Satsang (Discourse) 07/06/02




Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya’s Satsang room. We pay our salutations to the Divinity within you. We say Sal-OM to all of you.

This isMaitreyafrom theMission of Maitreya. As usual we will explainThe Greatest Sign, the latest Revelation to humanity.

Humans have all gone wrong because they do not have the Revelation of God that all religions of the world are from God. Each of them have a Message for humanity, and when you put all the religions together you see the whole picture and the Message, which is very clear, which is called theEternal Divine Path.

It shows that God has been sending this Revelation to humanity in different religions for the last 12,000 years, especially the last 6,000 years. When you put all of these together, you see the whole picture, the truth, which reveals that the religions are not separated, or should fight with each other at all. When you read our teachings you see so many truths have been explained that have been a point of separation between many people on earth.

So you have come to a room that has revealed truth to humanity in a greater degree. It is a Revelation that if you see the Vision, if you see how it is put together, you have no choice but to realize that it is from God and God is with us. Therefore, you will see that that is the only way to go, will preach this to all of humanity, educate them, and make them realize that they should not fight with each other. Indeed the Word of God has come to man again after 12,000 years, and they are shown the unification of all religions together.

So you have come to a good place to see and realize that this is not another cult, another movement, another small little group, or a little realization. But it is the whole picture of God’s Revelation and unity.

We have created many tools for everyone to be able to see this truth in many ways. We have, of course, the website. We have many rooms here that teach this truth. We have classes. We even have meditation classes now that you can go and meditate and go to a deeper level in understanding.

Therefore, as we grow and we have more resources, we will reach to humanity in a greater degree. And humanity will eventually see that the truth is that we are one nation, one earth, and one God.

When a lot of people realize that, then we can share, we can reach to the resources, the abundant resources in space, and the standard of living of every human will be in a greater and higher level. Also, we will not fight with each other because the differences between us will be so little. We will realize that we have no choice but to help one another to grow and become one humanity, one earth, and one God. There are not many Gods. There is only one God.

Many people ask how is it possible that many religions say different things? As I said, if you read our teachings, you will realize it is possible. It is amazingly possible to unify the religions of the world and see that God has been sending this Revelation to man in different religions.

In the beginning, before the flood of Noah, man had this Revelation, and they knew about these teachings. But they did not follow them, and therefore they fell. That is why 12,000 years ago the flood of Noah occurred. God promised many things, which you can again read in our teachings, and He has fulfilled all of them.

We are in the last part of God’s Revelations. As revealed inThe Revelationin theBiblethat the Seven Seals will be opened, and after the Seven Seals there is going to be the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and the unity of all religions will be revealed.

Each of these Seven Seals is related to one religion on earth. The First Seal is related to the Mystical Paths that were revealed to humanity through Noah, 12,000 years ago.

The Mystical Paths basically say, “Know thyself to know God,” “Be still and know that I am God.” That part of humanity can be recognized, realized, and understood in the Mystical Path. The major ones of these Mystical Paths are Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, the Sufis, and many, many other teachings all over the world that teach to meditate and “know thyself.” This is the base, it is the beginning of theEternal Divine Path.

The next step is to direct this realization to create an environment that you, and all around you, can also meditate and awaken your spiritual forces. How can you meditate if you are looking for the next meal, if you are in an environment that is not secure and safe, if you are trying to attend to your emotional and other needs? That is when the environment has to be created that all these things are provided for every individual.

Everyone should have enough food to eat, a secure place to live, and therefore, they are able to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. And that is theCommunities of Light. That is when the Children of Israel set an example, and the Old Testament teaches us that in order that such a community, such a place, is created, God has to be brought to every level in human existence.

Therefore, we can create an environment that the people can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. And that is the Second Seal, which is revealed in the Old Testament.

The whole Old Testament is about how God was trying to choose a people, a chosen people who accept Him as God and bring Him to their lives in every level. They can create an environment that people can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Therefore, the Second Seal or revelation is the Old Testament. The Elects are the people who follow theEternal Divine Path(which we are explaining) and become Divine.

In order to create such an environment, sacrifice is necessary and needs people to realize that if everyone says, “What is in it for me,” they will not be able to create such an environment. Actually, that is why we do not have the secure environment. That is why we have war, destruction, fighting, and all the things that are happening on earth right now and are getting worse. We are not having the secure environment and freedom that we all long to have.

Therefore, we have to be able to say, “OK, in order to create such an environment, I have to give up something of myself. I have to sacrifice. I have to contribute to the environment. Not only will I be secure, but also everyone else will be secure. Therefore, we can create such an environment.”

If a few elements still will not come to this conclusion that everyone else wants security, freedom, time to meditate, and awaken their spiritual forces, those few can be controlled and still we can create an environment that the people are secure.

The next step in theEternal Divine Pathis sacrifice, to be able to share. If you have two coats, give one to the one who has none. That is the teaching of Christ, and John the Baptist, and is the New Testament.

When you meditate, you create an environment that everyone can meditate, and you sacrifice for it. Therefore, you create a place that people can progress. Still we might become attached to the results of our actions. We might say, “It is me who is doing all these wonderful things.” That is the fall of man when they become self-centered, egoistical, and they think they are the doers.

The moment that you think you are the doer, you create ego, and ego is the only thing between you and God. That is the only thing that keeps you from being connected to God.

Therefore, the next step is to give up the ego, to let the ego go, and to completely connect yourself to God. The next step is realizing that the result is not yours. Surrender and submit the result to God, free yourself from the egotism, become connected to God, and eventually realize that really you and God are One.

So, you are not the doer. God is doing through you and, therefore, you absolutely overcome the feeling of separation from God. That is the highest and greatest realization, which is, “God is me, God is doing it through me.” Not in an egoistical way but you are absolutely free from any ego trip and you think you are the doer, but you realize that God is coming through you.

That is the message of Islam. Islam comes from the word Tasleim. Tasleim means surrendering and submission to God. Therefore, with this, you and God become One, your actions become Godly, and you can create even greaterCommunities of Light.

But still, you might direct all this wonderful realization and things that you are doing toward a very small part of the creation. You become attached to your family, your community, or your earth even. Then the narrowness of the mind comes in, and still separation exists between you and everyone else. Therefore, you still will create suffering.

That is when the universalism comes in. It means that you expand your mind and realize that you are a Child of God, God is everything, and everything is God. You cannot separate any part of God from any other part of God.

With this you realize that the universe is your home, and God is your Father and Mother. You are free from any attachments to any special part of the universe, and you expand your mind and become a universal citizen.

Therefore, you are absolutely free from any attachments to any part of the universe. You will shatter any narrowness of the mind and you will realize that everything is God. You cannot separate any part of God from any other part.

If you know or see a person who is not good, or is not doing good, you do not hate them, you hate what they do. So you try to correct them without hate and attachments. You absolutely can free yourself from that bondage of narrowness of the mind.

