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Newsletter for the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path

Issue #7 – October 27, 2000
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What’s New?


It was another wonderful and joyful Feast. This year it was held September 11-19, 2000. It was a time of quietness, sharing, meditating, laughing (and we did laugh a lot this year!) and rejuvenation. Every year we follow God’s Command to have a 7-day "Feast unto the Lord" (see the Old Testament, Leviticus chapter 23). We also listened to some wonderful lectures, and our community service was cleaning books in the community library. Some people participated through the conference room on the Internet. Here is what some of the participants said about the Feast:


The Feast of Tabernacles is great. It is a time of re-establishing your connections to God and re-vitalizing your spiritual side. It is a time of re-evaluating what you have been doing and where you are going. We sure laughed a lot during this Feast. It was a oneness type of laughing, where there were no barriers, no separation, no defenses and no fear; joy and devotion are so close. Sometimes there is so much joy that I feel I am going to burst, my smile is not large enough for my face. Thank you Maitreya-ji for that.

During this Feast, we did our community service in the library, cleaning books in the children’s section. It was fun to be all together, and helpful for the community. Some of the books were fun to read also.J I felt this was the best community service we have done at the Feasts. The head librarian asked us if we would return next year!

My experience at this Feast was the chanting of the Haree Om Shrii Hung mantra. We do this each morning before the meditation, with a side-to-side motion, like the Native Americans do in their dancing. Also we sing/dance kirtan during the Holy Convocation, around a round table. Now I have to admit, I’m an intellectual person. So this chanting sometimes seemed a little strange to me, ‘cause I am used to analyzing things with my mind, not my heart, so what was this dancing I was doing? But all of a sudden I was ideating that the whole universe was dancing with me ("Make a joyful noise to the Lord..."), and pretty soon, it was. I could hear thousands of beings chanting with us. And it was so full of joy. Then I imagined that the people in Africa were dancing with us with their drums and strong beat...Then I felt all my impurities and weaknesses being stamped under my feet as I danced around the table. Then I felt my heart singing for my God, as I chanted, "The goal of the life is to Be(Come) Divine!" And I heard the rocks from the fireplace respond, "Everything is that Divinity!" It was a GREAT Feast, thanks be to God!


I felt blessed and sanctified by God during all that Feast 2000. From now on, it is possible for me to believe that I can make it: to reach the Pure Consciousness. Before that Feast, I thought that to reach Pure Consciousness was possible for "others" but not really for me. Why? I don't know. Lack of faith, probably. But from now on, I know I can do it; the Pure Consciousness is for me also. Reaching the Pure Consciousness is my birthright as for all the children of God. The only thing I have to do is to follow the Path to God, the Eternal Divine Path, revealed by His Son; and for the first time since a very long time, this Path is revealed totally, in its whole. Also, I feel more loving. I become more and more the Lover of God. I know that I have changed little by little during all those years in the Mission; but important changes inside me happened during this Feast. I understood new realities and I was brought closer to God. It is wonderful. I thank God for that. I am grateful to God Who directed me toward Maitreya's teachings and I ask Him to help me to follow those teachings for the rest of my life and for all my other lives to come. Praise be to God! What a wonderful gift God sent to me! Everyone should live a Feast of Tabernacles in his or her life!


Of course, this was the best Feast we have ever had. Usually I’m the only one who says this, however, this year so many others have had to use these same words. There is just no other way to describe this Feast. We were really together, working together, praying together, etc. It is also the first time I felt our desire as a group had lifted toward Him.

I loved Maitreya's Satsang (discourse) about, "Praying for Your Guidance in overcoming the power of the Tama Guna over our Souls." Of course, I loved all of what Maitreya said at the Feast, yet I do not remember hearing this part of the Reminder explained in this way before. Or maybe it was explained this way but I was unable to hear it.

And such goose bumps went all through me after Jon said, "Maitreya, You Rock!!" and Maitreya answered, "I’m looking for many rocks. Many, many rocks that they can go and hit the image, the image of the world, and make it to powder and destroy it. Let these rocks fill the earth and create the mountain, Mt. Zion." When I typed this Satsang I went goose bumps and the tears came again, and that was only by listening to the tape! If only the whole world could have been here to hear the Truth of these words of Satsangs and sense how wonderful Communities of Light can and will be.

Tama Guna, your days of having power over our Souls are numbered!

