July/August 2012 Newsbrief → Reports


Anyone who has done something for the Mission that they would like others to know about can send a report of their outreach. This hopefully will inspire others to reach out themselves in a greater degree! Reports sent in for this Newsbrief:

* US:


Report on your websites:

In addition to sending us your reports for the Newsbrief, you may also put them on a page on your website. This will allow you to add graphics and set formatting as you desire. You can then put the URL to that page at the end of the report you send us. Indeed, we encourage everyone to make their own websites and link them to the Mission site. This way, our search engine rating will improve, and our network will increase! If you choose to do this, you will still have to send us the reports to put on this page, and the reports will still be checked by the Mission before they are posted. If you want people to be able to access your reports in the future (from our archived Newsbrief section), you should not delete or move your pages. That is why we also put your reports on the Mission website, so if any of these actions happen people will still have access to them!

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