False Prophets


  1. ...a Master here, called ..., talk about you in his conference...
  2. That Master is saying that he know you: ...
  3. Sometimes he channel you ...
  4. Who is he?
  5. Who can I trust?
  6. Miracles?
  7. ... They are afraid you might be the antichrist.
  8. Are you the only people who have Maitreya?


Q1. I'm a French living in Quebec, and I discover your Web site after I heard about you in a lecture in Montreal; a Master here, called ..., talk about you in his conference. The problem is that I have a doubt about that Master, and I would like to check if you know him or not.


A1. I do not know him.


Q2. That Master is saying that he know you: he said that you came here in Montreal on June 19 to 21, 1998, to see him. He said that he is the reincarnation of the great disciple of the Buddha: Manjushri...


A2. I have not been in Montreal for more than 10 years.


Q3. Sometimes he channel you... he said that you take time to send him a message, and he gives that live in front of a audience between 40 and 50 persons.


A3. Well, people like to believe in all kinds of lies. We do not believe in channels and believe in only One God, The Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE). We also believe no one needs a mediator (master, Messiah, Prophet, channel, etc.) to connect to God. Every man is capable of doing this, because that is our birth right.


Q4. I like what you do, and you have the prophecy who talk about you, but that ... Who is he?


A4. Probably a misguided soul. We pray for him to realize that there is only One God and His Will is already Revealed in THOTH.

Q5. I meant that there is somebody, who called himself Master ..., who's saying that he is the One Maitreya, I'm a bit confused about that, who can I trust?
A5. Apparently there is another person in the Internet who calls himself "Master Bait." The only way to know the True One is to see if He has fulfilled the Prophecies. Remember many will come in His Name and claim to be Maitreya/The Christ. Which One can we Trust? The One who has fulfilled the Prophecies.

Q6. Of course my friend, he will performance big miracles, very big and incredible prodigious in the world, he will demonstrate an apparent love for the humanity, but at the end of the way and at bottom of his mind, keep wait, keep wait his infinity wickedness for the God's creatures.

A6. You are not talking about this Maitreya. I do not do miracles. My only Miracle is our Teachings, the fulfillment of the Prophecies and Unification of Religions on earth, as God promised that will happen.

Q7. I discovered your web site yesterday through a distress cry from a Christian who had been told you were the "evil one." They are afraid you might be the anti-christ.

A7. Did not they call Christ the same thing??!!!

Q8. So I roamed around in your various sites and the only thing I found to be a little unfortunate is the implication that the people who put this web site together seem to be at great pains to "prove" that they are the ones who are the "real" proclaimers of your presence here. Well, that sounds a little like the fighting between news networks for the exclusive on the "story," or more seriously, like the million and one little (or large) church institutions each claiming to be the one who discovered the "truth."

A8. Our Teaching is not discarding the Revelations and Teachings before this Revelation. Indeed we bring harmony and unity to all of them. It is not that our Teaching says other Teachings are wrong, but it shows where each falls. So these Teachings are the Most Unique. They are also Prophecies to come! That is: It is been Prophecied that such a Teaching will come to earth in this time. So this makes them to fulfill the expectation of many Religions on earth (Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc.). So not only the Teaching is Unifying, but it fulfills the expectation of all Religions on earth. This will and should unify them in a Greater degree. That is why we in the Mission (me and those who are associated with me) are adamant that this is understood and humanity is unified in all Levels!


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