Reports From Light Seekers (Members)

1. From Maverick in Texas, USA:

Sal-Om everyone,

This month marks one year since I was revealed the Mission Of Maitreya and the Word of God; so much information and so much more to learn, All thanks to God. I have enjoyed and am very blessed for Paltalk to be able to participate with all the others in The Reminder, the daily live reading from THOTH, and listening throughout the day to all the recordings of different readers. All thanks goes to God for creating the internet to spread this very important message to all of humanity.

Last month, over Facebook, I heard from an old friend that I had not heard from in over 20 years. She saw all the quotes that I had on my page from Maitreya; she asked about it, and I gave her the web address to the Mission Of Maitreya. (Thanks God.)

As we march closer to the end of this age, I see more earthquakes, floods, wars, etc. In Russia, they are having the worst heat wave they have had in 130 years. In an article about it, it is stated that there is an all-out call for prayer to bring rain to Russia: "I call upon everyone to unite in a prayer for rain to descend on our earth." "We should do only good deeds and pray," was a quote from a Russian woman. The time is here when humanity is realizing that the only way is God.

Sent the Letter to Humanity to the Following Churches:

  1. Magdalene Circle Christian
  2. Point Of Grace
  3. Word Of Faith
  4. First Baptist Church - Elgin
  5. Tree Of Life Church
  6. Calvary Worship Center
  7. St. Elizabeth Catholic
  8. First Baptist Church - Pflugerville
  9. Hill Country Bible Church
  10. St. Andrews Presbyterian
  1. Fellowship Church
  2. New Life Church
  3. Providence Church
  4. First Baptist Church - Georgetown
  5. Shield Of Faith Church
  6. St. Paul's Episcopal Church
  7. Pflugerville Community Church
  8. The Fountain Church
  9. Hutto Baptist Church
  10. Calvary - Austin

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One World One Humanity One Savior One God


Maverick J. Viator
Disciple of Maitreya-The Messiah

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