With these five steps in theEternal Divine Path, awakening of your spiritual forces (which is the Mystical Paths, the First Seal), with directing to create an environment that everyone can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, and they are free from any fear (fear of being hungry, not having enough to eat, and also fear of the environment), you create the communities, which are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

TheCommunities of Lightare the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Of course, theCommunities of Light, are presented in the Old Testament. Therefore, the Mystical Paths and the Old Testament have a relationship together. They have to be brought together instead, to see the Mystical Paths in a greater degree.

The Third Seal is sacrifice. Sacrifice means to not be self-centered. You are able to give of yourself to the community and make the community prosper and create an environment that not only you are safe but also everyone else is safe. After that, of course, the Third Seal is the message of Christ and the New Testament.

After all of this you surrender the result to God, and eventually, you submit to God’s Will. You and God become One, and He does the work through you. So you are free from any bondage of being attached to the result of your actions. And that is the message of Islam.

Then you become a universalist, which is the message of the Baha’is. The Baha’is and Bab brought the concept of universalism.

With these five steps, if you follow them, understand them, and you see the Vision, you become an Elect. The Elects are those who God has been talking about in every Scripture and religion that, “My Elects will inherit the earth.”

That is what we are looking for. We are looking for the Elects, those who do meditate, come to the Satsangs, come to the activities of theMission, and awaken their spiritual forces. They come to our rooms. They follow the rituals we have given to them, follow and meditate on theHaree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalammantra. They realize and see the Vision, they become one with theMission, and with these teachings.

They also become completely dedicated. They are not affected with the external world and what is happening around them, or in it, but they see the Vision of where they want to go. They are absolutely dedicated to do the Will of God, which is to teach thisEternal Divine Pathto every man and woman on earth, eventually create theCommunities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Such people are the Elects of God. They are the chosen. They are the ones who have gone through theEternal Divine Path. They have been meditating and awakening their spiritual forces for many, many lifetimes. They do want to create an environment that is safe for them and everyone else. They do sacrifice. They do surrender and submit to God, become universalists and, therefore, become Elects.

Such people are the ones who will guide humanity to the next evolutionary step, which is reaching Pure Consciousness, One with God, returning to Home, returning to God, becoming One with Him. And such people are the greatest. They are the ones who have no ego. Their egos are gone. They will help to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

This is basically the Message of theMission Of Maitreya, theEternal Divine Path, the unity of all religions.

Our claim is not an empty claim. It is based on the Scriptures. It is based on the fulfillment of the prophecies. It is the last Revelation of God to humanity. Therefore, it is a serious thing here. It is not something that someone sat down and thought about, came up with, and said, “Here, it is my idea.” It is not a human idea.

We should forget and give up our own human ideas, realize God’s Way, God’s Revelation, God’s Knowing, and become One with Him. Instead of still hanging onto our own understanding, but hanging onto God’s Understanding. That is the base of our teaching.

Someone was telling me that if you cannot give your Message in four minutes, you lose a lot of people. But I thought, well, if you do not have a concentration of more than four minutes, then it is very hard to be an Elect, not having more than four minutes of concentration.

It takes more than four minutes to explainThe Greatest Sign. It really takes many lifetimes, probably, to really, deeply realize the affect and beauty of it. We have discussed theEternal Divine Pathmany times in theMissionwith the different people, and we have seen that it resolves and solves all human problems.

Therefore, the goal is to create theCommunities of Light, bring this Message to humanity, follow theEternal Divine Path, create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and bring the peace and unity to humanity, so we can all return home to God.

That is the Message. I will now open the room. If you have questions, you can raise your hand and I would be glad to see if we can answer your questions and clear anything that you might have in your mind about theMission, about theEternal Divine Path, about this Revelation, about the prophecies, and whatever is there that you would like to know more about thisMission.

Go ahead, Khaled.

Khaled: Sal-OMMaitreya. I just read that in the Baha’i teachings, Abdu’l Baha, the son of Baha’u’llah, in his book,Some Answered Questions, denied the fact of reincarnation.

Maitreya: What is the question, Khaled?

Khaled: How come that Abdu’l Baha the son of Baha’u’llah, denied the teaching of reincarnation?

Maitreya: All right. If you remember, the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i teachings are not concentrating on the Mystical Paths. All the Mystical Paths believe in reincarnation. And, Abdu’l Baha was not a Prophet himself; he was the son of Baha’u’llah. The true teacher of the Baha’i Faith should really be Bab, who was the main Prophet of the religion. Of course, Baha’u’llah also was prophesied to come. Also, he brought the teaching of the Bab in a greater degree. Therefore, Abdu’l Baha is not the highest authority in the Baha’i teaching.

As Christ said, “The disciple never will be greater than the master.” Therefore, we should not listen to the disciples but we always have to go to the Source. The Source which is within you, should resonate with the Scriptures, which are from God. If the Source that you believe in teaches that which is not in the Scriptures, it is not a pure Source. The Scriptures say that reincarnation is correct. That is the most important thing.

Also besides this, those religions are not very much emphasizing in the awakening of your spiritual forces or the Mystical Paths. Also God said that the Baha’i teaching is not perfect. They have a lot of problems in explaining many things. And it is not perfect because God also said it is not perfect.

Therefore, we cannot rely on only Abdu’l Baha’s, or Bahai's, or even Bab’s, or actually any other religion before this Revelation as the ultimate truth. All of them had a lot of truth but at the same time none of them had the whole truth, or the ultimate Revelation from God.

In theBibleit clearly shows that there is reincarnation. When John the Baptist came as Elijah, how is it possible to explain that any other way but to realize that John came in the womb of a woman and came as Elijah? Therefore, John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah. There is no doubt about that.

People have been hypnotized and regressed, and they remembered many things from previous lifetimes. They even started talking in a language that they have never known in this lifetime. But they knew it when they were regressed in meditation.

There is much evidences that reincarnation is correct. When you realize that reincarnation is correct, you do not care what Abdu’l Baha said, you realize that it is correct and Abdu’l Baha is wrong.

Do not rely on anything else but God’s Word and the evidence that He has given to humanity. Therefore, you will be free from confusion in all the different false teachings.

Actually, thisMissionis here to take you away from confusion, and you will realize that no one had the truth, the ultimate truth, but the Revelation of the Seven Seals.

Go ahead, Compassion.

Compassion: Hi. You spoke about the photon belt. I have been studying the Planet X theory. There are a lot of people who say there is some heavy stuff coming down in our solar system, coming the first of 2003. Now other people say, 2012. Some people say 2012. Could you expand a little more on what you wrote about the photon belt and your understanding of this Planet X thing?

Maitreya: I do not know whose writings you were reading, Compassion, but I have never written anything about the photon belt. And I do not know what the photon belt is, that you are bringing up here. I know there are a lot of groups, explanations, and things out there that talk about so many things that the people are more confused than they have been guided. I have never talked about the photon belt. They talk about many, many beings with the spaceships going around the earth. They say that they are going to come and bring the Kingdom. Some people even believe that Christ is going to come in the sky and everyone is going to be lifted from their cars, their homes, and their business places, etc., and they are going to be caught with him in the sky, in the clouds. There are so many different concepts out there that really after a while that if you follow all these sayings, you will be very confused.

