January/February 2012 Newsbrief Articles

More Native American Prophecies and Legends

Relating to the End Times and the Paravipras (Chosen, Elected Ones)

By Andrew Dwight Harris

(quotes from Maitreya and Mission teachings in red, and
a note by Maitreya (M) at the end in red/bold)

The Aztec Eagle Bowl calendar

The Aztec Eagle Bowl calendar is similar to the Mayan 2012 calendar, except the Aztec Eagle Bowl calendar (prophecytwopeek.pdf page 40) ended on August 17, 1987. The Zapotec people of Mexico have a prophecy about what happened when the Aztec Eagle Bowl calendar ended:

After Thirteen Heavens of Decreasing Choice, and Nine Hells of Increasing Doom, the Tree of Life shall blossom with a fruit never before known in the creation, and that fruit shall be the New Spirit of Men.

In the Mission of Maitreya, the "New Spirit of Men" is expressed in the Teachings of Maitreya and is called the Paravipras, the Chosen People, or The Elects:

Paravipras are the Chosen People, The Elects.

The Elected Ones are those who are chosen by God to do His Will, knowingly or unknowingly.

That is why they are all over the world and are helping His Will to be done. They are not in a special country or place. They might be reincarnated in one place because it is necessary for that time. However, this does not mean they belong to, or consider themselves to belong to, any special part of the world.

Indeed, they consider themselves to belong to the universe and that is where their true home is. It is these Elected Ones who eventually will guide the whole universe to the goal, Pure Consciousness.

Sun Bear

Sun Bear was an Ojibwa shaman who had visions and dreams of what one could call End Times, in the Biblical sense. Sun Bear lived in Washington State, USA. He died in 1993.

We know that not all of what Sun Bear had said came from within his dreams, but from the ancient Ojibwa pictographs painted on birch bark scrolls. From the birch bark scrolls, here is one of the prophecies Sun Bear talked about:

Another prophecy of my Native people speaks of a time when the Earth would hold back her increase: one area would be too wet; another too dry. One place would be too hot; another, too cold. This is what we are experiencing now... Another part of the prophecy states that the rivers will change their courses.

This coincides with the Mission of Maitreya teaching that the earth is not stable, and that we have been given the signs:

This earth is not as stable as they think it is...

We have no quarrel with those who still fight and destroy each other. We leave them alone. Let them kill each other, destroy one another, and not listen to the signs that have been given even with the weather, with the hurricanes, with the global warming, and with whatever is happening to them, and still they go on. Sounds like it is going to stay forever. It will not.

We will not let them to destroy what We have created. We have created this universe for a purpose and We have given them all the opportunities to turn around, repent, and listen to this Message and Our Prophets. They do not.

They still think they know better than Us.

So the Ojibwa prophecies of changes in the earth's climate is confirmed in the Mission of Maitreya.

From Sun Bear's dreams also came riots and rampage, diseases, suffering, and starvation. Sun Bear says:

Over a period of time I have had many, many dreams that showed the coming of the Earth changes... One reason that I organized the Bear Tribe as a rural-base community was because I saw in my dreams major destruction coming to the cities.

However, Sun Bear's dreams envision more than bedlam, death, destruction, and mayhem, but also it is of great notice that Sun Bear seems to say that within his Biblical-style End Time will come a new people. Sun Bear says:

In my dreams I've also seen small bands of people living very close to the Earth. I saw that other people would come to join them, and they would embrace these newcomers. All they said to them was, 'You have survived.' There were no more 'isms' in the world -- not Catholicism, not Communism, nothing. We were all just human beings living on the Earth in a sacred manner...

I see about one-fourth of the world's population surviving. All those who do survive will come through with a higher level of consciousness...

Other prophecies that mention these "new people"

The word "people" in the quote above is important because these people who accompany an End Time scenario or End Time prophecy are spoken of by indigenous tribes the world over. For example, prophecies of the Incan Q'ero shamans say:

According to ancient prophecy, this is the time of the great gathering called the "mastay" and reintegration of the peoples of the four directions.

