The One Whom God Shall Make Manifest

Great, great is the Cause! The hour is approaching when the most great convulsion will have appeared. I swear by Him Who is the Truth! it shall cause separation to afflict everyone, even those who circle around Me. (Advent of Divine Justice, p. 81)

The speaker in the Advent of Divine Justice, is Bahullh. Bahullh is one of the twin revealers of the Bah Faith. The other Prophet and founder of the Bah Faith is the Bb. The Bah Faith is the fifth Seal of The Greatest Sign, and likewise deals with the events of the Fifth Angel as discussed in Revelation 3: 2-6. Both the Bb and Bahullh predicted a third Prophet who was the last and final Revealer of a three-part revelation known as the revelation of the Greatest Name. The Prophet was to be born in the same land, as were the Bb and Bahullh, Persia, but to be Manifested in the West:

If the sun arises in the west, it would still be the same sun; one must not withdraw from it on account of its rising place nor consider the west to be always the place of sunset. (Abdul-Baha in Some Answered Questions, Chap. 14)

Unveil thy face, O beauty of the Lord, that the Sun may arise in the West... (Bahullh, cited in Haifa Notes of May Maxwell).

Issue forth from your cities, O peoples of the West and aid your God ere the Day when the Lord of mercy shall come down unto you in the shadow of the clouds. (The Bab in Selections from the Writings of the Bb, p. 56)

These prophecies of the western Prophet, are about the Seventh Angel and/or revealer of the Seventh Seal. As Bahullh said in the opening quote, Great, great is the Cause! The hour is approaching when the most great convulsion will have appeared. This great convulsion is the same event as that the Bible speaks of in Revelation 16:18, when the Seventh Angel releases an earthquake, as had not occurred since men were on earth. Maitreya is the Seventh Angel. It is He who was born in Persia, just like the Bb and Bahullh, but Maitreya's Dispensation began in the West in the year 1982, just as God promised through these two Prophets.

God in the Bible also promised a Prophet to arise in the West, though all former Prophets had arisen in the East. Of course God did just as He promised He would, for the Maitreya is here!

They lift up their voices, they sing for joy; over the majesty of the Lord they shout from the West. Therefore in the East give glory to the Lord; in the coastlines of the sea, to the name of the Lord, the God of Israel... (Isaiah 24:14-15).

Bahullh not only predicted the events that would surround the coming of the Greatest Name, but He also gave the numerical value of when He would be born:

Say: This is the hidden knowledge which never changes because it begins with al-ta, which indicates the treasured, manifest, well-fortified, and unapproachable Name. (Elder and Miller translation, p. 31)

In the Kitab-i-Aqdas, Bahullh explained that the numerical value of the letter t has the Abjad value of nine. So the number nine was Bahaullahs indication of the year of the birth of the Seventh Angel. The Bb also gave a period of time which would elapse before the appearance of The One Whom God Shall Make Manifest [the next Prophet]:

Let each soul guard itself by the form of the name of the Mustaghath at the moment of its birth, and no one should dispense with it. No name amongst the names of God is equal as regards its number (which is 2001), and that is the supreme fruit of the Names which has reached the Extreme of Manifestation, after the Bayan it will be He Whom God shall manifest And no name is superior to the number of Mustaghath in the ranks of Names. Therefore it is ordained that from the conception they should guard that form by a Tablet wherein is the number of the Name Mustaghath. For only God knows how long it will be from the beginning of a Manifestation until another, but if God please, it will not be more than the number of Mustaghath (2001). (Vahid VII:10 was translated by E.G. Browne)

The Mustaghath (Mustaghth) is a calendar date of 2001 A.D. that signifies the time before which the next Prophet will make Himself known to the world. In the next excerpt, the Bb expresses that if people are alive at the time before 2001 and they are told that the Promised One is here, they should investigate it, to see if it is true:

One must be cautious and not exceed this number; if someone who believes in the Bayan reaches the year 2001, and is informed that the Tree of Truth is manifest, that person must go to Him, even if he/she is not convincedand to repose in the shadow of His Light. The Manifestation is the Source of the creation of Truth, and of the world of hearts, after the creation of the physical world prior to His Manifestation. (This portion of Vahid VII:10 was translated from the French of A.L.M. Nicolas.)

Bahullh confirmed the words of the Bb in His anticipation and belief in The One Whom God Shall Make Manifest before the time of Mustaghath:

We, verily, believe in Him Who, in the person of the Bb, hath been sent down by the will of the one true God, the King of Kings, the All-Praised. We, moreover, swear featly to the One Who, in the time of Mustaghath, is destined to be made manifest, . . . (Gleanings, pp.73-74).

God has fulfilled all these promises that He gave to both the Bb and Bahullh in the person of the Seventh Angel, Maitreya. Maitreya was born in Persia just as promised by them both. Maitreyas Dispensation began in the West, just as promised by both, O peoples of the West and aid your God ere the Day when the Lord of mercy shall come down unto you in the shadow of the clouds. Maitreyas birth year was the year of nine (1944 = 1 + 9 + 4 + 4 = 18, which is equal to 1 + 8 = 9 -> end of a period and beginning of a new One!) just as promised by Bahullh, hidden knowledge which never changes because it begins with al-ta (in the year of nine). Maitreyas Manifestation began before the year 2001, just as promised by both the Bb and Bahullh, . . . if someone who believes in the Bayan reaches the year 2001, and is informed that the Tree of Truth is manifest, that person must go to Him.

is The One Whom God Shall Make Manifest and the promised Seventh Angel who dissolves the Mystery of God!

