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March/April 2011

This section contains short comments (snippets) by Maitreya on recent news items, as well as other thoughts, quotes, etc.


1. Earthship Disaster Relief for the People of Haiti: One of our members sent us this video on YouTube and pointed out how similar this housing project is to the housing we proposed for the people who want to live in the COLs. Even the number of people they call a village (we call it a community) is close to what we proposed (around 2,000 people)!

Video (same as link in title above):

2. Almost Half of Transgender People Have Attempted Suicide: This article blames the society for this phenomenon. The Truth is that a lifestyle which is against God's Way creates confusion and results in dissatisfaction of life. Also, in the case of homosexual activities, the first chakra is the seat of despair, and so suicidal tendencies. Its stimulation will result in exaggeration of these tendencies.

3. Are Euthanasia Advocates Taking Over Americas Hospice Industry?: It seems those who believe in euthanasia are using many hospices to accelerate the deaths of old people who are admitted there to be provided comfort at the end of their lives. We ourselves have noticed that when a few old people we knew were admitted to hospice, they died very soon after (much sooner than expected). So there might be some truth in this article.

The best way for the elders and the very sick to be taken care of in the last days of their lives is: To bring them close to the family (see my article Diminishing Returns in this Newsbrief). In such a loving and caring environment, create comfort for them and let them die naturally (no artificial prolonging of their life). Such a treatment will enable them to fully repay their karma so they do not have to be reborn in a life where they still have unpaid karma. If they die prematurely, they will have to suffer since they still have karma left that they were not able to pay off.

As it is stated in the Diminishing Returns article mentioned above: It is even better for the old people, in this last stage, to be in the COLs.

4. Save Organics: Stop Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Alfalfa: The spread of genetically engineered food will be a great threat to the future of humanity. It is again another reason for everyone to come together and start farms that grow organic food. Here is an email Noor sent me in reply to the email I sent him forwarding this article. He has been working with an organic farm in our area and has been studying what the big organizations and governments are doing to our food chain:


Yes, it is another blow to the organic, natural side of things. They have added another crop to the list of GE (Genetically Engineered) crops they can use (such as corn, potatoes, canola, etc.). Here is another article, from just a few days ago, about the USDA deregulating a GE strain of corn (by another company, not Monsanto) that is apparently better for making ethanol (fuel):

As more and more GE crops are put into production, the chance of cross-pollination with organic, natural crops will continue to increase. Not only is it completely unknown what this will do to the crops, but it also makes it harder and harder for even organic farmers to remain free of GE crops. Some people are worried that eventually there will be no strains of some of these crops that are not GE (or at least contaminated/crossbred with a GE strain).

The fact is, all the big guys (government, big corporations, politicians, etc.) seem to be on the side of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), pesticides, etc. I have read that it is a combination of corruption, belief in the superiority of human technology, ignorance about all the facts, etc. that leads to everyone siding with them. Whatever the reason, it seems to be another thing that is not likely to change until something really disastrous happens to wake them up and completely destroy everything they have done.

For example, more and more weeds are popping up that have developed a resistance to the pesticides (in a natural, evolutionary way) and are no longer being killed off by them. The non-organic farmers are finding new methods to deal with this, such as spraying with two kinds of pesticides instead of one, etc., but eventually they will run out of options. It is just like MRSA in hospitals, a bacteria that is extremely dangerous and completely resistant to all types of antibiotics; I think we will soon have the MRSA of agriculture, some really pervasive and destructive weed or pest that is completely immune to all pesticides. If that happens, only the truly organic and natural farmers will be able to save their crops.

The same thing might happen to the fact that only one variety is used for commercial production of many of the big crops (bananas, potatoes, corn, etc.). If something pops up that completely destroys that one variety, the entire system is destroyed (just like the Irish potato famine, but worldwide). They are really on a very precarious foundation; all God has to do is move His fingers slightly and they will fall over.

So, just like so many things in this time, it seems like they are so powerful and dominating on the outside, but underneath it is all rotten and ready to collapse. I think as long as each community secures their own food and self-sufficiency, then all we have to do is sit back and wait for the whole thing to come tumbling down. ATTG.


5. The great cocoa-bean hoarding of 2010: A British commodity trade company has hoarded so many cocoa beans that they have cornered the market, increased the price of chocolate, and made a lot of money in the process. Besides other natural, political, etc. forces, many companies might also be using this technique to push the prices up for other products. Hoarding is an illegal activity in many countries and should be internationally outlawed as well. Food is a human right which should not be used to enrich those who have no regard for human life and are only looking out for their own selfish interests! Hoarding should be illegal for those who want to corner the market. Storing food for one's safety and future access to food in times of shortage, however, is fine.

6. Swarm of Quakes Rattles Arkansas Residents and Seismologists: In the last few months, around 700 small earthquakes (less than 5 on the Richter Scale) have occurred in Arkansas. The source of these earthquakes is not known. However, they have created fear in many people!

7. Winds cut power, spread fires across DC area, topple National Christmas Tree: A gale wind in Washington toppled the national Christmas tree, again! All these Christmas trees have ended in the same fate. Is there a message in this: That God wants all to follow His Holy Days? Also, this is another indication of strange weather all throughout the earth. This is another sign that the earth is going through changes and is warning humanity to listen to God instead of being afraid of tribulation!

