1. ... Hinduism does not please the Lord one bit. ...


Q1. You claim that Maitreya is back as the master of wisdom for all major religions...returned Christ for Christians, Messiah for Jews, Messiah for Muslims, Krishna for Hindus... now let's look at this. The God of Israel and Ethiopia detests paganism and idolatry. Hinduism is full of idolatry and paganism! As He detests idolatry, why would He come through the aspects of a reincarnated Hindu? Hinduism does not please the Lord one bit. Read Leviticus of the Lord's hatred of such practices.

A1. He (God) does not hate Hindus and their Mystical doctrine. He hates idol worshipping. That is the part Hindus have to forego in order to join our teachings. Idol worshipping is not the highest Spiritual Path to God!

Read more about the relationship between Hinduism and Maitreya at: Hindu Prophecies.

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