Thank you, God, thank you for Your Compassion, Your Guidance, and for this life.


I’m sure someone said it in their testimonial already but I’m going to say it again anyway. THIS WAS THE BEST FEAST WE EVER HAD.

We really were a family and a community united in doing God’s Will and it was so flowing. It will be wonderful when we really have the Communities of Light formed on earth and we will be able to live in this kind of environment every day. The Grace just seems to transform all negativities. It makes it easy for us to be the Children of Light, doing His Will.

For me, this Feast helped me to revive the excitement and motivation to help this great Plan of God come to fruition. The thankfulness and joy in feeling such feelings cannot even be put into words. I am grateful that God has been patient with me as I found my way back to loving this great endeavor.

It was also a joy to watch the blossoming of the Divines all around me. The kindness and dedication of those in this Mission cannot be over-emphasized.

I look forward to participating in many more joyful feasts, basking in the glow of God’s Grace, 24 hours a day, for 8 days. WHAT A BLESSING!


This year’s Feast of Tabernacles was truly an experience in God. May we hold these Divine energies within our hearts, souls and minds and become Haree Om Shrii Hung Om Nam Kevalam!


I feel that when I come to the Feast in Albuquerque I get to see and participate in the Communities of Light. Since The Communities of Light is the 2nd step on the Eternal Divine Path (Second Seal of The Greatest Sign), I find it a very important part of Maitreya's teaching.

I think the Feast this year was an incredibly joyous one. The new center is so beautiful and the grounds just magnificent with all the lovely trees, plants, flowers and fruit. It is truly a meditation garden path. All these things require everyone working together to make all things work. I am inspired by the fellowship, loyalty and God-focus which is in highest regard living in Communities of Light.

I feel extremely blessed to be able to participate in this Holiest Week with Maitreya and the Mission Devotees. I am also delighted to be sharing Maitreya's teachings with those who have been so enthusiastic in sharing with everyone all of their valuable and exciting finds with regards to the prophecies.

Overall, the Feast of Tabernacles 2000 was the Best Ever!:):):) Is that possible??

Every year is The Best!


During the feast I realized how important we all are, helping one another, sharing with one another like how GOD helps and shares with us. Also I realized when people come together for a common goal, which is worshiping GOD, how powerful the energies can be.


When I think on writing a testimony about our annual Feast of Tabernacles, many thoughts, and feelings come to mind.

Over the years, upon returning home from God's Holy Days in New Mexico, friends will call and when they see me have asked, "How was the Feast, what did you do?" I have shared many of the Feasts verbally with them. And later, I would say, "It was a great Feast and we all had a great time; so much goes on that it would be much to tell you. Come to the Feast and you will see." Several years ago after being back from the Feast a couple of days, a neighbor saw me and said, "There is something different about you." I replied, "I just returned from celebrating God's Holy Days."

The Feast of our God is a celebration for the hungry, thirsty, soul. As we are in the worldly "Maya" during the year, then when we come to the Feast in New Mexico, we experience a kind of 'rebirth', a renewal of our spirits in many ways. Each of us being an individual on the incredible, wonderful path we have chosen to God; "The Eternal Divine Path", we feel the effects in different ways.

Being with those like-minded in the Faith is such a joy, beyond expression. It is like coming home. The Mission is our family, our community.

The experience of seeing, and hearing our teacher, Maitreya, in Satsang is the most "_______________". We each express this experience in our own way. Sometimes it is not easy to put into words. It is a feeling that goes beyond the world and words. Satsang is a blessing for all. The light of God, His Son, is here to guide humanity to the Truth. The Seventh Angel has come. Let us see through His eyes, speak from His Truth, and act with His Faith! May we take this Holy message for mankind with the speed, strength, and precision of the Eagle! ~~~

Join us in Albuquerque, New Mexico (or through your computerJ ) for the next Feast of Tabernacles. It will be held September 30th-October 8, 2001. For more information about the 2001 Feast, go to:


One year, while preparing a lecture for an upcoming Feast of Tabernacles, we accidentally came across a book in the reference section of the library. It was a very old book, written in 1896, and published by the Smithsonian Institute. The title of it was The Swastika, "The Earliest Known Symbol and Its Migrations, With Observations on the Migration of Certain Industries in Pre-Historic Times" and it shows how the Swastika symbol is the oldest symbol known to man, can be found all over the world, and is a symbol of good will and good luck. It has been used by Buddhists, Hindus, Native Americans, and others, long before the Nazis corrupted its meaning. In order to preserve this reference, the book was digitized in its entirety and put on the Internet. Click here to see this new website: Swastika