A prophecy recited at a gathering of indigenous peoples in Quito, Ecuador says:

The beginning of the liberation of the Indian people would be symbolized by different prophecies, one of which Is the union of the tears of the Condor of Urin and the Eagle of Hanan. The union of these tears would cauterize our wounds and fortify our spirit, body and thought. The great spirit would open furrows and in each furrow would water its seed, and In each step would spring battalions of men who would bare their chests to fend off the daggers of the enemy. They would reach out with their hands to erase oppression, exploitation and Injustice, and they would write on the huge page of the sky the sacred word of liberty.

A Hopi prophecy says:

Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings who will remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the Creator.

The Dogon of Mali in West Africa talk about the return of the Nommo people:

They called the Nommo 'Masters of the Water', 'The Monitors', 'The Teachers or Instructors', 'Saviors', and 'Spiritual Guardians'.

So we can see that a new people are prophesied to come, and furthermore that these new people from around the world can also be called The Elects, the Paravipras, the Chosen. They are all part of the above Zapotec prophecy, that the "New Spirit of Men" came when the Eagle Bowl Calendar ended on August 17, 1987. This date coincides with the beginning of the Mission of Maitreya, showing that the "New Spirit of Men" could have something to do with the Mission of Maitreya.

The Legend of the Rainbow Warriors

The Legend of the Rainbow Warriors says the same thing. Let us see how the legend of the arrival of the Rainbow Warriors can fit in with the Mission of Maitreya's standpoint that it (the Mission) is the fulfillment of many prophecies.

It is not known where the legend of the Rainbow Warriors originated. It seems to have come from the Cree, and we can say that it is a legend that has been passed down by the Cree. All versions are very similar. Here is the story as told by Eyes of Fire (who is described as "an old lady from the Cree tribe") of how, in her End Time version, the fish, birds and trees would die, the water would blacken, and a people called the Rainbow Warriors would have a message about the Great Spirit:

The "Warriors of the Rainbow" would spread these messages and teach all peoples of the Earth or "Elohi". They would teach them how to live the "Way of the Great Spirit". They would tell them of how the world today has turned away from the Great Spirit and that is why our Earth is "Sick".


There will come a time when the Earth grows sick and when it does a tribe will gather from all the cultures of the World who believe in deeds and not words. They will work to heal it...they will be known as the "Warriors of the Rainbow."

In general, the Rainbow Warriors take on the guise of environmental activists, which has a lot to do with Greenpeace calling their flagship the "Rainbow Warrior" etc. That being said, the Cree have an innate tie to Mother Earth as a cultural practice, so the Rainbow Warriors that the Cree talk about are caretakers of the earth.

The Rainbow Warriors I am talking about are The Elect, the Chosen, who will be able to tell you why all the religions are on earth (to find out why all these religions are on earth, view The Greatest Sign). If you look at the signs, i.e. the weather, what seems to be needed to be answered is, why? The explanation can be found in Maitreya's Newsbrief article The Beast.

Now we are talking about God, religion, and salvation, which does not seem to have a whole lot to do with Greenpeace and environmental activists. However, the legend of the Rainbow Warriors is about healing the earth, and the Mission of Maitreya is savvy, as in it knows how to do it; the Mission of Maitreya is aware of the interconnectedness of nature:

These Paravipras, which We call them because We added the following of the Eternal Divine Path, what Baba said, are those that will come together and create the body that will guide humanity to the next step...

Instead of falling on themselves as they are doing now, polluting the earth, and destroying this fragile natural environment, they have to concentrate outwardly, become one, create jobs for everyone, and know how to make other planets livable, or find planets that are already livable.

With this, humanity will not fall on their own limited resources. Indeed We want them to have unlimited resources and a higher standard of living for everyone. But also they have to remember history, this Revelation, the revelations before it, and use these resources and great progress toward accelerating their progress to turn back to the Light.

If they use their material blessings and what We give them for greater sensual gratification, forgetting God, and putting God out of it, then they become like dinosaurs that did not progress. They cannot blame Us if the forces of the universe go toward their elimination...

We indeed want to bring the Garden of Eden back to humanity. And humanity can have the Garden of Eden back but only if they do not eat of the fruit of the good and evil. They recognize that there is a set up in this universe, there is an Essence and a way that everything has been created. And everything has been created to guide man toward Spirit.

