Are You A Cult?


  1. ... in our church they worship Jesus and say he is God ...


Q1. If you are Christ, does that mean that people worship you and that you are God, because in our church they worship Jesus and say he is God the son and worthy of all praise as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord to the glory of the Father. But I get real stuck on whether this is right. I don't want to dishonor God if it is wrong. I always feel that the Father should be worshipped but if Christ is God too then is it OK? Thank you and if you are not too busy I would appreciate an answer.

A1. God is Spirit. Spirit needs a body to manifest on earth. This body comes to earth, like any other body. The only difference is that the Spirit behind this body is God (Spirit). If you realize this Spirit and Worship that Spirit behind Christ, then it is OK. If you worship the man, as a body, however, that body will become an obstacle on your way to God. So if you see me as the Lord of the Lords, or the King of the Kings, as the Spirit of God manifested on earth, then it is OK. If you do not see this Spirit and are caught up into the manifestation and physical body, then I become an obstacle on your way to God!

Most churches are in this second stage of worshipping Christ, as a man who ascended to heaven, etc. It is these exaggerated states that cut them off from God and they can no longer see God in every being and all things. Therefore the Messenger becomes more important than the Message and God. When such a situation occurs, a personality cult is created and the followers are cut off from the Grace and His Presence! Some branches of Christianity even have statues and images in their churches, when God clearly said that you should not worship any images!

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