And there is another new website with more explanation about how the Prophecies have been fulfilled by Maitreya and the Mission:


Brad Johnson shared with us his story of taking The Greatest Sign to the Himalayan Mountains. The trip to the Himalayas was a gift from his mother, who had a debilitating disease and wanted to give each of her children a gift before passing on. Brad says he has always loved to hike and backpack, so the 150-mile trek in the Himalayas to the Crystal Mountain Monastery was an invigorating trip. The place he went to was over 1,000 years old, and the Monks and Lamas were often in hiding or meditating, so he did not know if he would be able to meet one at all. Brad took a photograph of The Greatest Sign off of the website, and carried it in his backpack. One day he gave The Greatest Sign to one of the holy men and told him that it was a Mandala and it was from Maitreya. The monk accepted it, held it up to his forehead, and then put it on the altar. Brad said, "One thing that I think was very easy for them to recognize, was the Swastika [it is actually the Lotustica] in the middle, because the Swastika was carved in doorways and it was all inside the monasteries and places that were thousands of years old."

Let us know where you have taken the Message and the Teaching of The Greatest Sign! May all come to know the unification of all religions is here, and the Mystery of the Seven Seals is now known!


IN THE MIDDLE EAST (10/07/00 Satsang, given by Maitreya)

Question: "I am very concerned about what is happening in the Middle East. It seems like a very touchy situation right now, with the Palestinians and the Israelis. I have a big problem with that, and I wonder if it is going to escalate…"

Maitreya: "Yes, everyone has a problem with that. Who doesn’t? Actually when I heard about it I thought, if these people had heard about our teachings and THOTH and where each of them fall in God’s Revelations, if we would build one of our Temples in the middle of Jerusalem and connect the parts that each religion represents as a part of the Temple, and make that city an international city that belongs to all religions of the world, then would there be any problems? Are Moslems and Jews going to fight over who has the last word? No, they would not!

We can see again, even in the bigger picture, we can solve the problems of humanity. We can educate them and let them know each of them have a part in God’s Plan, and they don’t have to fight with each other. They don’t have to destroy each other. It doesn’t matter whose Mosque or Temple is created in that spot, any spot in the universe is Holy and Godly, and God is present there. Of course, Jerusalem has become a focus of attention because four religions have interests in that area: Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Baha’i Faith.

Now if we can also create the First Seal, and the Sixth Seal, and connect them together (and of course the Seventh Seal is going to be added to all of them) we will have a Great City that is really a Temple of God. And also, God said there is going to be a New Jerusalem.

Why they are still fighting in the Old Jerusalem, I do not understand. God said it is not going to be Old Jerusalem, but where? The New Jerusalem, where He is going to bring His Temple and it is going to be more important than the Old Jerusalem. So they are fighting for something that has already been rejected. It has already lost its importance in God’s Plan.

But always the human does that, doesn’t he? They always fight for something that is dead and God has already said, "I am finished with you." It is just like Christ came to the Temple and told the Jewish people that the Kingdom is going to be taken away from them and given to another people. Still, the Jewish people say, Yeah, we heard that, he said that He is going to take the Kingdom away from us and give it to another people…Or to Christians and Moslems, He said, "I am going to send another Comforter."

He promised that there will also be a Prophet from the Arabs. The Christians say, "Oh yeah, OK, we heard that, we accept that too," but did they become Moslems? No, they did not. Or the Moslems, they knew there would be a Prophet to come after 1,000 years after Prophet Muhammad. Bab came, but did they listen to Him? No, they did not. Or the Bah’s have been told that there will be, "He Who Will Be Manifest," and even their leaders have professed that there is going to be a Seventh Angel and a New Revelation, and even their leaders have felt that what they have is not going to work. How many Baha’is have we called and discussed with, and we have sent the Message to come and see this Revelation?

Have they come? No, very few of them have come.