That exactly happened to myself. When I received the Revelation it was from God, it was directly from Him showing theEternal Divine Path andbringing the Kingdom. We reached out in 1982 and announced that this Revelation is here.

Then we had a stream of people coming to theMissionand talking about so many things that after a while even I became confused. I said, “What is this that these people are talking about?”

Of course, the answer was, “None of them are important. The most important point is if what they say is based on the Revelations of God and the Scriptures, and if the people who say it have fulfilled any prophecies.” If they have not, therefore, it is their opinions, their ideas. If they have a scientific base, great, maybe it has some scientific truth in it. But the most important truth is to realize that we have to rely on God, His Scriptures, and Revelations.

Go ahead, Brad.

Brad: Sal-OMMaitreyaand thank you for your teaching. It has been a while since I talked to you.

I have almost like a two part question, actually, along the lines of reincarnation and some other things concerning the Messiah.

About 4-5 months ago, in a Satsang, you talked about the crucifixion of Esa. You also had in there, I believe, that you had scars on your wrists and legs and I was wondering why is that? And then I have another question that goes along with that.

Maitreya: Yes, the signs on my body, there is a place that you can see in my hands and my wrists. I do not think there is anything on my feet. But my wrists, in the middle of my palms, there are signs there. Also there are other signs on my body that if you look at the hair growing on my body it looks likeThe Greatest Sign. It has different shapes likeThe Greatest Sign, the First Seal, Second Seal, Third Seal, Fourth Seal, and Fifth Seal.

I never noticed them until I received this Revelation. So there is another significance that we can relate to. They are there. Yes, you are correct on that. There are some signs on my body also that probably have some significance about who I am, or what I claim is correct.

If that is true, am I a reincarnation of another being who has been coming to earth many, many lifetimes? Well, I believe so. It makes sense. It is just like if you have a person who does a good job in what you ask them to do, what do you do? You ask them to do more. You send them to different projects to be done.

If someone is good in teaching meditation, if they teach meditation very well, you would like them to teach more, start more classes, reach to the university. If they do yoga, you would like to send them to teach yoga; if they are very good in understanding the system of theMission, we would like to see them to teach that and reach out.

So probably Christ, Muhammad, Bab, and all the Prophets who came before me, did a good job. That is very understandable that God chose that same person and sent them to bring the greater Revelation.

So you can see, this is reincarnation right there. You can believe in it.

Even in your lifetime, there are so many people living in the same household, from the same parents, but they manifest different abilities and realizations. They are completely different. If it is all genetic, they all should be a clone of their father and mother. They are not. They are different. Why? They are reincarnated. The Soul in that body is different.

You can go ahead. What is your next question?

Brad: Well, it was kind of along the same lines that you were explaining there. Well, just one quick thing. You know that I have read Edgar Cayce. And he was once asked how the Christ would return. And he said, “In the body that he left in.” So that may be another kind of fulfilling of some of Edgar Cayce’s prophecies.

But would you consider, you were born Mohammed Husain in Iran, and you were that person. Then the Revelation came upon you, and you realized that you were the Messiah and bringing this message.

Would you consider, like you say, that reincarnation, were past lifetimes of yourself, would they be the Bab, and Prophet Mohammad, and Esa, etc.? Or is that separate? Is that the Spirit of the Son joins up or becomes one with the person? Or, would we consider that, like you say, this is one… Like I had another lifetime as a teacher. I had another lifetime as a warrior, or whatever, if I had been in regression. Would you say that your past lifetimes were that of the Messiah?

Maitreya: That is a question that is very hard to answer. It is, in one way, when the First Begotten Son was created, it was the Spirit of the Father who came to the darkness, eventually went through theEternal Divine Path, and reached back to God. Therefore, is that Spirit really a consciousness or is that Spirit just the Spirit of God, The Holy Ghost?

So, the Messiah is really The Holy Ghost, he is not an individual... or, is it an individual? But even if it was The Holy Ghost, does The Holy Ghost really need an individual ego, or consciousness, to come through and there was also a person as Messiah who came and went through that process and went back to God?

Also does the individual really exist? Because if God is everything, how can we say, “This is an ego, it is separated from God.” Therefore, the very concept of person or individual is a convenient way of explaining how we are separate from God, but at the same time we are not, because we are just a spark of God. We are a spark and light of Him on earth.

There is no separation between us. There is no such thing as the Messiah and you and separation.

It is so complicated in that sense of realizing that you and God are one at the same time, and then there is separation between me and you as an individual, and that concept.

But in general you can say that the Spirit of God comes to earth. It has to manifest itself through an ego, through an individual. Probably that individual has been the One chosen from the very beginning that the Spirit has come through and therefore, because that individual had that experience with the Spirit, that individual comes back to earth as the teacher of man for many, many lifetimes.

As even Christ said, “I shall return.” What is going to return? Is that ego going to return? Is the individual going to return? Or, the Spirit of God is going to return? So it is a concept that is very hard to explain in words.

It is just like God Himself, God comes to earth. Is it God as an individual who comes to earth, or the Spirit of God comes to earth?

You can say that there are two parts in the Messiah. There is the individual, as a separate person, as a regular human, and as the manifester of the Spirit of God. And that is, he is being Anointed to come from having the Spirit of God with him, so he can bring it to humanity.

Prophet Muhammad was able to do that. Christ was able to do that. Bab was able to do that. And that Spirit never changes. It is not an individual. It is not a human but it is God Himself. And therefore, God comes to man. It is something, you can meditate on that. But it is something that is a very difficult concept I have found to fathom for a lot of people, to see that there is an individual and there is the Spirit of God. That individual is a man, is like everyone else. But the Spirit of God, of course, is God Himself. Therefore, He is God coming to earth.

Go ahead, Compassion.

Compassion: I am glad I asked you that last question and you answered it the way you did. I am getting a Maitreya Newsletter that is obviously not from you. There is so much information out there; I am just ready to give up my whole computer. But if I do that, I lose what little community of light that I do have. It really is becoming a hard place. I would appreciate anything that you could tell me to help maintain the hope to continue on in this life rather than spending most of my time looking forward to the next one.

Maitreya: Well, I recommend that you go to our website and read our teachings. ReadThe Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), at least the book,Revelation of The Revelationsof theMission. The Miracle of theMissionis that book, and it will teach you and will take the confusion away from you.

I know your situation. A lot of people are confused, they are being pulled from this place to that place, from this idea to that idea. And they are not finding the truth.

But God has already given the Truth in the Scriptures and in His Revelation. And thisMissionis here to clarify the confusion between all, even between the New Agers, that those ideas are man-made and are a little realization.

Nothing is worse than a little realization and the person thinks they have found the truth. The truth itself is so huge and so wonderful, and at the same time so simple that it frees you, it makes your life much more beautiful, and you can completely forget about all the chattering and the voices that ask you to do the things that are not completely based on the Scriptures and God.

If you want to get away from the confusion, read our teachings and that will guide you in the freedom of confusion. If you had questions, if you felt that you need help, let us know in theMission. There are a lot of people in theMissionwho would be glad to help anyone who wants to get out of this confusion. And you will find that it is freeing to know God and His Ways.

