Reports from Contacts

Canada, Quebec

December 2008/January 2009


Working a lot on knowing myself.Meditation is getting better.

Reading as much as I can to learn spiritual things.

Trying to understand The Plan, read it in French and English, but it is not completely clear.

Sylvie received a Google alert for the word "Maitreya" in English, I read it but did not understand the point of it. Too many unknown terms and words.

I know that it is the Benjamin Creme's Maitreya, but people are going to search for the Real Maitreya if they are real seekers,and we can help them by posting something clear about the Mission.

Here is the link for the text...

I would like to reply but not sure what to say about that post, because it is not clear for me.

I am spending time with a spiritual group, I haven't met them yet but I will have the opportunity next week and later.I will introduce them to the Mission.

Getting new kinds of relatives in 2009,spiritual people and people in higher consciousness.

Let's all stay united, Godly, and compassionate for everyone!



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