Also in the teachings of Maitreya, some of the things needed for a spiritual life are:

(1) Fresh Air, which is the #1 "must." It is the most essential physical necessity. Even the greatest yogis cannot live without prana which can be found in clean fresh air...

(4) Pure water, which not only gives much prana to the person, but also provides the essential fluid and moisture for the body, many essential minerals, and prevents many diseases.

Also see these articles from the Mission of Maitreya Newsbrief: Problems With Our Current Food System.

So this demonstrates that the Mission of Maitreya is also One with the natural environment and thus gives the complete meaning and fulfillment of the legend of the Rainbow Warriors. The Mission of Maitreya is the Rainbow Warriors.

The End of the World

Since this is now about God, Revelation, the Seventh Angel, salvation, and the End of Times with its chaos, then everything is dependent on the acceptance of the Mission of Maitreya. With what Sun Bear says, it sounds like we might go back to living primitively, but that might or might not happen. In fact, what exactly is going to happen is not going to be known until it happens:

We indeed warned Our Prophets not to reveal their vision of the end time. We do not even reveal this to Maitreya himself as how it is going to happen because it is based on the reaction and the acceptance of humanity of Our Revelation.

We are flexible in our approach.

The Sioux Lakota legend called "The End of the World" confirms this. Here it is as told by Jenny Leading Cloud at White River, South Dakota, in 1967:

Somewhere at a place where the prairie and the Maka Sicha, the badlands, meet, there is a hidden cave. Not for a long, long time has anyone been able to find it. Even now, with so many highways, cars, and tourists, no one has discovered this cave. In it lives a woman so old that her face looks like a shrivelled-up walnut. She is dressed in rawhide, the way people used to be before the white man came. She has been sitting there for a thousand years or more, working on a blanket strip for her buffalo robe. She is making the strip out of dyed porcupine quills, the way our ancestors did before white traders brought glass beads to this turtle continent. Resting beside her, licking his paws, watching her all the time is Shunka Sapa, a huge black dog. His eyes never wander from the old woman, whose teeth are worn flat, worn down to little stumps, she has used them to flatten so many porcupine quills.

A few steps from where the old woman sits working on her blanket strip, a huge fire is kept going. She lit this fire a thousand or more years ago and has kept it alive ever since. Over the fire hangs a big earthen pot, the kind some Indian peoples used to make before the white man came with his kettles of iron. Inside the big pot, "wojapi" is boiling and bubbling. "Wojapi" is berry soup, good and sweet and red. That soup has been boiling in the pot for a long time, ever since the fire was lit. Every now and then the old woman gets up to stir the wojapi in the huge earthen pot. She is so old and feeble that it takes her a while to get up and hobble over to the fire. The moment her back is turned, the huge black dog starts pulling the porcupine quills out of her blanket strip. This way she never makes any progress, and her quill-work remains forever unfinished. The Sioux people used to say that if the old woman ever finishes her blanket strip, then at the very moment that she threads the last porcupine quill to complete the design, the world will come to an end.

In this legend, everything seems to depend on the dog. Whenever the old woman turns away, the dog stops the end of the world by unraveling the blanket strip. Also, in Native American symbolism, the dog is symbolic of protection and loyalty.

It does not seem like we can know for sure if Sun Bear's dreams will be true. Nonetheless, we do have some warning signs, such as this one I will repeat from the Mission of Maitreya website:

We have no quarrel with those who still fight and destroy each other. We leave them alone. Let them kill each other, destroy one another, and not listen to the signs that have been given even with the weather, with the hurricanes, with the global warming, and with whatever is happening to them...

Note from M:

Native Americans can have a great part in the coming of the Kingdom. If they accept the Mission and our teachings, they should come together and remember their heritage and how they lived off the land (off the grid).

They can also start accepting(welcoming) other people to their tribes and teaching them how to become self-sufficient by teaching them their ways of life (using the land to support themselves). Others have to learn this art.

Everyone should also become technologically savvy, and make their technology as pollution-free (green) as possible, so we can be connected to each other all over the earth, etc.

This way we can create many communities which will learn to be self-sufficient and off the grid, while at the same time connected by technology. The Paravipras can use these communities to create the COLs and eventually the KOHOE (Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth)!


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