July/August 2011 Newsbrief Reports

Reports from Light Bridges

US, New York

Project manager, Tithes

Sal-Om everyone,

This has been a wonderful month for sharing the teachings of the Mission of Maitreya and our website with the Mission opening 3 new groups and an official page on Facebook.

We have also really enjoyed posting on our individual Facebook pages, including sharing Mission website materials, answering questions, giving Paltalk information for our services and Universal Mantra Meditation classes and on two new Paltalk rooms started by Mission members: Meditation Discussion and Everything is God, etc. Have posted on my individual page and created Facebook Events for our ongoing readings in Paltalk. There may be those who are following these readings who are not on Paltalk.

The Mission has encouraged us to join any of the tons of social networks so we can share the Mission teachings and website. When you do, would you invite me, or friend me if I am already there? On Facebook, friend me as, Dolores Battaglino Vogelsang, and please join the Mission's Cause: Support the unification of all religions and the world (when you friend me you will be invited :) ).

This month I was invited to begin sharing with others about the Law of Tithing. An article on Tithing was written for this Newsbrief. For those who are not yet tithing to the Mission of Maitreya, we invite you to begin this wonderful practice that God gave to us to make prosperous His Work on earth. As Maitreya said in a Satsang (Discourse):

...if we use the same resources to create a better environment for everyone to live in, or use those resources to extract better energy from the sun, or water, or wind, etc., we're creating better living conditions for everyone. See? It's two different ways of using the same resources. If we become more and more God conscious, use more and more logic in higher consciousness, we will start using our logic for everyone, for the betterment of humanity. And how we can make it better for everyone is by creation of the Communities of Light, by creating an environment where you can think God, you can live God, you can be God. We can create an environment where everyone has enough resources to live together and at the same time not to destroy one another.

Received a newsletter from Great Nonprofits (a partner organization with non-profit listing service GuideStar, where the Mission has a listing). They are running: Social Justice Campaign 2011. The newsletter shares with everyone: "During the month of July you can help recognize the top nonprofits fighting for social justice and human rights ... The organizations that receive 10 or more reviews over the course of the campaign will receive additional exposure to potential donors and volunteers." Wrote a review that was accepted in May, and plan to see if another review can be written for this new promotion. In case you might consider also nominating and writing a review for the Mission of Maitreya, you can do so at this page.

There are so many Newsbriefs now that I was spending a lot of time just finding which articles, Snippets, etc. were in which Newsbrief. So, put together a list of all these articles and Snippets [Note From Mission: We may use this in the future to create an index of the Newsbriefs to make it easier to find and use the information in them].

Finally, always talk about the Mission of Maitreya and Its website to anyone who moves. Spoke to a woman whose father was American Indian while in a grocery store. She spoke of Indian traditions and prophecies, including the Hopi prophecies, etc., especially as they relate to current day events. When she finished, I told her about the Mission of Maitreya. She said she had never heard of this. So I gave her one of our cards with the website address.

Also met an old friend in another supermarket this past month. Had not seen or heard from her in over 10 years. The first question out of her mouth was about the Mission. Neat!

Ananda Ma

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