Newsbrief Corrections

As of March 2010, this page lists any necessary corrections for each Newsbrief. If something is not working in a Newsbrief (broken or incorrect link, etc.), check this page for a correction and a workaround to the problem.

If the Newsbrief has a problem, another alternative is to click News -> Newsflash -> on the top menu. In the Newsflash page, click the name of the month the Newsbrief was published. This should take you to the version of our Newsbrief that we have in our website. We have control to change this version even after we send out the Newsbrief from our provider, so any problems will be corrected there.

If you check this page and/or the Newsbrief on our website and the problem is not corrected, please send us an email at and we will correct it for you.

March 2010 Newsbrief

  1. The "Read..." link in the Of Interest section connected to the wrong page, making the Of Interest section inaccessible. Click here to see the March 2010 Of Interest section.

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