Go ahead, Khaled.

Khaled: There is a lot of confusion about Islam. And something like that, what really did Muhammad say to his followers to fight other people and did not leave any choice for this people or to become Moslem, or pay the zakat or pay taxes

And in some books of the Hadiths say the Moslem position about Moslem stories about Muhammad that come over like really immoral stories. What is the truth about that? Thank you.

Maitreya: Well, if you want to look at the Revelations, you have to look at them in context and at the time they were revealed to the Prophet.

At the time that Islam was sent to humanity, the Meccans were very against Prophet Muhammad. They almost were starved to death. They were in the Arab countries. At least it used to be a tribal system in effect and every person belonged to a tribe. Some tribes were more powerful. Some tribes were less powerful. And there was a hierarchy between tribes.

If you did not belong to any tribe, or a tribe would disown you, your life was worth nothing. You had no support from your tribe, other tribes also would not support you, and your blood was absolutely worth nothing.

So that is exactly what happened to the Moslems and Prophet Muhammad. He was from the tribe of Koresh. When he continued to preach Islam, which said, “There is no God but one God,” and they had 365 gods in Mecca, which they were spending every day for praising one of them.

Suddenly someone came and said, “No, there is only one God,” and the 365 other gods meant nothing. They had to be thrown away.

The Koresh was using Mecca to attract all the merchants and the people with different beliefs to come there and bring their merchandise and money to spend there and to worship their gods. Suddenly the Koresh felt that their very existence was in jeopardy. Therefore, they opposed him. But they told him, “If you just do not say there is One God, we will give you everything. Just say, Allah is another God, or God is one of the gods. We will make it 366 instead of 365.”

But Prophet Muhammad said, “No, I will not do that. There is only one God, and any other god is no good.” He was opposed, and he was threatened.

He was, of course, supported with his uncle until his uncle died. After his uncle died there was no support for him. He was completely thrown out of the city, and he had to live in the desert for a long time. Everyone thought that was the end of Muhammad and his mission was finished.

Then suddenly people from Medina came to him, accepted him, and he became their leader. He left Mecca and went to Medina.

Meanwhile in Mecca, the Meccans started to confiscate their businesses, destroy their houses, and threw them out of their houses. Eventually, they threatened to attack Prophet Muhammad in Medina.

That was when the revelation of the jihad came. He resisted very much to fight with the Meccans. But eventually the revelation came to, “Go and defend yourself.” That is when the concept of jihad came.

Jihad means to struggle. Actually, the very meditation in Sanskrit is called Sadhana. Sadhana also means struggle. Struggle means any struggle: Struggle to get a degree. Struggle to buy a car. Struggle to buy a house. Struggle to live. Struggle to create an environment that you are safe and you are not threatened, etc. Struggle does not mean taking the sword and going and fighting.

One of the concepts that came was the concept of struggling against the infidel, or those people who were in Mecca and were destroying them. So that is from where the concept of that fight comes and war comes. It is like every other concept in God’s Revelation. It is an excuse. Many people take it as, anyone who is not in Islam, you have to cut their heads off.

That is why this Revelation came here to me in the United States, which has the freedom of religions and we can preach it here. If I had preached this in another country, in an Islamic country, or in Iran, probably my head would not have been on my body by now [laughing].

So the concept has been misused, abused, misunderstood, and therefore, that is why the concept of jihad has become such a bad word nowadays. Especially in the west, jihad means bad people, terrorists, and people who want to kill other people. But that was not the original concept. The original concept was struggle against Meccans who were doing all those things to the Moslems.

So we have to become more sincere, more understanding, more on a deeper level, and examine everything that we hear. Test them, examine them, look at them, put them in the context, and eventually come to the conclusion not to follow what the media just throws at us. And because we are not meditating and are not in a deeper level, we accept whatever we hear. We should not. We should examine the Spirit behind everything we hear.

Go ahead, Shakti.

Shakti: Sal-OMMaitreya. I have three friends of mine here who drove over from Valdosta, Georgia, to hear you speak today. As a matter of fact, two of them I grew up with as a child. So I am very excited. They are very happy to be here to hear you.

MaryJane, Kathy, and Marsha are their names. And Mary Jane has a question for you.

Maitreya: We welcome them to theMission of Maitreyatoo, and we are glad they are here.

Go ahead, MaryJane.

Mary Jane: Thank you. My question is related to reincarnation and the Divine Path. I would like to know, why do we assume the flesh, and then have to spend the rest of our lifetime learning to be detached from it?

Maitreya: [laughter] That is a very good question, Mary Jane. Again, if you read our teachings, the very reason of the creation, the very reason of the manifestation of this world, is because the original balance in the universe was disturbed and a desire was created in the collective consciousness, or the unity in God.

And because of that desire, the balance was thrown off. That is where the separation between different parts of the universe was created. As we see in theBibleit says, “And darkness was upon the deep.” And there was chaos, and the Spirit of God moved upon the waters.

That chaos or darkness was because of that original desire, which arose in the universe. Of course, the Spirit of God then moved and tried to help this imbalance in the universe. It tried to fix this situation in the unmanifested world, in the ethereal level, without creating the creation. It was very hard in that level because still each unit consciousness, or separate spark of God, would think they were having all the powers and understanding, they were powerful, and they had all the psychic energy and abilities, and they would not listen and progress.

Therefore, if you again readTHOTH, gradually God made those sparks less and less powerful, until 12,000 years ago that the flood of Noah came and eventually, even the third eye was closed. Progressively we became grosser and grosser until we assumed this body. In this body, even our third eye is closed. Our ability to see the psychic energy and the Spirit is no longer available.

So the third eye became two eyes. The two eyes are the material eyes. This body does not have any spiritual eye. It looks outside. We are always looking outside.

That is why we recommend that you close your eyes because so far we have been going out and out and out. Now we have two eyes, we see the external world, and we think, “This is the truth. This is the reality of the universe.” Therefore, this relative reality becomes so real to us that we become attached to it, we become trapped in it, and we start accepting that as the only reality in the universe.

But when we close our eyes and we start meditating, we start opening our third eyes, our psychic energy, and psychic centers. We realize that, “No, this is not the reality.” The most unreal thing in the universe is the external world. That is not actually what is the truth. The truth is within you, and you have to reverse the process.

The process so far has been to go away from God and become more and more gross. Now the process should be reversed, to close your eyes and say, “No, I do not want to look at this external world, I want to see what is within me, internally. I want to return home.”

That is why this gross body is given to us so we come to this world, we come to this earth, we become attached to it, and we fulfill our desires. Any desire we fulfill is going to be replaced with another desire. Anything we have will bind us more to this world.

Anything we do in the external world, the more we go to the Maya, the illusion, and the delusion of reality. Therefore, this body is given to us to eventually, after many lifetimes, realize, “I have had enough. No matter what I do, no matter how much I have, no matter how much I fulfill my desires, I am not happy. I am not satisfied. Deep inside something is lacking.” Then is when you find a true spiritual teacher who tells you, “Turn around. Be baptized.” That is what baptism means, to turn around.

