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Many people think the Turks are only those who live in Turkey and/or the Turkmen in East Asia. However, with a little research it becomes clear that the range of their genetic influence is much wider than this. In fact, their true identity has not been realized fully. This article will shed some light on this topic and will Reveal another Mystery of God to humanity!

Even today there are similarities between the Turkish and Native American languages. How is this possible? One explanation is that the Native Americans came from Asia 12,000 years ago. If this is true, they might have brought with them a language similar to Turkish to the American continent. However, it is now well established that there were people living on the American continent even before 15,000 years ago. In fact, some believe there were people living there 50,000 or even 300,000 years ago!

So the theory that people from Asia came to America 12,000 years ago is quickly losing ground. One of the reasons people tried to sell the idea that the Native Americans have come from Asia was the Judeo/Christian/Islamic belief that God created everyone from Adam and Eve. If that is true, then where did the Native Americans fit in? This influenced the people who tried to explain many things centuries ago. They came up with the idea that all life has evolved from Africa and spread to the rest of the earth from there. This theory would have been acceptable to all those who believed God created all humans from Adam and Eve. They eventually thought, maybe Adam and Eve lived in Africa!

Another recently-accepted reason which does not seem influenced by religion is that based on current genetic understanding, scientists have concluded that we all came from a common ancestor in Africa. However, as explained in my article about evolution in the November 2009 Newsbrief, humans evolved in many different places on earth, not only in Africa.

Another proof many scientists give that the original people of America came from Asia is the genetic diversity of the Native Americans in North America compared to those in South America. They argue that the older the settlement of the people in a region, the more diverse their genetic makeup will be.

However, another way to look at this is that: The Native Americans in the south were more homogenous, but as they traveled north, and since the immigration route was bi-directional from North America to Asia and from Asia to North America, the genetic pool increased and so did the diversity of genes in the north part of America. The belief that genetic mutation is the reason for genetic diversity is less likely than the idea of the intermixing of genes from different races!

The Truth is that God created man, who was male and female in one body, and He created many of them. He later on separated them into man and woman, etc. After the Flood of Noah, He created the New Man (man of renown) and maybe He also created many races in many parts of the earth then or a little later (confusing humans by creating many languages/races). Add the possibility of some beings coming from outer space, and things can be explained much easier than what scientists believe now!

Probably the sentence "Add the possibility of some beings coming from outer space" seems farfetched to you. However, in South America, there are drawings on the ground that can only be recognized as what they are from space (by beings in the sky). Furthermore, there are advanced architectural structures on earth, such as the pyramids, that seem to have been impossible for humans, at the time they were built, to have created. Either very advanced civilizations have been living on earth before this new man was created, which is possible, or advanced civilizations have visited us!

The most important point for this article is that: There were people who lived on the American continents even before people from Asia came to this part of the earth. In fact, as mentioned above, we can say there was a two-way immigration to and from this part of the earth. Many also might have come to America from other places, and vice versa, by different means (by boat for example).

It seems, however, that most immigration took place from the American continents to Asia. It happened by going over the land bridge (Bering Strait) between North America and Asia and/or by sailing close to the shore and settling on the land as they went along. It seems logical that most settlements occurred in China, as it was the first temperate (not too cold) area to settle in. That is why we find many Mongoloids (for what we mean by this term, please see below) living in this area, especially in places that are close to large rivers, etc.

From intermixing between these Native Americans (red race) and white people (Aryans from Europe) in Asia, a lighter-skinned Mongoloid race was created which was categorized as the yellow race. However, the red and yellow races were recognized to be from the same origin, and were categorized as the Mongoloid race. From Wikipedia:

The term "Mongoloid" (also Mongolic [1]) is a word used to describe people of East Asian, Southeast Asian and Native American origin.

So we no longer have separate races as yellow and/or red races. We can recognize that they have some relationship with each other. If we believe that Native Americans came from America to Asia, then the Mongoloid race, which for some time was called the yellow race, is a mix of the Native American and white (Aryan) races.

