this comparison is correct, what are their choices and the way to escape this most probable outcome?

To answer these questions we have to go back in history.

There was a people who lived in the northern part of Europe and Russia. They were pale-skinned. They started emigrating towards the south and east. Some of them ended up in the northern part of Asia and north of India. They mingled with the natives. They (researchers) have found Mongols with blue eyes and blond hair. The Mongol race, and other yellow races, are most probably the lost brothers of the Native Americans!

The Indian continent was a land that travelled north, collided with the Asian continent, and pushed the land of Asia upward. That is how the Himalayas were formed and are still being pushed upwards a few inches each year.

Since the Indian continent was originally connected to Australia and Africa, the people in it had dark skin. After a while, the white race from Europe and the people of India intermarried and created a new race that was a combination of both. In fact Shiva is known for having dark skin. He married a white woman.

Krishna is depicted as having blue skin. Could he have been a lighter black (a mix between light-skinned and dark-skinned people)? If you look at the people in India, the people in the north of India still have lighter skin than the ones in the south!

A branch of this newly formed race in India travelled west to the north of Iran (Persia). They became known as the Parsis (Persians). From this newly formed race, which was now separated from their original brothers and their ideas, a Prophet was sent to them named Zoroaster. For the first time in human history, the concept of One God was revealed to humanity. He taught that there is only One God, Ahura Mazda (God). There is also another powerful being called Ahriman (Devil). There is a great deluge (war) going on between them. He predicted that at the end time, a savior would appear that would guide humanity to the Light, and Ahura Mazda would be victorious.

The king of this newly formed Persian race accepted these teachings and opposed the many gods his original brothers, who still were in India, were worshipping. This kindled great enmity between them and the result was many wars. There are many stories in Persia (Iran) about these wars. The heroes of these wars are called Rustam and Esfandiar. They win these wars for the Persians (according to these Persian epics)! In one story, Rustam has to fight a white demon that lives in the seventh level, in very harsh terrain, in a mountainous area. In each level he had to destroy an obstacle in order to reach the next level. With much difficulty, he reaches the Seventh level, kills the white demon, and frees his people from the yoke of the demon.

We know about the seven chakras, and how you reach the ultimate victory in the seventh one. After knowing this, this story makes even more sense. Rustam seems to be fighting his own lower nature and overcoming each chakra in order to reach Pure Consciousness, and he succeeds.

Is the story of the Bhagavad Gita (BG) also about these wars, but from the point of view of the other side (Indians)? Can the evil cousin in BG be referring to the Persians?

In any case, from this new race the Persian Empire was formed. The religion brought by Zoroaster became the Zoroastrian religion. They, most probably, were the only people who believed in One Invisible God. A new religion, with a lot of dedicated followers, started to form and spread. Most probably this was the base for the Persians to spread their influence and become a dominating force. Thousands of people might have joined the Zoroastrian religion who were eager to spread this new and powerful Truth. Was Abram (Abraham) one of them?

It is clear that Abram worshiped the One God. He opposed the idol worshippers even before he was called to start a new religion. He might not have even intended to start a new religion. Most probably his tribe became unique because his religion was different than the people around him, as it is implied in the Bible, and made them an isolated group. His longing for a land and a nation of his own is apparent all throughout the Old Testament. All these and the Call by God to choose him to become a Prophet resulted in his story, a new religion, and what happened as we now know. However, his teaching was greatly influenced by the previous Revelation from God, Zoroastrianism.

From all this explanation, it is clear that Persians and Hebrews are from the same race and are brothers. We can see this to be true when we read history and see how the kings of Persia treated the Jews. They rescued them from the Assyrians and treated them as equals to Persians. The kings married their women and made them queens of Persia. In fact my genealogy goes back to these intermarriages between them. In a sense, when the Jews were rescued from the Assyrians and were welcomed to Persia, they were returning back home. There are still large Jewish communities in Iran. Later on King Cyprus assisted them to rebuild their temple and return to their own nation.

The Magis from Persia were the first to recognize the coming of Christ. They expected the Messiah would be Persian (according to their beliefs). So the coming of the Messiah from the Jews, who they knew were their brethren, was not a surprise to them. They accepted Christ with the great understanding that He was Persian!

The historical relationship between these two people cannot be denied.

In fact, you can conclude that: It is not that my genetic markers are similar to the Jews; it is the Jews who have Persian genes! Indeed, most people in the Middle East might have descended from this original race (with some other influences). The fights and enmity among them in the Middle East can be compared to a family feud!

Another branch of the Hebrews (the Ten lost Tribes), as it is explained in our teachings (All Prophecies Fulfilled), went to Europe. With this, they returned to their original home, where the Aryan race first left Europe and came to north Asia and India and then Persia and the Middle East, etc.

The rest of the history of the Jews (Children Of Judah) and Israelites (Children Of Israel) are known to us all throughout our teachings. It is also well known that: Around 2,000 years ago, the Romans destroyed the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, and the Jews were scattered all over the world. They suffered much and eventually in WWII they received the final blow. Many of them died at Hitlers hands. They had suffered enough. It was time for them to receive the Blessings of God.

It was then that they became the darlings of the West (like Joseph and Pharaoh). The question can be asked: How can this new Joseph avoid what happened to the people and family of the first Joseph?

If our story above is true, which it is, and if our teaching is from God, which it is, then we can give them a definite answer:

  1. Their Salvation is to realize first that the Jews (and also the Ten Lost Tribes in the West) and the Persians (apparently their worst enemy now) are from the same race. They are brothers. If both sides realize this, they should cooperate with one another instead of being enemies.
  2. Each side should realize that with this Revelation, the Jews are no longer the only Chosen people, but the Chosen people are the Children Of Israel, who are the Paravipras. One is an Elect because of his qualities, not his race. The Jews were Chosen in the past, but that was symbolic. It is now that we know who really is an Elect. Of course the Persians and all Muslims should also realize that their Prophet is not the Last One and more Teachings will come after Prophet Muhammad.
  3. Both sides (all) should come and Join us.

It is then that we will no longer have Jews and Muslims, but Divines. Joseph will not be isolated and will no longer suffer. They all will know their roots and the Plan of God. Joseph shall return Home to his brethren and live in Peace.

If the rest of humanity also Joins us, and understands that the history of the last 12,000 years is created as a lesson, they too will see their Unity with the rest of humanity. Then there will be: One Humanity, under One God, and All shall come together in Peace.

So, with these realizations and acting upon them, not only will the new Joseph and his people escape the fate of the people of the old Joseph, but by All accepting this Revelation, we can also bring Peace to humanity. It is only possible if they all see what this Vision is and how God is the only way to Salvation Physically (worldly), Mentally (a great leap of human progress), and Spiritually (many will reach Pure Consciousness in the fastest way).

God Is the Salvation.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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