When you turn around and you reverse the process, when you close your eyes and you see the truth within yourself, little by little you realize that God is within you. God is what makes you happy, nothing else will. And that is why this gross body is given to us.

Now is the time for humanity to turn around, to be baptized, to return to God, and to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, therefore, more people can meditate, more people can be safe, more people can be in theCommunities of Light, and they can meditate and return.

Those who help to create such an environment are the people who have realized this, see this Vision clearly, and they have no doubt that what they do is greatly effective for helping humanity to become what they are supposed to be.

That is why we have this gross body. Yes, we are reincarnated, given this gross body, and then we become attached to it. It sounds like a riddle or something. That is why we are given the body. Why should we be attached to it? The reason is that gradually we became gross to this body. Now we do not even have the ability to realize that there is a spiritual world. After we reach the point that this world is no longer satisfying, then you say, “There should be something more.”

Then we say, “Close your eyes. This is the time to return home.”

Go ahead, Littleone.

Littleone: Thank you. Sal-OMMaitreya. My question actually builds on MaryJane’s question a little bit. We brought this up in the Pal Talk room one day.

I understand that the First Begotten Son is the Only First Begotten of God who brought the Path, theEternal Divine Path, before creation. However, the name Christ has many levels of meaning. And in the Glossary inTHOTH, it says Christ is the same as Pure Consciousness.

So, do we all have the opportunity to become Christ when we reach Pure Consciousness?

Maitreya: Yes, you do. That is why God said that whoever "overcometh" will become My son.

And who was Christ? Wasn’t Christ the Son of God? He was the Son of God. Therefore, the promise also is given in every Scripture, every teaching, and every revelation that each person has the ability to become a son of God, to become One with God, to reach Pure Consciousness.

The only difference between the First Begotten Son was that the Spirit of God came to man in the ethereal level. In that level that Spirit went through theEternal Divine Pathand retuned to God or Pure Consciousness. So he became the First Begotten Son. After that as I said, it was very difficult to help the unit consciousnesses in the state of ethereal beings.

Therefore, God decided to create the manifested creation so we become attached to our bodies, we become attached to this external world, go through the Maya, desires, and wants many lifetimes. Eventually we say, “What am I doing here? It is not really satisfying and whatever I gain, does not really give me the infinite longing that I am feeling inside.”

That is because you cannot satisfy an infinite longing with the finite, material thing. Therefore, you long for that infinity, which is God. Therefore, you turn around, and you become One with God.

When you become One with God, when you reach Pure Consciousness, when you awaken your spiritual forces, when you create theCommunities of Light, when you learn how to sacrifice (not being self-centered), when you realize that God is the Doer and you are not, when you become a universalist and shatter every narrowness of the mind, then you realize that you have to work for God’s Revelation. And that satisfaction of creating communities, of working for communities, sacrificing, being surrendered and submissive to God, and becoming a universalist brings great joy to you.

Eventually, you become Pure Consciousness, return to God, and you become a son of God. That is a promise!

In every religion, in every Scripture, and especially in the Mystical Paths, but even in theBible, if you read the end ofThe Revelationit says, “Whoever overcometh will become My son.” So Christ was not the only son. And God is not talking about the physical son. He is talking about the spiritual son, which all of us have the potential to become, and that is the goal.

But you have to overcome. You have to give up attachments, desires, and your own understanding, but realize God’s understanding. See, how did He send all this Revelation? How did He send the Seven Seals? He said He promised it. Now, this is the end of the Seven Seals. All the prophecies are fulfilled.

It is not a joke. It is not something that you should take lightly. No one should take it lightly. When you hear it, when you see the truth you say, “I have no choice. I have to be in this Path. I have to help God’s work. I have to return home.”

And how do you return home? Close your eyes. Let those two eyes that are seeking outside all the time, seek inside now and see the beauty within and the Spirit within you. So this is something that every person has to really realize deeply, “What is happening here on earth? And what is thisMissionall about?”

Then you should drop everything and say, “Yes, I want to be with this.” But you are still attached to little things, “My dog is dead,” or, “My parrot left the window" thing.

Even Christ said, some disciples said, “My father died and I want to go see my father.” Christ said… What did he say? I do not have to say it anymore. It is very simple, he said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” It is very simple as it is.

It means that you really have to see the Vision clearly and say, “Yes, I am one with this. I understand whatMaitreyasays is the truth, and God is calling me. God is calling me to come and do His Will.” Therefore, nothing else is more important.

What is more important? What are you going to take with you when you are dead? Are you going to take your body, your fingers, your desk, your home, or your car? No, the only thing you are going to take with you is your Soul. That is all you are going to take.

Which are you going to work for? Are you going to work on your car, your home, or are you going to work on your Soul? The wise man, works on his Soul instead of the material things.

Of course, I am not saying that you should not have material things. You should share them. You should create an environment that everyone has the minimum in their lives so they can also seek the progress of their Souls.

So the promise is, “Yes, you can reach Pure Consciousness.” You have the ability. God has given every tool you need to go there. You and God are already one.

Actually, He laughs at you when you feel separated from Him because He cannot separate Himself from you [laughing]. He and you are One. There is no separation.

So you can be assured of your salvation because it is a promise. But that promise does not mean a set of dogmas. It does not mean that you have to believe in a couple of sets of dogmas and you are safe. No. It means to turn around, to be baptized, to see the Vision, to become One with God’s Revelations and see what He has done. God is an able God. He said He is going to do all those things, and He has done them.

If I drop thisMissiontoday, all of you leave, and no one is in thisMission, still thisMissionis going to get done because God said He is going to do it in the past and He has done it. And this will be done.

But, of course, the more people we have who are dedicated and do theMission, this is going to happen faster, in a greater degree. So be assured that you will reach Pure Consciousness.

Go ahead, Shoshana.

Shoshana: Sal-OM,Maitreya. I am curious about the position of women in theEternal Divine Pathas opposed to and/or in relation to other major world religions. I find that in Christianity, particularly in Catholicism, that women seem to take on a secondary role. And I am just curious as to how you yourself, andTHOTH, though I have not gotten to that part yet, how the role of women is defined. Thank you.

Maitreya: Men and women are equal. They are created by God, and actually God is male and female. The human body actually used to be both, male and female. Those who also meditate, reach higher consciousness, and eventually marry with their other part will be created and come back to the body as male and female.

Therefore, there are two energies in the universe, as the male energy and the female energy. The male energy is what is called in many religions the Father, or the Logic of the universe. And the female energy is called Mother, or The Grace.

So Grace and Logic are two parts of God, which go hand in hand. Logic by itself is dry and like iron. It is very tough and hard. It does not have the beauty, the flow, and the wonder of being spontaneous, loving, and The Grace that everyone says that they seek The Grace of God. Most of the people do not seek the Logic of God, they seek The Grace of God. And that is the female energy in the universe.

Both of them are present in every body. Men and women both have the Logic and The Grace. Therefore, one body can have both of them within themselves. So separating man and woman in a very cutting way is not a correct way to do it.

