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US, North and South Carolina

July/August 2010

Sal-Om MOM and everyone,

This past month I have been working on getting more involved with and more adept at using the social networking sites for the purpose of sharing the Mission with others. In addition to having joined Care2 and Manifest-Station, I have also joined Google Groups (mentioned in the July Newbrief) and Twitter (Note: For a list of the Mission's pages/groups on social networking sites, see our Social Networking page). I also had been in hibernation on Facebook but now am beginning to understand and utilize it more. I have been having fun on all sites. Also, ATTG for the help from Tahirah in providing me with several URLs and walking me through a couple of the sites :).

I mentioned last month that two friends and I would be meeting regarding the Mission. We had a wonderful meeting and meditation together (in the Mission's Paltalk room). One of my friends and I agreed to get together again soon, as we did not have the time to look through the Mission's website before she had to leave.

I talked with another friend about the Misson when we met in South Carolina on the 20th of July. So she now knows it is the fulfillment of the prophecies that God has promised.

I realized that with all the Letters to Humanity I had sent, I had not sent many, if any at all, to those involved in the city of Asheville's government. So, I recently sent Letters out to the Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and the City Council representives.

Sal-Om all!

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