Eventually, maybe they are getting the idea of what is happening here. But the truth of the matter is that humans like to hang onto the old and what they already have, and they don’t want to let go. That is why we see the war between the Jews and Moslems, and of course it is going to split them apart. There is no doubt about that. Both of them believe that that is their place, that Mount is theirs. The Jewish people want to destroy that Mosque and build a temple there, and the Moslems already have a Mosque there. How many Moslems are there? There are around one billion Moslems in the world. Do you think they are just going to sit around and let these Jewish people destroy something that is the third holiest place for them? If they do that, do you think there is going to be a great upheaval among many, many Moslem nations? Also Jews are very adamant, they want that place for their temple.

So which one is correct? None of them are correct. Because God said He is going to bring "New Jerusalem." And New Jerusalem is where? It is a new land. It is in this area. This is the New Jerusalem. That is why I would like to see our Temple built here in this area eventually, and humanity will see that Jerusalem is not that important.

If you are a Christian, you can come to New Jerusalem and enter the Temple through the Christian door. If you are a Jew, you can come to our Temple and enter through the Second Seal door. Is it closed to anyone? No, it is open to everyone.

That is another problem with the Moslems. They are a little rigid about their holy places. They don’t let just anyone in. If you are not a Moslem, you cannot go to their Mosque, and if they find you in a Mosque and you are not a Moslem, you are going to be in trouble. Why? If it is a Holy place, it is everyone’s Holy place. Why don’t they let Jewish people come into their Holy place and see it, maybe they will see something in it that they like?

That’s fine, if a Moslem comes to our Temple and goes through our Surrendering and Submission Door, if you are a Christian, go through the Sacrifice Door. But when you are in the central room of our Temple, are you a Jew, or a Moslem, or a Hindu? No, in the middle of the Temple, all of you are what? You are all humans.

So you can see that all the answers to the big questions of political systems and bickering and destruction and old enmities have been solved in the Mission. This is another answer for humanity, not to destroy each other. That is why I am so concerned that the Mission gets going, that we spread this Mission faster, get the Temple built, get the Communities of Light created and manifested, instead of concentrating on our own little problems and thinking about ourselves all the time, and not getting on with the Mission and manifesting it the way it should. We have the answer. We have the answers, but I am not going to be able to do it by myself alone.

The only thing I can do is to educate you all and let you see the truth and the beautiful things we have and how we can solve all the problems of humanity. But it is up to you really. Just forget about yourself. Just get on with the Mission. Get on with this wonderful thing that God has created and humanity needs so much, right now.

The more we delay it, the more people are going to die. I have been saying this for the last 20 years. The sooner we get this going, the sooner humanity is going to see that they are one.

The Moslems don’t have to fight with the Jews. The Jews don’t have to fight with the Moslems. The Jews don’t have to be against the Christians, and the Christians against the Hindus and the Hindus against the Buddhists. They are all a part of God’s Plan. We have a Message, we have a Hope for humanity. But I can’t do it by myself! And if you want me to go to the streets and yell…How many people can I reach?

God has made it in such a way that we have reached millions! Millions! Of course, the more we spread the Mission, the more we reach out, the more people are going to come to the website and the more people are going to see the Message. The more people are going to realize, "Oh, maybe these people have a Message for humanity."

So we can see that we have the answers. God has sent the Revelation to humanity that they are unified, and they don’t have to fight each other. But if we do not do our responsibility, we are a part of the suffering of humanity. Because we have received this Revelation, we have been given the answers.

So we should not space it out. We should not just sit there and think about, "Myself and myself," all the time. No, you have the answers, and you have a great responsibility. If you do not come to this Call, then you are resisting it. Then you are bringing suffering to humanity. That is my concern. That is the thing that this Mission has. We are called to action, we are called for getting involved. We are called for the solutions for humanity.

So forget about those little things happening in your life. Perhaps you sometimes think I don’t care about you or about your problems. But as I have said, our problems are so small, compared with what we have.

Can I get this Message out correctly or what? What is it that this message is not getting out to humanity? We have answered the questions. We have answered the problems on earth. And we are the people called to manifest. That’s fine, if you don’t want to manifest it, that’s fine. Someone else is going to come and manifest it. But know what we have and what we say.

So the problem of the Middle East is an old problem. It is something that is based on human ignorance.

We are not ignorant anymore. We don’t care if you are a Jew, or a Moslem, a Christian, or a Hindu, or a Buddhist, etc. As long as you understand the Eternal Divine Path, as long as you understand the Revelation of God and realize that God sent all of them, you are our brothers and sisters. Especially if you become involved in the Mission, and start doing it, wow, that’s great. That’s more brothers and sisters. You are actually co-workers and all true friends.