That is because there are men who are logical and at the same time there are men who are Graceful. There are women who are logical, and women who are Graceful. If we understand the concept of Grace and Logic, we can see these two parts, have to be recognized and realized.

Of course, the bodies of men are created to be a more fatherly kind, and the bodies of women are created to have more Grace in them. But as I said, it is not completely black and white.

Actually, in the universe you can never separate and say this is black and this is white. The universe is not a black and white concept. The universe has many shades, many colors, many ways of looking at it.

Therefore, the very intellectual understanding of, “This is woman, this is man, every woman should be second class, should not be a leader and should not be able to have leadership ability or teach, and every man should be a leader or should be first class because they have the Logic,” is absolutely wrong. It has been wrongly categorized in the past. And if we categorize them this way, we will be making the same mistakes as they have done in the past.

Both men and women have to work to the highest self, manifest their higher level, and not emphasize to bring Maya to themselves and to others. Therefore, it is recommended that all the men and women realize that and make themselves Godly.

Anything that externally attracts us more and takes us away from God has to be completely understood and de-emphasized as much as possible so that we can create the Godly environment. We can think about the higher things instead of the lower things. So if you understand these things, then it is each individual who should work on themselves to create the Godly environment, therefore, they can create the Godly energy.

Even if you read our teaching again, in the Garden of Eden, the woman tempted the man. But really the woman is the lower nature of man itself. That lower nature makes the man’s higher nature fall. One of the things you might say is that there is a lot of Maya or attraction in the woman’s body that men might fall for. But if the man is Godly he will not.

So it is an absolute understanding of the deeper level of the meaning of who is male energy, who is female energy, and what kind of environment it should create. And, if a woman manifests higher qualities and leadership abilities, great. They have all the rights to assume their position. If a man does not have those qualities, they are not supposed to have that ability.

Actually, right now, it sounds like the woman are running thisMissionmore than the men in theMission. I hope to see more men become involved with theMissionalso and manifest greater qualities in its implementation.

So in our idea there is no separation, no difference between them. As they manifest higher qualities, we respect them, we love them, and we give them all the opportunity to progress in every level possible.

Go ahead, Littleone.

Littleone:Maitreya, would you please talk about why there are three Lotusticas inThe Greatest Signand about their particular placement inThe Greatest Sign?

Maitreya: Yes, sure. As you can see, there are three Lotusticas inThe Greatest Sign. Those who do not haveTHOTH, or who do not haveThe Greatest Signin front of them, can go to the website. I am sure someone is going to post the website link. It is right there, Tahirah just put it up. Also you can click on thewww.maitreya.organd you will seeThe Greatest Signin our website.

The Lotustica is in the very center ofThe Greatest Sign. It has a similar shape as the Swastika that many people know and relate to Hitler. They think that is the sign that Hitler created. He did not. It is the most ancient symbol on earth. Actually, it means good luck. And many people have been using it in many cultures before Hitler.

There is a book called Swastika, in theMissionwebsite. It was published by the Smithsonian’s in the 1920’s or 30’s. And they go on and on about how wonderful this sign is.

You can see three of them inThe Greatest Sign, the Lotustica in the middle, the Lotustica in the bottom, and Lotustica in the Sixth Seal.

God is the Generator, Operator, and Destroyer. Therefore, destruction is a part of creation.

You cannot build a new house at the top of the old house. You have to destroy the old house and build a new house over it. Therefore, the Lotustica in a way, as you can see, has the color of the background ofThe Greatest Sign, which is the blue, which is tama. That brings destruction. Tama is the destructive force in the universe.

In the beginning when you meditate, destruction is bad. You feel very bad about it. But that is a part of God. God and man are in each other’s image. That is why the sign in the bottom is also a lotus, with the Lotustica in the middle, and it is in the image of God. But as you can see, the I-Ching is in the horizontal position at the bottom. But the I-Ching in the center is in the vertical position.

Horizontal means latent, asleep, not awakened. When we want to fall asleep, we become horizontal, and we lie down. When we become active, we become vertical, we stand up and start walking around.

That I-Ching would not become vertical until the Fourth Seal. If you look at the Fourth Seal, when you and the Father become One, when you realize that God is the Doer through you, you overcome any latent spiritual forces. Your spiritual forces are awakened, and God is working through you. Therefore, in the Fourth Seal, the I-Ching becomes the same as the I-Ching in the center. You become in the image of God.

As you become a universalist and you become the Sixth Seal, even the destruction (if you look at the Lotustica in that sign, the Sixth Sign), is white. It suddenly changes the color and you realize that even destruction is a part of the creation. Therefore the tamasic or destructive part of God is not something that you should become upset about, but is something that is a part of God’s creation. So we can see that the Lotustica in the center is the part that God uses to bring about the new change.

That is the same thing in a realized Soul in the image of God, which eventually, when you reach the Seventh Seal (because you have awakened your spiritual forces in the Fourth Seal and the I-Ching is vertical), now the I-Ching is also vertical in you. You will realize that you and the Father are in each other’s image, you are in Pure Consciousness, and in the Godhead.

In the Sixth Seal you realize that the Lotustica is also white. It is not something to be afraid of, but understood, realized, and even used sometimes to bring the new changes that are necessary to be brought to humanity and the universe.

So those three Lotusticas: The first one in the center is the Spirit of God in the center ofThe Greatest Sign, which is the sign of God. The one at the bottom is the Lotustica in every man, woman, and human in humanity, which sometimes we use.

When we feel that a place is not very conducive to our needs, what do we do? We take our tent, or we take our house, and we go somewhere else. We just completely destroy something that we created, or at least a part of it, and we create a new base or a new place to put our roots down. So we can see in every aspect of human life that we also have that ability to bring a new change to our lives, to other lives, and to the whole earth.

The Lotustica in the Sixth Seal is the Lotustica in every Elect, or Paravipra, who brings the change to human conditions by using their ability to bring the new phase of human progress, as is explained inTHOTHand in our teaching.

Go ahead, Shoshana.

Shoshana: Yes, thank you. You answered my question extremely satisfactorily. Now, as a follow-up to that, how then can we reconcile what is written in Genesis 3 about the fall of humanity, where a woman is, in Christianity, and I am not sure about Judaism, but a woman is considered to be responsible for the fall of humanity? How can that be reconciled?

Maitreya: Probably, if you have read our teaching, you will see it is not referring to the woman as the woman we know as a human woman, but it is relating to the separation of man to man and woman. Man, in the beginning, was both male and female, as we said. They both were in the body of Adam.

The rib was taken. What does it mean? It means it was taken and it was made to a woman. The rib was already in man. That part was taken and made to woman. It was one with Adam. Adam and Eve were one in the same body.

Then God separated them and made man and woman separated. This brings greater desire, greater seeking of the other part, the wanting to know your other part, which was taken away from you. And that makes you fall even further into Maya and your lower nature is going to come in and say, “Yea, you are God.”

If you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which really means, “My ideas but not God’s ideas,” it will make you fall. What does that mean, eating of the tree of good and evil? It means, “I know what is good and evil for me better than God. I am not going to listen to anyone because I am God myself.”