In fact, some Native Americans consider the Mongoloid race in Asia to be their brothers. They believe they are the ones which, in their prophecies, are referred to as the White Brother from the East. However, as is explained below, this is incorrect as the White Brother has to have other qualities as well!

From this lighter-skinned race (Chinese), great dynasties emerged. However, in later dates of these dynasties, we increasingly hear about the barbarians from the north and west of China who were becoming so powerful and intrusive that China had to build the famous Great Wall to keep them out. These 'barbarians' increased in number and power. They became so powerful that the Chinese emperors had to entice them to keep the peace by offering their princesses in marriage to their leaders. However, it did not work as they eventually overran China and later on much of Asia and the Middle East, and stretched their territory into parts of Europe.

Who were these barbarians who were able to create such a huge empire? We can say they were not "barbarians" at all. It seems they had some idea of how to create and govern a nation, how to expand their territories, etc. They should have learned this from someone. Some might say they learned it from the Chinese. It is possible they learned something from the Chinese, but their culture was so different from the Chinese that the Chinese considered them barbarians! That is also what the Europeans called the Native Americans!

The Native Americans had many cultures and empires built even before the white man came to them. However, human sacrifice and a cruel way to rule their subjects and treat those whom they conquered is one thing that is clear in their history.

We can see similar behavior in those who the Chinese called "barbarians." In fact, it has been reported that these people were so fierce and cruel that they made mountains of the heads of the people they beheaded in many cities they conquered. Was this behavior of beheading their enemies a remnant of the culture which they brought with them from their original land?

So we can see that these people who seemed to be barbarians to the Asians and Europeans must have had a different culture, and their ways were learned behaviors. They were people who kept emigrating from the American continents to Asia. As their numbers increased, they knew they could establish a similar system as they had in their native land, the American continents, which would work as it had worked before. They surely also learned some things from the people in their new land and home. However, they were different in many ways. Their culture was Native American, and they were especially influenced by those who knew how to form dynasties and conquer others (Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, etc.)!

As we said, these barbarians really were not barbarians at all. They had a culture and a way of life. It might have looked barbaric to those who encountered them for the first time. However, this kind of behavior was no more barbaric than killing millions in the two World Wars we have had in our civilized world! With all their barbaric behavior, they could never have matched the numbers killed in the two World Wars in the 20th century.

In any event, these people created huge empires and influenced many cultures and also were influenced by the cultures they conquered. In fact, those who came to Islamic territories became Muslims and eventually adopted many of the behaviors of their conquered subjects.

So, you can say the Turks are a mixture of Native Americans, Asians, and other races. They eventually spread all over the earth. As it happened to the Native Americans from South America, whose genetic pool diversified as they went north and mixed with other races in Asia and North America, it also happened to the Turks. The more you go toward Europe, the less their facial markings and genetic makeup resemble Mongoloids and Native Americans. Their genes were greatly diversified. So diversification of genes does not necessarily mean an older race. It can also happen when many races integrate and genes are mixed, etc. The language, however, had a greater resilience, and still the Turkish and Native American languages have many similarities.

Now, the question is: How are all these explanations related to the Mission? One of the places that these people conquered was Persia (Iran). One of the markings in my genetic map is Turkish. Therefore, not only do I have all other races in my genes, but, with these explanations, it is clear that I also have Native American in me. It also confirms my genetic connection to the Chinese and possibly their rulers, as many Mongols married Chinese princesses.

If God chooses His Prophets and Messengers from people who have a mixed genetic background, then can we say that He prefers such a mix more than a pure race! Of course, if those who think they are a pure race have their genes tested, they will be surprised that they are not as pure as they thought they were!

Could it be that not only did God divide the Eternal Divine Path and send each part as one religion on earth and now He has put them all together as The Greatest Sign and has Revealed it to humanity, but He also separated humanity into many races, and when they are mixed, a balance will be reached? It is such people who are the Ones who Manifest the qualities of being Chosen by God (Paravipras)! Not only did His Plan include all religions on earth, but also all races! By mixing races, we return closer to a more perfect man, a balanced man.