8. Christchurch hit by major earthquake: The earthquake hit a city in New Zealand called Christchurch! With the snippet above (#7 about the Christmas tree) and this one, and other disasters throughout the earth, it is clear that God is trying to tell the old religions something! As Christ, in the Temple, told the Jews that: The Kingdom will be taken away from them and will be given to another nation (Matthew 21:43), the Mission and God is telling the old religions that their time is up. The New Wine of God has come to earth. Stop following pagan rituals, such as cutting trees, etc. and following the traditions of man (Jeremiah 10), which are in vain. Come and drink of this New Wine which is Pure and full of Truth!

9. Police Officer Advises Women to Avoid Sexual Assault By Not Dressing Like a "Slut": The article concludes that:

"Linking a woman's clothing to sexual assault is just one of the many ways women are blamed for sexual assaults that are never their choice.

When a police officer offers 'not dressing like a slut' as advice to keep women safe, he is directly placing the blame on her while taking the responsibility away from the perpetrator - the person who committed the crime."

The problem with this view is that it seems it has an agenda and is one sided. It promotes that women can go ahead and dress as they please and their behavior should not be scrutinized by society and there is no limit to how far they can go. That is true that men should be strong enough to not fall for "sluts." However, women should also be held responsible for being modest and keeping their behavior such that no one can accuse them of promoting their body and/or provoking men to look at them as sexual objects. Indeed true women are the Holy Mothers who emphasize their inner Mother rather than their bodies.

The Rule in the Mission is: You have to behave in such a way that your actions and behavior are, ALWAYS, from the highest, and no one could ever imagine, or be able to accuse you, otherwise. So women should be Godly so they are not creating an environment that makes men fall into their lower nature. And men should become so strong and Godly that no cheap women could ever tempt them to behave as a criminal person and a rapist.

Therefore, to make this article more balanced, both women who promote their bodies and men who fall for that behavior are to blame! In reality: Women become shallow show girls when men no longer are real men, but are also shallow!

Real men do not accept un-Godly behavior and women who are their body instead of Godly (Holy Mothers). A real man demands his woman to be Godly. If she refuses, he will leave (divorce) her for a more Godly woman!

Women who emphasize their bodies, are not interested in the well-being of their families, flirt with other men, show more flesh than spirit, and are not with their husbands, etc. are not Godly. If a woman no longer cares for a man, it is better for her to divorce him and find a new Godly husband instead of staying with the man and being unfaithful or un-Godly.

Divorce should be very rare!

10. Indiana AG [Attorney General] Calls For Live Ammo Against Protestors, Loses Job: The idea that people can assemble and protest peacefully is one of the strengths of the West. The East should learn this and give people the ability to protest for what they believe are their rights. However, only those who are connected to God should make the final decisions. Society should become so Godly (follow Dharma) that no one would ever demand what is not Godly!

11. UFO Cover-Up? Britain's 'Roswell Event' Missing From Files: The British government has released to the public the information that they have gathered since the 1950's about UFOs. However, a lot of controversial and sensitive information is missing! Another article on this topic...

12. Boy Without a Cerebellum Baffles Doctors: This article was sent to us by Athena. It shows how little doctors really know about the human body. God is amazing in how flexible and perfect His creation is!

13. Bill Gates Accuses States of Enron Style Budgeting: Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, thinks state governments are cooking the accounting books! He believes it is not good for the US and is not good for the future of our children.

The only people who will withstand the coming of the collapse of all societies all over the world (Babylon the Great) are those who will be in the COLs!

Bits of Truth

1. Walking, Kirtan, Tandava, and Tandavi: Walking barefoot massages the nerve endings at the bottom of the feet. Many nerves from organs in the body end at that area. Walking this way is like massaging the feet, and this makes these organs healthier. Kirtan, Tandava, and Tandavi have the same effect. In this day and age, barefoot walking has been almost eliminated in human life. However, as mentioned above, walking barefoot is very important. Even when we go for a walk, we wear shoes which prevent the soles of the feet from touching the ground, and the benefit of such walking is not as great as walking barefoot.

They even have come up with shoes that fit the feet like a glove and are much thinner than regular shoes (search for "barefoot sports shoes"). Although these shoes are somewhat better than regular shoes, still being barefoot while walking is the best. However, walking outside with bare feet can be dangerous and painful, etc.

With doing the practices recommended by the Mission, we can eliminate all these problems and reap the benefits of walking barefoot without its harmful side effects. So dance the Kirtan, do the Tandava and Tandavi, etc. and know that they have many benefits! One of these benefits is the same as walking barefoot: Massaging your internal organs through the nerves in the soles of your feet!

2.The prostate and cooling of the genital area after urination: Cooling of the genital area after urination greatly helps prevent prostate problems in men, especially in old age. Also, in woman, it strengthens the genital organ and helps prevent many problems in both young and old age. In reality, most diseases and problems are caused by too much heat in the body. The cooler you keep your body (but not cold), the healthier you will be!

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