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Reports from Light Bridges

US, New York

Project manager, Tithes

Sal-Om everyone,

All thanks to God for the Feast of Tabernacles. This year's Feast was so smooth, so full of God's Grace. Shared about the Feast on Facebook and on Paltalk. Was also able to post that Maitreya would be live for two question/answer sessions, giving the time, where, etc.

Met some interesting new people on walks, at grocery stores, etc. since the last contact report. Of course, gave Mission cards to share the website, and shared the opportunity to join us on Paltalk for the Feast events and for those live question/answer sessions with Maitreya. After the Feast was over, a few asked if I enjoyed this year's Feast.

So the past two months have really been centered on getting ready for the Feast, letting others know about the Feast, and enjoying the Feast.

Ananda Ma

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).