How many of the New Agers say, “I am God?” Yes, you have the potential of becoming god but if you have not created the qualities of God, you cannot be god. Some people say, “I am God,” but their lives are miserable and they have a lot of problems. They cannot even handle their own lives. And how can you be God if you still have so many problems in your lives?

The only way to become god is if you follow theEternal Divine Path. When you reach the Fourth Seal and you surrender and submit to God, then you and God are One. You become in the image of God. So there is a process that you have to go through to become god.

But if you say, “No, I am going to listen to myself, my opinions, my ideas, and say I am god, I am not going to listen to the Scriptures and God’s Revelations and Prophets,” you fall. That is the symbolic meaning in chapters 2 and 3 of Genesis that man thinks they can become God by themselves instead of listening to God who created them.

God put them in the creation and told them what is good for them in order to become happy and return to God. And that is the fall of man, and that is the symbolic meaning.

And because God separated woman from man or Adam, now Adam is half perfect. Before that, he was perfect. He was in the image of God. He did not feel he needed God because he had the connection with the forces, etc. But still, he fell from the original unity of the universe.

Now God separated him and made him into man and woman, and man follows woman or the lower nature. He follows and seeks the other part. And because he seeks the other part, and he thinks he knows what is best for him, he falls.

That is the fall of man and the symbolic meaning in the Old Testament. It has nothing to do with any human body of woman.

Of course, if the women emphasize their bodies and men are very attracted to women’s bodies, they will fall also. So you can see that although it is symbolic, it might have some meaning in this external world too.

Probably that is one of the hardest things for men to overcome. And probably that is the last thing they should overcome and so not fall for the attraction of the woman’s body but to emphasize, love the higher level of the woman, appeal to that part of the women and love them for their higher self instead of the woman’s body, which makes them go to the Maya in a greater degree.

So we can see that also it has a symbolic meaning in the Bible but the true meaning is, “I know better than God what is good for me and what is evil,” instead of going to God and saying, “What is good and evil?”

God says, “Look at My Prophets, the revelations, and the Scriptures. Read them, understand them, follow them, and they will take you to the happiness that you are longing for.”

Of course, this Revelation explains every other revelation before it. No other revelation before this one was perfect, and none of them have the whole truth but this last Revelation. As we understand this and we see every other revelation before it in the Light ofThe Greatest Signand theEternal Divine Path, then we can have a very great grip of the reality of this universe, God, and where we are going.

So again, this is the Revelation that really takes the confusion out of every aspect of any revelation before it. And those who have used the woman as being lower, they have made a mistake.

As I said, women also have to emphasize their higher level themselves instead of trying to bring men to their lower level. With both working together, women emphasizing their higher nature, higher level of being, and men seeing women as higher beings not just a body, they eventually become beautiful couples together that can bring God to their lives and also to the lives of others.

If we believe that women were the cause of the fall of man, then the women are also the people who can take the man to heaven. So they have the power to do that.

But the true meaning is that God separated Adam into man and woman. Of course, Adam went for other parts and it was not perfect anymore and he thought that he could know the truth by himself, and he fell.

Go ahead, Littleone.

Littleone: This came up in the PalTalk group one day also, about the definition of seeker of truth. Sometimes we think we know the answers to these things because of the concepts we have been living. And after I pondered it, I thought, I am not sure I really know the answer to that. Could you please speak, or give the qualities of a real seeker of truth?

Maitreya: Sure. Seekers of the truth usually are the people who have been meditating for many lifetimes, and they spiritually have progressed in their lives. When they are born in this body again, they will not be satisfied with whatever has been given to them by the preacher, by the society, by the people around them, but they have a thirst for knowing the real meaning of life, where they came from, where they are going, and why they are here.

They are a little different than other people around them. They are the people who want the truth. They want to know what is the reality of life, why were they born? They cannot just accept a bunch of dogmas and say, “OK, now I am in this religion, I am in this culture, I am in this situation, I accept it, live with it, die with it in ignorance, and never understand or know in a greater degree what the truth was.”

If you already accept your religion or your environment as to be the truth and the ultimate truth, you are not a seeker. You think you have the truth, and you will stay with it. But, as we said, the only constant thing in this universe is change.

Even those who think that way and they are comfortable with what they have, God is going to do something to them that they realize, “No, it is not the ultimate.” It is not the ultimate truth. It is not a constant. It is not permanent as they thought their situation is, and that shakes their faith, shakes the foundation of their understanding, and they become seekers.

They start looking to see, “What happened? I thought my religion was the ultimate, my understanding was the last revelation from God, and then I realize it is not.”

Another thing is education. The people who are educated are better seekers, more seeking the truth, than if they are not educated and they just accept a few dogmas and say, “OK, I accept this and that.” Of course, that is not the rule. There are many uneducated people also who are seekers. That also helps to a degree, but not completely. So, many, many factors affect a person to become unsatisfied with the situation they are in or is presented to them.

If they are satisfied, if they say, “Well, I am in this culture with these customs, with this understanding, and this religion, I accept it. That is perfect for me. That is complete for me,” they do not seek, do they? No, they just accept that is the way it is, and they do not become seekers. But the true seeker is the person who no longer is satisfied with the situation they are in, and they are seeking a greater truth in their lives.

As I said, it can happen in this lifetime by your situation changing, or you have been seeking the truth for many lifetimes, now you are here, and you are not satisfied with what is offered to you in this lifetime. We believe that most of the Elects, or those who have been called for thisMission, are in that kind. They have been meditating for many lifetimes, and they have reached the point that they realize that they need more.

When they see the teaching, when they see theMission’sRevelation, they see right through it and they say, “Yes, it makes sense. It is beautiful. It is wonderful. How can there be One God and so many religions and dogmas?”

They see the dogmas of other religions because the things that most of the people with most of the dogmas believe never happen, it is not based on Scriptures. It is what the preacher told them. They accepted what the preacher said, and they did not seek any further. They said, “I accept that. That is my religion. That is my truth.” And that is where they stay, unless God does something to them.

The moment God does something to them to change their situation, change their comfort zone, suddenly they say, “What happened? I thought we had the greatest thing, or we were comfortable with what we believed, and suddenly God says, “OK, now is the time to seek.” They start searching and seeking in a greater degree.

And it is going to start happening more and more on earth to humanity. The foundation of all religions is going to be shaken, and they are going to be shaken to this foundation because what they believe is not the ultimate truth.

So there will be more seekers every day created on earth. They will want to know if there is One God, why are there so many religions, why is there so much separation, destruction, war, etc? And, of course, this Revelation says, “We have the answers. We know that God sent all these religions. We know how each separately meant something, and now it has been put together. We know how to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth based on theCommunities of Light.”

But in order to create theCommunities of Light, we need the Elects who have no ego, who are willing to completely let their egos go and become an Elect, follow theEternal Divine Path.

So we can see that God’s Spirit is working and when God wants you to seek, when you reach a point of your progress that you are no longer satisfied with the situation, you start seeking. Anytime you start seeking, your life is going to change.

