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Note: This is the last time the "Of Interest" section will be included in the Newsbrief. For more information, see the Changes to Newsbrief announcement.

In this section, we will place news, articles, websites, etc. that we find to be interesting or worth mentioning.

The Mission keeps in contact with several people who campaign on behalf of the swastika and reclaming its original, true meaning. This month, one of them linked us to an amazing swastika-related website: http://swastika.cba.pl/. It is filled with pictures of swastikas from all over the world, and has links to many other pro-swastika websites. We are sure it also has great information and writings, but unfortunately we cannot understand the language :). Still, it is a wonderful resource to spread the truth about the swastika and gather a collection of photos as proof of what we say!

In 1952, the tomb of a Mayan ruler, King Pakul, was discovered and excavated. On the lid of King Pakul's sarcophagus was carved an amazing picture. Looking at it, you might say it greatly resembles a modern rocketship! There is also a figure who looks to be sitting in a very peculiar position, and you could possibly say he might be manipulating controls of some kind!

Of course, most Mayan specialists do not agree, and explain it is a representation of the king descending into the Mayan underworld. However, simply looking at the picture seems to tell another story. It is not scientific proof of anything, but it is certainly worth contemplating on, especially in light of Maitreya's recent articles about race, possible origins of Native Americans, etc.

- The picture
- Larger version
- Read more on Wikipedia

Some historians believe that the writers of the United States Constitution were greatly influenced by the government, laws, and ideals of the Iroquois at that time. It would certainly be interesting if, after all the oppression and poor treatment of Native Americans throughout US history, the US government actually owes its basic principles to them! Read more on Wikipedia.

In his report for this month, Unus recommended a program called WebPageMaker for creating websites, saying it is free and easy to use. Therefore, those who are interested in creating their own websites might want to look into this program as a possibility!

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