In fact, Zoroaster might have been the first person who achieved close to this ideal. That is why He was chosen as the first Major Manifestation to Reveal the concept of existence of One God and the opposite force to Him (Ahriman). He also Revealed the concept of the Messiah (Shah Bahram). He was promised that all Major Prophets would come from Him. That is why His followers believed that they were the Chosen ones (as we do now). Abraham (Abram) was no exception. That is where the concept of Hebrews being the Chosen people comes from. The belief that Abram (Abraham), as a follower of Zoroaster, was a Chosen one, became the belief that the Hebrews were the Chosen people, which they were! However, the Jews can return to that position only if they realize why they were the Chosen and how they can return to that status again!

So God had a Plan. From the original man, He separated man into many races. None of these races are Balanced, just as none of the religions on earth are the ultimate Truth. He brought the black race from Africa to Asia (India). He brought the white race from Europe. And He brought the Native Americans (who became the Mongoloid race) from America. He created a nation (Persia) which became a land bridge between the Far East and Europe. A great flow of people traveled through this land. The land was conquered by many races. The white, black, and Mongoloid races intermixed. This created a new man who was approaching the Balanced man.

The first human who reached close to this state was Zoroaster. For the first time, after the Flood of Noah, He brought to humanity the Truth that there is only One God. He was promised that all Major Prophets shall come from His Lineage, and they did.

From the Mystical religions (Hinduism, many gods) came the Zoroastrians (One God). Then Abram (Abraham) brought the Second Seal. Christ brought the Third Seal. Prophet Muhammad brought the Fourth Seal. Bab/Baha'u'llah brought the Fifth Seal. Baba brought the Sixth Seal. However, none of these were perfect until the Seventh Seal was Revealed (Revelation 10:7).

Furthermore, God mixed races together even more. In fact, much more mixing between races took place after Zoroaster. Now God has Revealed the Seventh Seal. It has been brought by a person who has the genes of all races in him. Most probably this balance between the genes was perfected so the Seven Seals could be Revealed. And it has.

It is this White Brother from the East whom the Native Americans were waiting for. It is not another Mongoloid race who is their White Brother. It is a White Brother who has their genes, but he also has the genes of all other people. He is not only their White Brother, He is the Brother for all humanity!

Again God has promised many things and He has Fulfilled them. He Promised that all Major Prophets would come from Zoroaster, and He has Fulfilled it. It is done not to glorify a specific race and/or people but to show that God indeed exists. Again He has Promised this and He has Fulfilled it. It is all to Glorify God so our Focus is always on Him, to realize that He exists, and so turn our lives to Him.

This is also done to show humanity that the Perfect Beings will be those who have genes of all races in them. Those who try to promote that a specific race is the most perfect one are similar to those who think their religion is the best. As we have to realize how each religion is a part of a Greater Truth (EDP), now we also have to realize that the Perfect Race is the one which is a combination of all races. This also supports our Essay on Mixing Races in Essays 1 in THOTH (The Holiest Of The Holies, The Last Testament).

So we can see that God is the God that makes Promises and Fulfills them. He also has Promised that: Those who are with Him and follow the Eternal Divine Path will be Saved. Should not we all see that He always Fulfills His Promises and so Trust that He will also Fulfill this promise, if we listen to His Call?

This is indeed a Call To You All. Come and see what a marvelous God you have. It is a Call to All of You to come and see what His Will is. Those who follow His Will, will Fulfill what His Plan Is. If He can Guide history, He surely can protect you!

God Is Our Salvation!

Also read Maitreya's followup article, "Perfect Beings, Where Are They?" in the next Newsbrief!

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Mongoloid: For lack of a better word, this term is used as referring to a race which we believe has originated from a mixture of Native American and white (Aryan) races, and later on further mixed with Middle Eastern races, etc. In no way do we mean any derogatory connotations by it. It is being used Purely to refer to this belief that such a race exists all throughout the earth! (Back to link in article)

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