So it is something that we all have to really consider how much responsibility really has been put on our shoulders and forget about the little things that happen around us. Thanks be to God that He has blessed us with such a responsibility, with such a Revelation, with so much truth in this Mission. It is amazing that He has blessed us with so much reality, with so many answers. All has been answered.

Does that make sense?

Questioner: That makes ultimate sense, Maitreya. Thank you so much.


The Temples will be built in the shape of The Greatest Sign.

There are six doors entering the corridors of the Temple. The corridors form the sign of the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven (), which will connect all parts of the Temple together. The six doors are: The Door of Pure Consciousness (), the Door of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (), the Door of Sacrifice (), The Door of Surrendering and Submission (), The Door of Universalism (), and the Door of Paravipras (Elects) ().

There are twelve sections around the center of the Temple (in the illustration shown above, these are numbered from 1 to 12). Each of these sections will be used as a library to house all the spiritual realizations throughout history. The first section from the first sign () to the sign of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth () will have all the books or spiritual and historical materials from this period. Section two (2) will have all the materials about Judaism, the Hebrews, and their history, religions, and philosophy. In section three (3) between the sign of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth -- or the seal of Solomon () -- until the sign of sacrifice, Christianity (), the materials of the history between these two eras should be placed. In section four (4) all the materials about Christianity will be housed. Section five (5) will have materials of the history between Christianity and Islam (surrendering). The rest of the sections will be as follows: In section six (6) the materials about Islam, in section seven (7) materials of the history between Islam and the advent of Bab, in section eight (8) materials about the Baha'i Faith (universalism), in section nine (9) materials between the Baha'i Faith until the sign of Paravipra, in section ten (10) materials about Paravipras and the teachings of the Baba, and in section eleven (11) the history to come (how eventually God will fulfill His Plan until the human reaches very high consciousness and the Kingdom will become His Kingdom -- in heaven, on earth, and within each individual).

In section twelve (12) all the unknown ideas, speculations and theories about man before the evolution of the present human being will be found. Also all the speculations of what Pure Consciousness is (the theories of what kind of state of being it is) will be here.

In section twelve (12) also all the teachings of the Maitreya should be placed separately. All other teachings and theories should be studied and looked at through these teachings. Otherwise the confusion of the Scriptures and revelations will make the path of the seeker difficult. But with understanding creation and history, The Greatest Sign, and realizing how all things took place to bring man to higher consciousness and to show him there is no other way but God's way, then the seeker will reside in the flow of the Universal Plan instead of considering only one part of The Plan and becoming narrow-minded.

However, the real realization does not come by merely studying the books in this great library, but by understanding The Plan of God, becoming The Greatest Sign, and going beyond search and study. This state is symbolized by the very center of the Temple, which is beyond these libraries -- section thirteen (12 + 1).

This section (13) will be a place of absolute silence and meditation. Men and women should enter it with humility and respect. No lectures, talking or noise should occur there. It is a place of Soul-to-Soul communion between God and His children. That is when the real realization is obtained. In the next era, many will be ready to reach this stage of direct communion and understanding. They are the ones who will lead others also to higher consciousness and true realization.

Meditation and silence or using any techniques alone might not bring full realization of God, as intellectual readings and research will not lead to that realization either. But a comprehensive inclusion of all kinds of awakening processes and false-ego-shattering steps can help an aspirant to come to a perfect realization so that the peace and understanding of the infinite truth can be achieved in the middle of society and family life. So in this age, man should not run away from the realities of life but face the problems of this universe with enough vigor and understanding to surpass any obstacle. We now have many high conscious people who have already progressed greatly by their individual endeavors and His Grace in their past lifetimes. It is their responsibility to establish that environment to help others also to reach higher consciousness. That is why the time of being an escapist is gone for spiritual people. They have no choice now but to stay and work for the real spiritual truths which cover all aspects of life.

A second story can be built over the Temple. Over sections 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12, pyramids with a triangular base (tetrahedron) can be built. By dividing each of the six arcs (of the circle around the Temple) into two and making straight lines from the center of each arc to the two points of the arc, a twelve sided structure (dodecahedron) at the top of the Temple will be created. Therefore, sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 will have a four-sided shape. Then pyramids with a four angle base can be built over them.

The twelve pyramids (six with triangular bases and six with quadrangular bases) can be built over the libraries, preferably from glass to let the light into the building.