You were comfortable in this realm, now you want to go to a higher level. What happens to you? You start moving.

And when you are moving, there is more confusion, more feeling of struggle comes because you are going to a higher level. If you want to move from one city to another city, what happens? You have to arrange a lot of things, to take things away, sell things, buy things, etc. It is a struggle.

But when you go to the higher level, and you establish yourself to the higher level, eventually you say, "That was it. I am glad I did that.”

So seekers have been seekers for many, many lifetimes. In this lifetime also they seek the greater truth. Or, a lot of people who are not seeking anything right now will be seekers when their situation changes.

The Spirit of God wants to take man to the ultimate goal. He is not going to just sit there and not do anything. He will do whatever is necessary to get humanity, or the universe, to where it is supposed to go.

Go ahead, Compassion.

Compassion: I do not understand how there can be another website with someone else using your same name, your same message. This is confusing to me. I am glad I discovered that this morning. I would have rather PM’ed an admin to discuss this but this hit me pretty hard.

Have you been aware of this all along?

Maitreya: Yes, Compassion. If you have studied the life of Christ, also you will see that John the Baptist came and predicted the coming of Christ to humanity and then when Christ came, John the Baptist did not recognize him. Therefore, there became two centers, John the Baptist (who was also preaching the Kingdom), and the Christ (who came and was the person who John the Baptist prophesied to come). But because of John the Baptist’s concepts and expectations, he did not recognize Christ.

In 1982 a gentlemen by the name of Mr. Crème, in England, also reached to humanity and took ads in every major city in the world proclaiming that Christ will manifest and come in 1982. When we reached to humanity in 1982, many of the people who came in contact with us, went to Mr. Crème and told him thatMaitreyawas here.

His Maitreya never came, not in 1982, not in l985, not in 1992, not in 1999, not even now. There is no one who manifested as the Christ that he proclaimed as Maitreya to be the Christ in those ads in major cities, in every newspaper.

He has not recognized theMission of Maitreyaas the fulfillment of that prediction. And also he has a lot of his own ideas that are not our teaching, are not based on Scripture, and are not something that God has said will come.

Therefore, there is a separation, or there are two different groups that proclaim they have the Maitreya. Our group is the group that did proclaim “Maitreyais here” in 1982 without even knowing that such a person existed as Mr. Crème in England.

We can see the similarity between this happening and what happened at the time of Christ.

And also, after Mr. Crème proclaimed that, many, many other people came out after 1982 who said that they were the Maitreya. So there are many, many Maitreyas out there proclaiming that they are the one. That fulfills the prophecy that many will come in my name and will deceive many.

But to understand the True One, not only do you look at the teaching (if it is based on the Scripture and the Word of God), but also, have they fulfilled the prophecies that God said, “They will come with these specific prophecies to humanity?”

Therefore, in order to not be confused, you have to have a discerning spirit. See, is the word of Share International based on the Word of God, or is theMission of Maitreya’sbased on the Word of God? Is their Share International manifesting theMaitreya, who fulfilled the prophecies, or is it theMission of Maitreyawho manifestedMaitreya, which fulfills the prophecies?

Then you have to choose which one is the correct one, take the one that is the correct one, and ignore the other one, which is not. That is because you cannot have two masters. Remember, you can have only one Master, one truth, one understanding.

Be discerning. Look at all these things and find out which was the correct revealer of God’s Words, then drop the one that is confusing, and come to clarity. I hope that clears that for you.

Yes, we are aware of other Maitreyas, and beings, many of them out there. But we are not deterred at all with their presence because we have the strong grip of reality and the backing of God. And that is all you really need. You can completely ignore the things that are not from God and realize that is what God said is going to happen. And it is happening.

Go ahead, Shoshana.

Shoshana: I am looking here at the dedication inTHOTH, “Dedicated to the throne of the fire,…” and it talks about the Father, and the Mother, and the Son.

I am thinking here about the devotion that Roman Catholicism has for Mary, the mother of God. I am curious and interested. I am still wondering if this is Catholicism’s attempt to equate Mary the mother of God to what we are saying here in the dedication toTHOTH.

Maitreya: Absolutely, Shoshana. Actually, yes, mother Mary is the symbol of The Holy Ghost, is the symbol of the female energy in the universe, and Christ is the symbol of the male energy in the universe. Catholicism has brought that to the Son of God and the mother of God.

So the symbolic meaning is exactly the same as The Holy Ghost and the Father, or the Logic. And the devotion, actually, the exact logic does not have any devotion. Logic wants to understand logically how things work. Devotion sometimes does not have any logic.

What happens when people fall in love? There are some times when it is absolutely illogical the way they act toward the other person they love. But they feel very good, because they are in love, they are in devotion, they are in the lower Grace.

Now, if you fall in love with God, you do not need logic. You just love God with all your heart, mind, and spirit. You go to Him because your love is so intense that God cannot resist it. That is the higher Grace.

So the person is like a little child that wants her mother. If she insists, the mother picks her up, does the mother have any choice? No. If she is a true, real good mother, she will pick the child up and embrace her and give her comfort.

That is exactly what the path of devotion to God is, the fastest path to God. The logical path is harder and longer. And there is another path, the karma path of working, let God do through you, working, which also takes you to God. So there are three ways to go to God. There is Devotion (Shakti), Logic (Jnana), and Karma (or to let God do the work through you), which each will take you to God.

But the path of devotion is the fastest. The moment you start crying and saying, “No, God, I want you. I do not want anything else. I love you…”

There are a lot of songs and poems that have been written by the Sufis, by great masters, Hindu’s, etc. That is the only thing that they want, they want God. They have no interest to analyze Him. They have no interest to know logically how the universe works. The only thing they know is that they love God. And that is the path of devotion.

But the problem with the path of devotion is, if you fall, there is nothing to hold you. There is no safety net. But the path of logic, if you fall, still your logic can help you go back to where you came from. And the path of work, of course, if you do not feel God when you do something, you might fall but then you can say, “OK, I forgot God but let God do it through me.”

In theMission of Maitreya, these three paths have been combined together. The path of devotion is to love God with all your heart and mind. The path of Karma is to work toward the creation of theCommunities of Light. And the path of knowledge isTHOTHand our logical explanation of the universe and the explaining of the things happening before this Revelation.

So when you combine these three, you have a greater grip of the reality of truth. Even this is unified in theMission of Maitreyaas the three paths have been unified to one. Therefore, the progress is in a greater degree.

Even if you have devotion, if you fall, you always can go toTHOTHand see how logically God created everything and explained, and go back to your devotion.

But you are absolutely correct, the mother Mary is the symbol of The Holy Ghost and devotion, and The Holy Ghost is The Grace of God. Actually, you cannot be a devotee if you do not receive The Grace.

All right. I guess this concludes our Satsang today. I hope all of you go to the website, read our teaching, and become familiar with it. Understand that God indeed has sent the last Revelation of God. Become dedicated absolutely to thisMissionand realize that if you have two masters, you will be split and you will not progress as greatly as possible.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next month.

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