Perfect Beings, Where
Are They?

When I started writing the article for last months Newsbrief (Perfect Beings), the original title was Turks. I wanted to demonstrate how Native Americans had passed through the Bering Strait and landed in Asia. They eventually spread south all the way into what is now Turkey, Europe, etc. Of course, as we have explained, the migration was not in only one direction. It happened in both directions, and each continent was affected by the people from the other continent. Human movement is like the water in a river. All people are affected by others as they travel and migrate in great numbers, even in the past when transportation was not as fast and as available as it is now!

As the "Perfect Beings" article evolved, however, it turned into a new Revelation. It now seems that the purpose of the article was to explain who God Considers to be more perfect than others on earth. They are those who have the genes of all races in them. It is becoming clear that in addition to reincarnation, the genetic makeup also has some influence on the kind of soul that is reincarnated. That is why all the Prophets have come from the lineage of Zoroaster! Apparently, this genetic makeup is the most suited for that purpose. Of course, it happened this way as another Miracle and validation of Gods existence and His Hand in History (His Story).

After the Flood of Noah, God separated humans into many races. Each of them might have received specific characteristics, as many Native Americans (and maybe others as well) believe. However, the perfect race, as it was Revealed in last months article, is the one which includes the genes of all these races. So, the genes of all races should be mixed together to create a genetic balance in each human, as it was just before God "...scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth..." (Genesis 11:8). Most probably different races were also created at this time. They should again become Unified!

This surely was a New Revelation even to me. Amazingly, it Reveals that all aspects of human life were separated by God, and must now be reunited! As our teaching shows, the ultimate Truth was separated into many parts, each of which became a separate religion, and now they are unified through The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path. Furthermore, as we know, no one political, economic, social, etc. system is perfect but each depends upon the time, place, and people involved, so the systems have to evolve and be flexible, and humanity must use each of them according to the situation (all are needed and have to be unified). Now we can see that the races also were separated, and at this time have to mix together in order to make the perfect genes and bodies to Manifest the Perfect Man, the New Man!

If this is true, then the question arises: Where are these perfected people? Are they only the people in the Middle East, or the Far East, or Africa, or Europe, or America, etc.? In fact, this question has been with me ever since some people almost forced me to look at my genetic makeup and linked it to the genealogy of Zoroaster, King David, Mohammed, etc., which seems to prove the point I am trying to make in this article. Now I think we have an answer to this question!

The Truth is that: There is no such thing as a pure race anymore and all humans are a combination of many races. With wars, immigration, slavery, refugees, etc., human genes have been mixed together to the point that we now have numerous possible genetic combinations, allowing many souls with different lessons to learn (karma) to be incarnated and progress. Each combination is created to manifest a specific condition for that person to learn his/her lessons.

There are also genetic combinations designed for specific souls who will manifest abilities that will help Gods Plan. So the Elects are not necessarily genetically homogenous but each is needed and unique, and according to their abilities, fulfill the needs of the coming Kingdom and manifest it!

This has to be realized so people will not try to find who is genetically an Elect and who is not. As Scripture has clearly Revealed to us: You Know them by their Fruits. This Truth still stands, even after what was Revealed in last months article. You do not know them by their genes alone!

The diversity of genes in humans is necessary to manifest many different aspects of the Plan. Those who recognize their Calling and Manifest it are Elects. This calls for a great range and variety of genetic combinations and so all of humanity is again included in this pool. All are welcome to the Mission and Gods Work. We do not discriminate between humans. Those who are with God greatly are greater. All have equal potential to reach God and be a part of the Mission. However, those who do not see the Vision and do not help Gods Will to manifest, even if they have the genes of all races, are not Elects.

So, after last months article, it might have appeared to some that there was a conflict between the original teachings and what was revealed in that article. It seemed that previously we had only accepted reincarnation as the criterion to know who is an Elect (those who have meditated for many lives, etc.) and who is not (did not progress). The more reincarnation and progress in each lifetime, the more evolved you would be. Now, genetics has been added to this realization! How do we reconcile these two? With this article, the conflict is resolved: Both are necessary. Genes are needed to build a body suited for a specific soul, which reincarnates to occupy such a body after many lifetimes of progress!

With this, the consistency and unity of our Revelation is again preserved. That is another Miracle of this Mission: After 30+ years of Revelations, there is no conflict between all the Revelations we have received. Still they are consistent and are according to the Words of God. That is another sign that our Revelation is from God.

May God Be Praised!

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