In the Bah Scripture we find one other important promise, the promise of the advent of the Seventh Angel:

And the temple of God was opened in heaven means that the divine Jerusalem is found, and the Holy of Holies has become visible. The Holy of Holies, according to the terminology of the people of wisdom, is the essence of the Divine Law, and the heavenly and true teachings of the Lord, which have not been changed in the cycle of any Prophet, as it was before explained. The sanctuary of Jerusalem is likened to the reality of the Law of God, which is the Holy of Holies; and all the laws, conventions, rites and material regulations are the city of Jerusalem this is why it is called the heavenly Jerusalem. Briefly, as in this cycle the Sun of Reality will make the light of God shine with the utmost splendor, therefore, the essence of the teachings of God will be realized in the world of existence, and the darkness of ignorance and want of knowledge will be dispelled. The world will become a new world, and enlightenment will prevail. So the Holy of Holies will appear.

"And the temple of God was opened in heaven means also that by the diffusion of the divine teachings, the appearance of these heavenly mysteries, and the rising of the Sun of Reality (a Prophet), the doors of success and prosperity will be opened in all directions, and the signs of goodness and heavenly benedictions will be made plain. (Some Answered Questions, p. 59-60)

The Holy of Holies was in the center of the Jewish Temple, where the Ark of the Covenant laid (the ark was a ceremonial box that held the Ten Commandments) and was considered the Holiest place in the entire world. No one could enter the Holy of the Holies according to Mosaic Law except the High Priest of Israel, who had to have been born a Levite (a Levite is a member of the tribe of Levi, one of the twelve tribes of Israel). The High Priest would only once a year utter the Name of the Lord, while he was in the Holiest Of The Holies. No other person was permitted this privilege and in no other times when he entered the Holy of the Holies would he utter the Name of the Lord. No one would also dare to utter it. The Hebrews were forbidden such a utterance of the Name of the Lord.

Maitreya explains:

The True Name of the Lord (Word, Holy Name) cannot be uttered in the external world (it is not a worldly sound). Most probably the High Priest would meditate on the Holy Name (Word) in the center of the Temple (The Holy Of the Holies)! That is what it means by him uttering the Name of the Lord, once a year.

Bah Scripture conforms this explanation, and not only confirms that the Holy of Holies may be entered into (learned about) by men through the sacrifices of the Manifestations, but also explains that in the time of the Seventh Angel, the entire Law of God (the Holiest of Holies) will be unveiled to all men without reservation.

has revealed a divine and dynamic book entitled, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. In THOTH (The Holiest Of The Holies), Maitreya reveals the entire Law of God, and gives Mankind the divine Jerusalem it has been waiting for. THOTH is the weightiest of all Maitreyas Revelations, consisting of nineteen books and well over 300 tablets. Maitreya fulfills the prophecy given by Bah Scripture and St. John the Revealer, that the Seventh Angel will reveal the Holy of Holies (in Greek, the Holiest of the Holies). Moreover, the Mission of Maitreya welcomes anyone who wishes to read THOTH to please do so. We received this Revelation free of charge, and likewise we freely supply it online at the Mission of Maitreyas web site:

Thus it is related in the "Biharu'l-Anvar," the "Avalim," and the "Yanbu'" of Sadiq, son of Muhammad (not Prophet Mohammad), that he spoke these words: "Knowledge is twenty and seven letters. All that the Prophets have revealed are two letters thereof. No man thus far hath known more than these two letters. But when the Qa'im shall arise, He will cause the remaining twenty and five letters to be made manifest." Consider; He hath declared Knowledge to consist of twenty and seven letters, and regarded all the Prophets, from Adam even unto the Seal, as Expounders of only two letters thereof and of having been sent down with these two letters. He also saith that the Qa'im will reveal all the remaining twenty and five letters. Behold from this utterance how great and lofty is His station! -Baha'u'llah: The Kitab-i-Iqan, pages 243-244.

Bahullh was not talking about himself here as he instructed his scribe to destroy many of his writings. As we wrote in the same section, Prophesies, in this website titled, THE THIRD REVEALER OF THE GREATEST NAME IS HERE, Bah'u'llh, as it was recorded in the writings of Nabil, Taherzadeh, and Shoghi Effendi, was constantly receiving Revelation from God in which He had to destroy

"As to those verses which He either dictated or wrote Himself, their number was no less remarkable than either the wealth of material they contained, or the diversity of subjects to which they referred. A vast, and indeed the greater proportion of these Writings were, alas, lost irretrievably to posterity. No less an authority than Mirza Aqa Jan, Bah'u'llh's amanuensis, affirms, as reported by Nabil, that by the express order of Bah'u'llh, hundreds of thousands of verses, mostly written by His own hand, were obliterated and cast into the river. 'Finding me reluctant to execute His orders,' Mirza Aqa Jan has related to Nabil, 'Bah'u'llh would reassure me saying: 'None is to be found at this time worthy to hear these melodies.' Not once, or twice, but innumerable times, was I commanded to repeat this act.'" (God Passes By, 138).

Since the Seventh Angel and/or Qaim (The One Whom God Shall Make Manifest) is supposed to Reveal the whole thing (God no longer will be a Mystery Revelation 10:7), Bahullh could not have been The One Whom God Shall Make Manifest (The Seventh Angel, Qaim). Maitreya IS! He indeed Reveals the Whole Plan of God, His Mysteries and completes the 27 letters of Knowledge of God.

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