A dome or similar structure can be built over section thirteen. A glass or crystal design of the HOSH sign will be placed in the center. Domes have a spiritual effect on humans and pyramids an intellectual one.

The offices for maintaining the Temple should be built outside, and no profitable activity should be done in the Temple. The Temple should be a place of worshipping and for gaining spiritual and intellectual knowledge. Also it should be a place of service.

The physical fitness facilities, such as gymnasiums and running tracks, pools, and other sports areas, can be built close by if financially feasible. Also centers of other knowledge and education such as universities can be built around or close to the Temple.

The physical fitness facilities should not be built for show or games, but for individual health and should be used moderately. Man consists of a physical body, mental abilities, and spirit and Soul, so all three levels should be developed properly. Emphasis on any one part will be equal with loss in another.

Also around the Temple beautiful flowers should be grown, also trees, grass, and many varieties of pleasant smelling plants, so that the Soul is refreshed on the way to the Temple. After this garden border, the other facilities such as offices, gymnasiums, universities, or the communities can be built.

[from THOTH (The Holiest of the Holies, The Last Testament) Essays I, Tablet 11]

How many conflicts in the world are going on today, because of religions?

-The Catholics and the Protestants fight each other in Ireland.

-The Christians and the Moslems fight each other in Bosnia.

-The Hindus and the Sheiks hate each other in India.

-The Jews and the Moslems fight each other in the Middle East,

and on and on.

When will they all realize that we all are the children of One God, each with their own part in His Plan, and we are all brothers and sisters?


When newcomers ask, "What Can I do?" here are some possibilities. These are only a few suggestions, there can be many more. The idea is to open yourself to share what talents, abilities, and interests you have been given. Start simple. Study with a friend. Celebrate with a neighbor.

1. Find the many talents God has given you. Know and use these talents to benefit the Mission. When you benefit the Mission, you benefit yourself.

2. Read, study, contemplate, and meditate on the writings of the Mission, especially THOTH.

3. Become a contact person. Download "Let’s Unify Humanity," the announcement for the Feast Of Tabernacles, etc., from our web site and distribute them. Let all know about our web site.

4. Arrange to show the videotape of The Greatest Sign (then go to "videos" page) to seekers, individually or in small groups, in your home or others’ homes. Also arrange to show the film to larger groups in the community.

5. Make one of the rooms in your house a meditation room, where The Greatest Sign (then go to "Visual Aids" page) can be properly framed and hung. Or, make an altar in one corner of a room.

6. Invite seekers into your home for a weekly THOTH (then go to "Our Scripture") reading together, and/or to meditate.

7. Connect to the Mission, and our cyber-community, via our Conference Room link so that seekers can join in our activities (Sabbath Satsang with Maitreya [these can be question/answer sessions so if you have questions, ask them here], reading THOTH, doing The Reminder, doing the Order of Service, etc., and joining us for the Feast of Tabernacles.

8. Create web sites on things that one has a good knowledge of, and provide a link to the Mission’s web from it.

9. Place ads about the Mission in magazines/newspapers, etc., and/or hand out flyers announcing Maitreya is here! Take advantage of all free classified advertising available. Also, share with people by word of mouth.

10. Write articles about the teachings and submit them to newspapers, magazines, etc.

11. Write letters to friends and enclose some printed material from the Mission.

12. Donate THOTH (then go to "Our Scripture") to local libraries, both public and private.

13. Follow the Sabbath and God’s Holy Days. Tell people why.

14. Teaching a class on the Universal Mantra Meditation.

15. Start organized teaching programs to teach people of other Faiths about the Mission.

16. Join college religious groups and philosophical groups to be able to teach when the opportunity is right.

17. Help in the Creation of the Communities (1, 2, 3) of Light (this could apply differently to each person according to their capacity, community and surroundings, etc.)

18. Help in community projects.

19. Follow the Eternal Divine Path. Keep the Fifteen Commandments. Contemplate and follow the 33 Virtues. Say the Rosary (then go to "rosaries" page) Participate in Mission activities, including those through Internet in our Conference Room.

20. When possible connect through real-life visits and activities.

21. Purchase a Mission T-Shirt (then go to "Visual Aids" page) and wear it everywhere!

Join us at:

The Every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 MST for Satsang with Maitreya.

Next Satsang is: November 4th, 2000.





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