He Comes as . . . The Great Spirit
(Navajo Prophecies)

He who is all wise, all knowing, brought to the Navajo people something like a Holy Book except that the Navajo could not write at that time so He gave it to them in the form of chanting. To chant is to speak in rhymes like poetry so that the ancient wisdom is remembered longer. This chanting is like the Holy Scriptures. It tells the Indians what to look for at the 'Time of the End' when he would come to the people again . . . One of the Holy Medicine Men said that the 'Time of the End' is like two more stages to climb forward: the first is to have the Spirit of the people live again, and second, the people shall melt into one, meaning that true love between people shall be practiced. In the chanting He (the Great Spirit) has said that He is expected in the east, but also expected in the west. As He comes and brings these good things of the spirit and of love it will be the most happy and glorious occasion. (1963 by: Naturegraph Publishers, Inc.)

Maitreya has come to the people in America (Native Americans) again. He has revived the concept of the Communities Of Light ("the Spirit of people live again") that Native Americans were very familiar with, when they first received their Revelations (chants). Indeed the Mission's Teaching will bring the final melting of diverse cultures in the US and make the concept of "melting pot" to, eventually, come true. He indeed came from the East and shined in the West! It is indeed "the most Happy and Glorious Occasion!"

The Navajo and all Native American people have a lot to contribute to the world. Their culture, while often times overlooked by westerners, has much to teach humanity about God (The Great Spirit) and His lessons for all of humanity. In THOTH we find an explanation for the Americas and its peoples:

As we know, God never does anything without purpose. The conquest of America by the white man not only fulfilled the promises which were given to Abraham, also it was an act to bring Europeans in contact with the natives of America and gather many people together in this land. Although Native Americans apparently suffered a great deal in the process, in truth this made them become purified (humble, meek), so they (Native Americans) would eventually find the essence of the teachings of their ancestors (Mystical Paths) and also become familiar with the rest of the steps of the Eternal Divine Path. In short, all these happenings eventually will enhance and further the evolution of humanity, physically, mentally and spiritually. (THOTH, The Children Of Abram (Abraham), T 13, V9-11)

The union of people, which is now occurring on the American Continent, is a part of Gods great Plan. God has gathered together in one place many centers of culture, and each culture is teaching the other about its ways and beliefs. The result of all this inner cultural exchange, is a universal perspective, that is to say, many people are being exposed to many things, and are beginning to see humanity has a single body of members. Maitreya explains the need for a universal perspective in THOTH:

Universalism: to consider the good and progress of the whole universe as the goal of life; to consider the universe as our home and country; to see the whole universe as God, so serving the universe is serving Him. Any ideal other than universalism will result in narrowness of the mind, and any narrowness is bound to create suffering. (THOTH, Glossary)

The role the Native American Faiths play in The Greatest Sign, like all Mystical Paths, is essential. They are represented in the first part of The Greatest Sign, the Mystical Paths. The teachings of all Native American Faiths and the study thereof, based on The Greatest Sign, can only help to lead the European religious faithful to finding the common ground shared by both. Christianity, and the symbol of the crucifix, is also a part of The Greatest Sign. If both Native American religious scholars and Christian European scholars would study each others Faiths together, they would discover that the Mystical Paths of the Navajo and the like, are a part of Christianity, and similarly Christianity is a part of the Native American Mystical Paths. They are both a part of the Eternal Divine Path and The Greatest Sign, which are a part of our teachings. This is true about all religions and they can be unified by understanding our teachings and The Greatest Sign, and The Eternal Divine Path. See the explanation of The Greatest Sign on our web site: http://www.maitreya.org/english/gs.htm.

. . . One of the Holy Medicine Men said that the 'Time of the End' is like two more stages to climb forward: the first is to have the Spirit of the people live again, and second, the people shall melt into one, meaning that true love between people shall be practiced. . .

The Holy Medicine Men were correct. At the Time of the End, there are, two more stages," or steps, that humanity must take to complete its understanding of The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path. These two steps are symbolized in The Greatest Sign by the Sixth Seal, the Seal of the Elects, and by the Seventh Seal, the Seal of Pure Consciousness. The Sixth Seal was brought by the Spiritual Teacher and Prophet, Baba, who taught teachings from the East. The Seventh Seal is brought by Maitreya, who has taught this message from the West.

