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Observing Round Table Meetings

We have held Round Table (Mission leadership) meetings for a few years now. Recently we opened these meetings to new people we wanted to speak with. We then later decided to open the meetings to any Mission member who would like to join us as a non-participatory observer. This decision was added to a related July 2013 announcement, and as a reminder, the relevant part is again copied here:

All Round Table meetings are also open for non-participatory observation by any tithe-paying Mission member (to promote transparency of Mission leadership). To do so, send the Round Table an email requesting to observe the next meeting: You will be sent information on how to join the meeting room, and placed in listen-only mode during the meeting. Note that although every meeting is open for observation, it is necessary to send such a request for each meeting you would like to observe, so the Round Table can give any updated information to join and keep track of who will be attending.

Therefore, if you want to know how the members of the Round Table come together and make decisions for the Mission, this is your chance!

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