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US, Colorado

August/September 2010


The short video "Be(come)" was submitted to a Buddhist Film Festival this past month.

Attended a spiritually oriented "Meetup" group in Albuquerque and shared about the Mission.

Continuing work on the Mission Author Page video.


Shirin e Khoda

Note: It is because of the Grace of God and Maitreya's teachings that my work gives fruit. Without Glorifying the Father and Son and realizing that they are the Doer and the source of our Knowledge, we are not understanding God's Will and Teachings. Indeed it is only through the Son that our salvation is possible. No one can replace Him, no matter what they know. What they know is also from God and His Son. If we present the Mission and Maitreya and we do not acknowledge where our Knowledge has come from, that is Stealing and God does not like those who steal from Him and His Son. Besides, it is against copyright law. I also understand (as everyone should) that this Newsbrief is the Mission's, and those who create it have complete control to correct its content to reflect the teachings 100%. Thanks God and Maitreya.

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