The first Prophet spoken of by the Holy Medicine Man will have the Spirit of the people live again. This term is better known in Judeo-Christian thought as the Day of Resurrection (Rev. 18) which is followed by the people . . . melt[ing] into one, meaning that true love between people shall be practiced, or the establishment of the millennial Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (Rev. 20). These two Prophets, referred to by the Holy Medicine Man, are also made reference to in Revelation chapter 11 (also see Ezekiel 17: 1-7 and Zechariah 4: 11 14), and are the bearers of the two stages spoken of previously.

In the chanting He (the Great Spirit) has said that He is expected in the east, but also expected in the west.

It is the same as the prophecies in all other religions: He shall come from the East and Shines in the West. He is expected in the East, but also expected in the West. So it also means that Eastern religions (people) and Western religions (such as Native Americans) expect the same person to return as their final Prophet!

The Medicine Man gives more prophecy to confirm the advent of the coming of Maitreya:

In the chants it says that when this New Day comes to us it is like the birth of a new baby, like a mother bringing her new baby home from the hospital. Everybody in that home cries let me hold the baby! even the grandmothers, even down to the little ones, all cry: Let me hold the baby; it is so clean; it is so fresh; it is so wonderful! So the new religion is clean and fresh in the same way because it has none of the prejudices and misunderstandings that the older religions have accumulated down through the centuries. (1963 by: Naturegraph Publishers, Inc.)

The New Day appearing like a child from the womb of his mother, is the same symbolism used in Revelation chapter 12. The fact that this new religion is fresh and without prejudice, because it has not accumulated any misunderstanding, is because the new religion that the Holy Medicine Man speaks of is the Mission of Maitreya, whose members see the precise connection between the religions of the world, thanks to God who Revealed to humanity The Greatest Sign. The Holy Medicine Man further reveals what signs will herald the coming of the Sixth and Seventh Seals of The Greatest Sign:

The chants say that there are two signs of the New Spirit that all the people should look for. The first sign is the nine-pointed star that must come from the east. The number nine is the sign of the highest unity, for all members can be found in this one number, and so all religions and races and nations will come together in love and unity under the sign of the nine-pointed star. Another sign of this coming is that there will be a great chief in the east who will wear (symbolically) a headdress with twelve feathers. The chants say that these twelve feathers mean twelve great principles that He will bring to mankind. If we search carefully we will find that these twelve principles of world unity have already come to the world and, even in this day, are beginning to bring people together in unity, understanding and love. (1963 by: Naturegraph Publishers, Inc.)

The sign of the nine-pointed star is the symbol of the Bah Faith. It is a part of The Greatest Sign, and is the Fifth Seal in the Revelation. The twin Prophets of this Faith are the Bb (who gave humanity the nine-pointed star) and His successor, Bahullh, who helped to spread the message of Universalism to the rest of the world outside of the Middle East (symbolized as the great chieftain). Here is what THOTH and Maitreya have to say about the Fifth Seal of The Greatest Sign:

But to complete and expand the human mind, other steps were necessary. The next Prophet, who brought universalism () was Bb (or the Bah Faith). Without the universal point of view, all the four previous truths will be narrow, and narrowness indeed is the root cause of all suffering and is not according to the Will of God. Therefore, expansion of the mind (universalism) was necessary. (THOTH, Creation And History, T6, V5)

The Holy Medicine Man gives one last clue for who the coming Prophet will be:

Again in another place in the chants He says that those who speak with beautiful speech will lead the world to beauty and He says the center of this beautiful speech comes from a Holy Mountain. (Naturegraph Publishers, Inc., 1963)

The words, beautiful speech comes from the Holy Mountain, are almost the same words as used in the second chapter of Isaiah, And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lords house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills ... for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. (Isaiah 2:2-4) What is the Holy Mountain Zion? It is the Law of God and His Master Plan to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Maitreya explains:

The meaning of mountain in the Bible is given in chapter 2 of Daniel in the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar. In verse 35, it is described how a stone will smite the image in the kings dream and consume it, and how, the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth (Daniel 2:35) In the interpretation of the dream, the meaning of the stone which destroyed the image (earthly kingdom) is given in verse 44: "And in the days of these kings [the last ten kings symbolized as ten toes of the image] shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom [mountain which filled the earth], which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms [as the stone did to the image], and it shall stand forever. So the stone (symbol of truth) will come and destroy the untrue set-ups symbolized by the image. The stone will become a great mountain and fill the whole earth. This mountain is the Kingdom which will be set up by the God of heaven and will last forever. Therefore, the symbolic meaning of mountain in the Bible is the coming of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, (THOTH, Mount Zion And Zion, T1, V1-5)

The Greatest Sign and the Mission of Maitreya fulfill all the prophecies above.

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